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  1. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    West I see how you thought i was in need of an engine engine parts needed is what I was going for and the roadster is defiantly not a parts car thanks for the link
  2. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    This car is really complete not a parts car just missing engine accessories and windsheild post some exterior trim have numbers matching engine and trans to the chassis and body thanks for the link
  3. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Yes the guy in starlight I have been to his place nice guy very knowledgeable lots of parts over 900 cars not much 90 series parts
  4. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    This is what should be on my car but is missing took this picture from the internet
  5. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Mid man I will get part numbers for you interested in the manifold and other parts you may have call me 5856109696
  6. For Sale 1932 Buick Running Board Moldings!!!

    I have a 1931 94 series just tried an original set of running boards 63 inches long and 12 inches wide with no tapper Picture is of a 1932 running board 60 inches long and 12 wide
  7. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Window stanchions
  8. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Windshield stanchions
  9. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Windsheild stanchions fly windows top irons Three chrome pieces that the top irons lay on and rumble seat hand holds Engine Exhaust manifolds Carburator Fuel pump Generator Clutch Grill crank hole cover Radiator cap Running boards Taillight
  10. Do you have exhaust manifold carburator starter generator fuel pump or a complete engine 1931 buick 90 series