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  1. Mikefit

    For sale

    Pictures to come soon as I get them from owner
  2. Mikefit

    For sale

    This is a 1940 4door touring Sedan 50 Super original interior is good shape ( no major rips or holes in seats . It has been repainted at some time in the past . Straight eight engine with a professional overhaul . Actual miles at this time 66243. Car has always been in dry storage no rust out in floors or trunk area. Presently own by retired Funeral Director. Professional apprised at low retail $9k high retail 24 k asking $17k . This is . Not my car but can answer any and all questions. Mike. That's why I love you guys you get wright to the point. Yes its a Buick black in color . Good wide white walls The glass is good with except one vent window glass cracked. It's in northern Indiana
  3. Mikefit

    few unknown parts

    3,pic. Is ends for robe rope on the back of the seat next pic. Outside mirror bracket
  4. Mikefit

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    Matt if you would take time to look at the torque range and the amount of the 300 6cylinder you would that it has a better pulling than a large v8. Mike
  5. Mikefit

    Cannot get enough positive caster om 39 Special

    Could it be that there is something bent /worn on the lower control arms you could take a measurement from the lower ball joint to the back side of the rear axle and compare the right and left side and see if that shows any great discrepancy like the lower arm is pushed back some making a lot of -- caster that you can not over come with the upper adjustment or do you have a lot of -- camber that you can not over come . Please let me know. Mike
  6. Mikefit

    Cannot get enough positive caster om 39 Special

    Don't let spell check do your work bumper comes out beer LOL don't you just love it. Mike
  7. Mikefit

    Cannot get enough positive caster om 39 Special

    What are the caster should the spec. be and what do you have are both sides . Need more info. How are you getting the reading . Do you have the car completed motor trans. finders hood beer on it .
  8. Mikefit

    1929 Chrysler - Oil Pressure

    Here is a good Rule O Thumb for a full pressure oil system you need 10# of pressure for every 1000 rpm.
  9. Mikefit

    Tire pressure

    Also let's the manufacturer off the hook if some thing goes wrong. (You exceeded the tire pressure)
  10. Mikefit

    Dad and some of his cars

    V L Your pictures are priceless they made me tear up Dad must have have been one of the best . Mike
  11. Mikefit

    1954 chrysler armrest removal

    I think you have to remove it with the door panel it's all one piece all screws and clips the push up to remove. Memory not the best but I thinking that is the trick.. Mike
  12. Mikefit

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    That same pump is used on a number of dodge industrial engines.
  13. Mikefit

    1929 Desoto K engine

    I had a similar problem found out at sometime some one removed or did not reinstall a baffle on the top tank. The upper hose would send the water right up to the cap area my guy put a baffle or a deflector in so the water was forced to go down the radiator core end of problem .Mike
  14. Mikefit

    Radiator Leak

    I used a product think it was called KW sealer got it at advanced auto about $20.00 do it per the instructions on the bottle and it will stop that leak and any you don't know about . Did my DB this spring and have not had to add coolant all summer. Mike
  15. Mikefit

    Portawalls question

    Here is my .2$ worth go to a new car dealer ask to talk to the used car manager ask where he has his black wall tires buffed and stained to look like white walls our guy could make a black wall look like it was always a white wall . Mike