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  1. My new purchase

    By flat back I meant plain rather than matt. One of those ‘divided by a common language’ sayings I guess. Not going to be easy to repair then. It has a few bubbles on the trunk lid but they might have to wait until I can afford a full respray. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  2. My new purchase

    OK, so the car has now arrived. Goes through our safety check next week before I can register it to drive on the road. A few bits and pieces missing or broken but that is only to be expected but one thing has surprised me. The paint is Regal Black according to the VIN and I was expecting a flat black but it appears to be a fine metallic. Is this correct? I'll be taking some photographs of the various broken bits to ask advice on replacing or repairing them. All the best Chewie
  3. Found for sale in the UK

    I contacted the auctioneer and the VIN is 1G4EC13C9LB903843
  4. Found for sale in the UK

    It may well be a 90. I was going off photo's on the internet to identify it originally.
  5. Found for sale in the UK

    Link to the listing at the auction house. More photo's but not too much more information.
  6. Found for sale in the UK

    Thanks for the input. Gives me plenty to think about before the auction. I’ve no issues running something rare that needs parts sourcing from the US as I’m in that position already with my Riviera. I guess parts for the first gen Riviera are still easier come by than this Reatta.
  7. Found for sale in the UK

    There is no market here. The dealer claims it is the only one in the UK. My 64 Riviera is supposedly one of only four in the UK. For whatever reason, Buicks don't have the cachet here that Ford, Chevy and Mopars do but I like something different. The supplying dealer was from Naples and we have a small group of people in the UK who like to wear cowboy hats and pretend they were extras in the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm asking values mainly to see if it would be worth making a very lowball offer.
  8. Found for sale in the UK

    1989 Reatta at a UK auction house. 19k miles from new has all paperwork back to the original build sheet and bill of sale.. Single UK owner from brand new. Car looks in good order but it's the only one I've ever seen. Didn't sell in their last auction at £6000 reserve (around $8500). Is this value for money?
  9. Stupidity at car shows can be spectacular. A guy once asked my if my Mustang was a Jaguar whilst stood in front of it where is says FORD in 2" letters on the leading edge of the hood. Not knowing old cars I can understand but not being able to read...........
  10. My new purchase

    British Spring 50F British Summer 50F British Autumn 50F British Winter 50F We're not cool so much as mild I live in Newcastle upon Tyne (which makes me a Geordie - check out our strange accent on youtube - We are at 55 degrees latitude which is north of Seattle, Winnipeg and Moscow. We have the Gulf Stream to thank for our mild climate.
  11. My new purchase

    With it being black, I think redlines would look very cool but they are nigh on impossible to get in the UK without paying megabucks.
  12. My new purchase

    I'm not an originality freak but I'd be interested to know what is the correct air box. Do you have pics?
  13. My new purchase

    Thanks for the welcome guys and I will join the owners club. I'll have a look at the tyres when it arrives as I agree it would look better with whitewalls but if they have plenty of meat on them I will wear them down first. One of the pleasures of owning a big yank in the UK is that there is very little jealousy towards them unlike big Euro cars or Chelsea tractors (expensive SUV's). If you hit a narrow road, you can be pretty sure that people will make way for you. I also live in the quietest part of England (2nd largest county by area, smallest population) so traffic density is low round here by UK standards. I'm not expecting problems other than filling up with $10 per gallon fuel!
  14. Hi all New owner from the UK. I have just purchased this 64 from Florida and having it shipped here over the winter to hopefully enjoy next summer. My contact who inspected the car said that it is a straight survivor car although with new seat covering and headliner. I'm not expecting a show car but hope it can go straight on the road. Always loved the first gen Riviera ever since I got into American cars as a 9 year old and now I have one. I'm stepping out of a 66 Mustang coupe which was my first US car. Mustangs are pretty simple to maintain even over here with there superb parts coverage and somewhat basic design so it was an ideal first step but now I'm ready for the dream car (well, a 65 would have been the dream car but couldn't find one I could afford). As far as I can find out, there are only 5 other 64's in the UK (and maybe 20 first gen cars) so I'm joining a pretty exclusive club over here. Expect lots of basic questions ! If anyone recognises the car, I'd love to hear from you.