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  1. Need windshield stanchions for 1931 buick sport roadster rumble seat sport 8 94 also need top irons and rear rumble seat dimentions if some one has a set and could loan them to get a set cast that would be very helpful
  2. 1931 Buick 90 roadster New York Craigslist

    Still have this car it now runs and drives in search of windshield stanchions i can barrow to have cast made from for my car
  3. 1931 buick roadster 94 series head light wire

    I only have one need two one for each head light will repair the other wire i have
  4. In need of a head light wire see picture this is inside the bucket tiltaray head light
  5. Guys need to see pictures to figure out my throttle linkage i may have the part but dont know what im missing 1931 buick 94 series sport roadster Also body mounts what did you guys use i have some of the original look to be rubber and wood Thanks again nathan
  6. 1931 Buick Big Box of Engineering Drawings

    Midman could you send information on wiring schematics and windsheild stanchions 1931 94 series sport roadster
  7. 1931 buick roadster 94 series need help!!!!

    Thanks everyone going to pass on this as i dont belive it is roadster thanks everyone for the help
  8. 1931 buick roadster 94 series need help!!!!

    Thanks guys very confusing ad on ebay i have reach out to the ebay seller waiting for him to contact me but my original question would these top irons fit my roadster we have the original bows was hoping some one had a roadster and could show pictures of the irons and how they attach thanks again nathan 5856109696
  9. Buick windshield stanchions 1931 buick roadster

    Alafarms could you send pictures i think they would be close to fitting
  10. Need a set for our 1931 buick we are restoring also looking for other parts let me know what you have thanks nathan
  11. this is a link to an ebay part guy says it is 1929 buick roadster need help identifying and would the irons be the same as a 1931 roadster i have my wood bows no irons or windshield stanchions
  12. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    West I see how you thought i was in need of an engine engine parts needed is what I was going for and the roadster is defiantly not a parts car thanks for the link
  13. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    This car is really complete not a parts car just missing engine accessories and windsheild post some exterior trim have numbers matching engine and trans to the chassis and body thanks for the link
  14. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    Yes the guy in starlight I have been to his place nice guy very knowledgeable lots of parts over 900 cars not much 90 series parts
  15. 1931 buick roadster 94 series

    This is what should be on my car but is missing took this picture from the internet