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  1. kiwigram

    What a Horible Shame

    The car is the usual red collar with a "tan" interior.Pretty common by Reatta standards. Harry Yarnell, didn't I used to see you on Tom Rohner's Allante site. I've had three of them and should have bought another rather than this.
  2. kiwigram

    What a Horible Shame

    I bought the car out of Columbus OH. The underside of the car is not repairable unless the car is stripped and rolled over and the entire underside of the car replaced. If no one wants it, I will just junk it. The repairs that I have done to the car include; new engine mounts, entire ignition system, the cat converter, the windshield, ($1500 with repairs to the window surround), service manuals, Harmonic balancer and a myriad of other bits and pieces. To replace the brake line entailed dropping the fuel tank to get at the rear splitter. To reinstall the tank required fabricating new straps, and then the existing mounting nuts to be cut out of the rusted floor and new nuts and flooring installed. The same needs to be done to the engine cradle. The floor is so rotten it all needs to be replaced. If I had somewhere to store it, I would part it out, but as I live in an apartment complex and the only place I can find to store the vehicle is to cost me $160 a month, the Hurricane and after effects have not helped that situation, junking it becomes the only reality.
  3. kiwigram

    What a Horible Shame

    Well, to continue this topic. I have a 1990 Reatta that has come to the end of its life. I purchased this car about 6 months ago with the intent of making it into a show car. This I did after spending some $6000 on it. It took 1st place at a well known show and I was the proud owner. A couple of mornings later, I walked out to drive the car and found the brake fluid on the ground. The pipe from the master cylinder to the rear splitter has corroded out. I took it to the shop to have it repaired but they wouldn't touch it and they quoted me $1500 to replace it and repair all of the other rotten pieces. They also stated that the engine cradle almost fell out when they put it up on the hoist as the mountings for the cradle were also rotten. So it comes down to; who wants it. The junk yard offered me $100. Anything better than that? The car is located in Beaumont, TX.
  4. kiwigram

    Coolant Leak. From Radiator Hose?

    I think that the easiest way to solve this is to go to one of the auto parts houses, (O'Reilly's, Autozone, et al) and rent a radiator tester, pressurise the radiator and look for where the coolant is leaking from.