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  1. My grandfather's car in Washington DC

    Thanks both of you. Granpa was very proud of both his clothes and his cars, so the whitewalls fit right in - thanks for pointing them out!
  2. A Plymouth photographed in 1939

    Thanks very much!
  3. Probably taken in 1925

    For completeness of my family history book it would be nice to know the make and year, model if possible. I believe this was taken in 1925. If so, that would match the date of my grandparent's trip from Washington DC to Ohio for his parents 50th anniversary - would be nice to pin it down. Thanks for looking!
  4. My grandfather's car in Washington DC

    Taken in the 1920's, I think. My grandfather in Washington DC. Thanks for looking.
  5. Mom posing with Dad's car - tag 1938

    You folks are great - thanks very much. Here's another one from the same trip. As I mentioned before, Dad loved his cars and often photographed them. If women were included, they were either inside or standing behind. But when my mom shows up she is the center of attention, indicating that the relationship was serious, as indeed it was. They were married the following year in Chicago, and I was born the year after - 1940 - in San Francisco.
  6. A Plymouth photographed in 1939

    I guess the photo would help ... thanks very much for looking
  7. A Plymouth photographed in 1939

    My Mom again. They were married in 1939 and soon drove from Chicago to San Francisco where I was born. They would have driven this car.
  8. Mom posing with Dad's car - tag 1938

    I'm hoping for another ID for my family history book. The license tag here is 1938.
  9. My Dad's car taken early 1930's

    Cool car - thanks very much!
  10. My Dad's car taken early 1930's

    My Dad and his dad were proud of their cars. For a family history book I'm working on I'd like to get them right. So for starters, here's my Dad taken in the early 1930's. I like the winged victory hood ornament, but am guessing it was something he added. Any help much appreciated! Tony