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  1. wanted

    Looking for a complete v12 to rebuild for my 41 I am not interested in one that is all rusted and looks like it sat in a swamp for years- Steve
  2. v12 oil leak

    going to try it again the only thing I did not use rtv on was the cork gasket itself it seems like it would be a waste since the part of the pan that meets the gasket is thin and I don't see how rtv would help but Im going to try
  3. v12 oil leak

    I always glued the gaskets to the block first
  4. v12 oil leak

    I have a dilemma here-I have motor oil coming out of the hole in the rear compartment of the oil pan-now it only does this when the motor is hot and the oil is thin and when I go up a hill-My question is this Since I already replaced the oil pan gasket and the rear cork strip that goes in the main bearing cap groove-is it possible the oil is leaking thru the rear main seal? it only does this going up hill when the oil is forced to the rear of the pan-its a pretty good leak Is the rear main seal a split type seal or rope? Again thanks for the help Steve
  5. Road Draft Tube Question?

    I dont mean to hijack this thread but I am in the same dilemma- I also am running an early draft tube on my 41-My question is the oil fill cap on mine is solid and not like the later breather type caps-I assume that is ok? I also am running a pcv valve-
  6. Hudson parts

    I'll have 4 spring Carlisle spaces if anyone needs some Hudson parts-I have a lot more then this photo shows-sheetmetal-transmissions-leaf springs-suspension-more
  7. Who has a Zephyr road draft tube?????

    I wound up buying that-stupid money yes for something that was hacked but it works
  8. engine parts

    Ok I decided that I am going to rebuild the V12-The best source for parts? any upgrades I should do? I know one piece valve guides-any other suggestions? once again thank you Steve
  9. brake drum and axle

    I know your trying to help thank you
  10. brake drum and axle

    actually fine
  11. brake drum and axle

    I have a lift to do it on So I need to drop this rear to swap a axle and housing?
  12. brake drum and axle

    Can I replace the axle while the assembly is still in the car?
  13. brake drum and axle

    Hello once again looking for a good used rear drum and a left rear axle shaft plus the housing- thanks again Steve
  14. rear axle repair sleeve question