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  1. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Cool, I’ll take them. Thank you. Al
  2. SOLD 1937 Dodge Coupe Trunk Support

    Hi, I received the trunk support. look good. Thank You. Al
  3. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Yes sir, I haven’t come to that part of the puzzle yet... this is my first Mopar product.. chevrolet has been my back ground... 39s sedans and coupes, a couple of 38 chevys. did a lot of 47-53 Chevy pickups and panel’s as well. im enjoying this project a lot. ive read that people are very found of the 37 Plymouth.. I prefer the 38. I think the 38 grille makes a world of difference. mine does have the offset headlight stanchions making the headlights lower..I take no credit for that, they came with the car😎😎 enjoy your project. Al
  4. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Greg this probably won’t help you but it kind of opened my eyes. This car came with the headliner covering any internal wiper stuff that’s suppose to be there. I can feel it and see that there is something under the material but no clue as to what. if you have photos of yours I’d like to take a look.
  5. 1938 Plymouth license plate light housing

    Greg, Very cool, thank you. Al
  6. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Above the windshield on the outside is just the 2 splined shafts to attach the wiper arms. on the inside all I can see is head liner. i was wondering how to repair or service the wiper Mechanism. ill post pictures when I get home.
  7. 1938 Plymouth deck lid support

    Would someone please post a picture of a 1938 Plymouth sedan trunk support. If the one I have is the correct one where it slides up and down inside of itself does anyone know or you can buy parts for it thank you . Al
  8. Missing vin tag

    Most DMV’s are aware of this, just put it in your name and move forward. you can have it inspected and pay the inspection fee if it makes you feel more secure, perhaps that’s the best way. the DMV won’t be happy about the missing VIN plate. also you can use a 3rd party DMV, that’s the best place to start asking questions. good luck😎
  9. Hi there, was curious to know if anyone has a picture or dimensions of the plate that holds the license plate bulb . I figured if I had to conjure something up I might as well try and make it look like the original . Thank you. Al
  10. 1938 decklid emblem

    Thank you. Al
  11. 1938 Plymouth bumper guards

    Thank you for checking....Al
  12. 1938 decklid emblem

    Jpage, thanks for the info...😎
  13. SOLD 1937 Dodge Coupe Trunk Support

    Yes that’s correct, Al Luna 8945 W. Rose LN. Glendale Az. 85305
  14. SOLD 1937 Dodge Coupe Trunk Support

    Lol yes I sent it Tuesday.... I must have misunderstood you, I thought you said you were going to take it to the post office that same day.... theirs no rush, but with the USPS being what it is today, you have to wonder. you should see it no later than Monday. if you want to wait until you get the money order that’s fine. Thanks. Al
  15. SOLD 1937 Dodge Coupe Trunk Support

    Hi there, do you have a tracking # for the trunk support? I thought maybe it would have been here by now. Thank You. Al