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  1. OK, so this issue is fixed but what I have noticed now that I am driving it some more is that when I pull up to a junction, if I sit on the brakes with the car in D, there is a knocking noise from the rear of the car. If I shift into neutral, it disappears. It is not there when moving. Any ideas?
  2. Congrats. The gearbox expert says the governor is jammed but not broken. Reckons taking apart, cleaning and reassembly should cure the problem. Hope so! This is a $200 fix compared to a $1000 rebuild.
  3. Unfortunately none of the above seem to be the issue so the box has gone an expert to analyse and possibly rebuild. Very disappointing. I’ve managed to get 40 miles out of it during the best summer the UK had for 40 years☹️
  4. OK guys, I've found a few sources. Why are Standard products twice the price of everyone else (eg FRAM)? Are they higher quality or just ambitious marketing of the same Chinese sourced products?
  5. Thanks guys. My mechanic is now telling me it may be the actuator on the side of the gearbox (is this what you are calling the modulator?) If so, where would I source one? I'm in the UK but happy to buy from US companies.
  6. Thanks Vacuum comes from the carb inlet? Would the fact it is a replacement (Edelbrock) carb make a difference?
  7. Hi all Looking for some help My 64 Riviera with the 425 engine and ST400 automatic box will not shift up from first gear. It was running fine for 40 miles or so and then refused to shift up. The transmission fluid is the correct level and clean/pink. Certainly not burned. What else could it be?
  8. Hi all So it seems my survivor 64 that I had shipped to the UK barely survived and is actually a repaired crash damaged and severely messed around with car. Ho Hum, you live and learn. On the basis that it is not the original colour or interior and has quite a few other issues (only the speedo works on the dash, A/C, radio not working), I've decided to do a slight restomod job on it. Has anyone fitted a FiTech or Holley Sniper EFO throttle body to a nailhead? If so, how has it altered the driving experience and did you come across any problems fitting it? Thanks for any insights Dave
  9. Hi all where would I find the engine block number on a 425 in a 64 ? I need it for UK registration paperwork thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies fellas. Given the scarcity of Jeep/Chrysler cars (and indeed scrapyards in general) in the UK. I'll probably go with the firewall mounted option. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi all Another one for you. It is a legal requirement in the UK to have a functioning windscreen washer system. At the moment, my 64 has a plastic bottle with a black cap with a nozzle at 90 degrees, attached to absolutely nothing. It looks like it must draw from the top but if so, what parts am I missing? Any help gratefully received.
  12. Hi guys The fuse box in my 64 is very corroded and I was looking to replace it. The only replacemnt I can find for sale is the Painless Performance 14 fuse box. ANyone know if this will fit straight in? It looks like it fits most GM cars of the period according to the website but it is going to be pretty expensive to ship to the UK only to find it doesn't fit. Any advice gratefully received.
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    My new purchase

    So she failed the UK safety test on multiple items. Some I anticipated due to LHD (headlights) and some you just get used to when importing cars from the US. The parking brake system is seized through lack of use, the windscreen washer motor is inoperative, the horn doesn't work and the power steering leaks like the Titanic. My Mustang had all the same issues when it came in from the US and are all easy and cheap to fix. Of more concern is the massive side to side play in the rear suspension. I guess this is the radius rod bushes. Is this a difficult job?