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  1. I recently came across a pair of head light buckets for a 1937 Studebaker. I did not get the reflector or retaining ring for the lense.. or a lense. Anybody have a diagram of how they went together? Also interested in parts to complete the buckets. Thanks
  2. I’m looking for axles or hubs and wire wheels that I can put on my 28 Studebaker Dictator coupe.
  3. Original carb cane off a running and driving car last fall/early winter. 1000 shipped in the lower 48
  4. Punisher7

    Stromberg UX-2

    Lower price to 1300
  5. Punisher7

    stromberg ux for my 28 dictator

    I posted the carb for sale in the auto parts section of the forum. If interested let me know.
  6. Punisher7

    Stromberg UX-2

    I have a stromberg UX-2 that came off my running and driving 1928 Studebaker Dictator. No cracks in the castings. The carb worked as it should. I am asking 1700 obo
  7. Thank you. I sent him a message.
  8. Anybody able to point me in the direction of a site that sells points, cap and rotor for these cars? I had a site saved on my computer and I cant seem to find it again. I have a Delco-Remy 636Y distributor. Thanks
  9. I am about 2 and a half hours north of you. I’m going to see if I can figure out the messaging on the forum and shoot you a message. Thank you!
  10. Thank you for all the information! What would be the chances you would know the part #s for the hubs/drums for the hubs and drums in the Kelsey and the Budd? Hoping ill be able to run down something.
  11. Punisher7

    stromberg ux for my 28 dictator

    I have a UX2 carb I’m probably not going to reuse. It came off of a running and driving 28. Just pulled it last week. I’d have to do some research to see what a fair price would be. All the linkage appears to be intact like it should. I’ll take some pictures later in the week when I get to the shop and post them. It will probably be Thursday night.
  12. Punisher7

    1928 Studebaker hubs

    ISO of hubs for a 28 Dictator to allow my to swap out the wood spoke wheels for wire wheels.
  13. This summer I picked up a 28 Studebaker Dictator. It currently has wood spike wheels/hubs. I am hoping to swap out to the wood spikes for wires. Anybody have any leads on a set of hubs that would allow this? I have yet yet to find any other Studebakers with a top like mine. Anybody have any info? Thanks in advance.