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  1. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    Hold the presses. Bob called from California he has wheels rims and all for $550.00 Will have to get tires yet. Thanks for all your help. Mike
  2. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    Well I have to start somewhere just as well get the spokes done . I'm 3rd generation cabinet maker so the wood part of this process is not a problem at all . I will email address and all sometime Monday. Thanks. Mike.
  3. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    K 31 Thanks for the phone number I'll call Bob tomorrow am sure hope that he can help my Thanks. Mike
  4. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    Willy. When you box up the wheels please use cardboard box if you use a wood box ups charges more must be the wood will not slide on their conveyor system Thanks Mike. 574 286 0613
  5. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    I called Gene no help he recommended a guy in California Bob Stephan. Not sure of the last name spelling he did not have a phone number for him. Guess I'm back to so one. Mike
  6. Mikefit

    Who has had a Trans/Shifter Lock Key made?

    Not sure about your car. But my 23 the ignition key was the same as the transmission lock had a key cut at a lock Smith for the ignition switch and bingo it fits the transmission also. Mike
  7. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    Thanks Willy will call him Monday and see what he can help with. Mike
  8. Mikefit

    Wheel Bolts

    Yep. That's where I'm at right now looking for rims and the rings I had checked the tire price that's not too much of a problem but add it all up and 😨 email 2mikefit@att.net. Thanks. Mike
  9. Mikefit

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    R S that is a professional looking job you did thanks for the pictures. Mike
  10. I would c like to purchase a 28/29/30 Dodge Brothers roadster any one of the three years no trailer queens just a Goood driver that needs a good warm and some T L C. Thanks Mike
  11. Mikefit

    D2 Convertible

    Ok mike
  12. Mikefit

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    Not sure of the years but the firewall had a bad habit of bending out and you would have very limited club release . The pedal pushed in like stepping on a bag of dog dodo. Have some look at the firewall when you push the clutch in. Ford has a reinforcement kit to fix it if it is one of years. Mike
  13. Mikefit

    D2 Convertible

    Could be free wheeling control. ??????? Mike
  14. Mikefit

    Damage to my 48 Lincoln

    I think I understand your frustration but take a deep breath it may not be the end of the world could be a good job and your frustration was for nothing just my thoughts. Mike
  15. Mikefit

    Vacuum tank rebuild

    A good electric soldering gun and low temp solder and any one can do a professional looking job. Just my humble opinion. Mike