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  1. brake drum and axle

    I know your trying to help thank you
  2. brake drum and axle

    actually fine
  3. brake drum and axle

    I have a lift to do it on So I need to drop this rear to swap a axle and housing?
  4. brake drum and axle

    Can I replace the axle while the assembly is still in the car?
  5. brake drum and axle

    Hello once again looking for a good used rear drum and a left rear axle shaft plus the housing- thanks again Steve
  6. rear axle repair sleeve question

  7. rear axle repair sleeve question

    Does anyone sell rebuilt rears that are ready to go? that sleeve was for the axle shaft not what that roller bearing rides on. did they make a sleeve for a worn shaft that goes over the axle and into the axle tube?
  8. rear axle repair sleeve question

    Thank you for all that information Steve
  9. I am replacing my entire brake system so I pull off the driver side rear drum and I have what appears to be whats left of some kind of a repair sleeve? the axle moves around quite easily - normal or is something amiss? thanks for all the help
  10. 1941 heater system

    Does anyone have a picture of the heating system? I have nothing on this car-it seems to be a under the hood setup?
  11. I apologize for any duplicate photos Selling off a huge inventory of Hudson stepdown parts-I have multiple convertible top framework- transmissions-coupe quarters-fenders- trunks-hoods-sedan doors-suspension-interior-trim-stainless-bumpers-carbs-starters-generators-radiators-twin H stuff-gaskets-engine parts- lots of good stuff I dont have any lists but I have sold close to $6k already and I have not made a dent in whats here-I have no room to store and catalog this the correct way-hence the sale-I have numerous requests for parts but time is the issue because I need to move parts from a to b to look and move it back again-there is a lot of $$$$ sitting here for the right guy-you need to come here with the largest box truck you can get to move this in one trip-myself and my son and his friends can help load. my # is 845-863-6327-give me a call CASH ONLY SALE-NO PAYPAL there is more then the pictures show 10K buys it will hold till spring with a deposit
  12. 1941 lower rad hose change

    BOY WAS THAT FUN!! HOLY !@#$%^&*(&^%$
  13. oil pan

    oil pan no longer needed thanks to Ken from Alabama!!
  14. oil pan

    thank you