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  1. wood floor board

    TRUNK COMPLETE the wood making the frame around the back lid opening was the most time consuming part of the whole car,including the lid frame in side the hatch .maybe laminating the wood to start and how long the cuts were . My new frame is slightly wider than the original my wood was just a bit wider to start and just left it . stronger is just fine with me . pic. 1 new frame on top of old frame . pic.2 I put old floorboard and support in and made marks,the original only has 2 vertical supports 1.75'' x 1'' cut in to the 1.75 thick wood frame. It fills really strong when I tried wiggling it when it was finished . pic.3 comparing the finished shape of mating surface top side I'm really happy with the fit up pic.4 this part really needs to be last thing that happens to the wood frame. Or it won't hold the frame tight up to the body .
  2. nice work !! never give up -kyle
  3. Recently found '31 CD8 Roadster

    I know all the cars I have ever started are finished this is how I fill also about my pile of Gold -- cars in boxes ,cans, if what I have com-pleats a work in progress I would let a spare go other wise if I keep it It will run again,unless God has other plans for me --Kyle AKA, one inch at a time.
  4. Re-wooding question

    DO you have a picture of the open wood ?? -Kyle
  5. brass car or truck project 1909--15

    This looks like a fun car to drive .I would like to build one like it some day, I fill like if you are not the one that did the restoration it is not so fun to go to meets with you know what I mean !!! My grandfather would be thrilled to know I still build them from the ground up and still driving the 1929 doge we restored together when I was 11 we started on it and by the age 13 we were driving it he gave it to me for my 13th birthday present every since I have sweat and blood in all my cars .
  6. wood floor board

    Yes all that I found have a lot of flaws in the Diamonds . Still be real ease to make and we will not yet still have to finish the seat frame. my wisdom tooth, still slowing me down .So taking it easier this week -kyle-
  7. wood floor board

    well I have originals that came on the car but have a lot of use on them and about 4 others all different shapes . now that I started looking for them.
  8. wood floor board

    I agree , I looked at mine with a magnifier and not perfect edges . kyle I sent you a (pm)
  9. wood floor board

    Original one in place looks good and fits good ,new one in place fits relay good I was drilling the holes for the bolts in this picture
  10. wood floor board

    At my shop we dip aluminum parts that we are a bought to TIG. weld in some light wight conversion coating , that etches in to the aluminum . If you leave it for a 1 hr. or 2 it cuts deep .when I was getting reedy to paint a whole plane I would spray it allover the new aluminum sheets and thin rinse it right off to etched the metal so the new paint would stick . The end result was a fast etch took off .001 or .0015in just a minute or 2 . As soon as you drop it in the bucket it looks like it is boiling water . So we go to a sign maker with a dxf. file ( drawing of the sill real long one ) ask him to cut 10 or 20 out of masking sticker which is really cheap sticker . shear up some .060 aluminum to the right size ,stick masking on it paint it any collar take masking tape off and dip it or just spray conversion coating on with spray bottle give it a couple minutes and rinse with water,wash paint off with acetone or paint thinner . as soon as I looked at it for 1 minute that is what came to my mind to duplicate it . I bet it would cost 50.00 for the stickers which is the only hard part -- Kyle
  11. wood floor board

    I have a couple of them I will line them all up and take a picture all of mine have lots of wear and tear .But I could draw them in dxf. format to duplicate them .I need a few myself.I will get to them in a wile . -Kyle
  12. wood floor board

    I could draw this in CAD to reproduce the identical part but need it drawn first in DXF. format it is a drawing format that works with c.n.c.'s to make stuff .-Kyle
  13. 1937 Buick Roadmaster 81F Formal Sedan

    Nice car .
  14. wood floor board

    As I have cut the outside frame 4 members now I line them up on the outside of the trunk and cheek the body line shape and sand any high spots down .I did the same thing to the inside frame of the trunk to the body around the opening so the whole set should match really good when clamped tight to the body inside flange .nothing looks worse than body lines that don't match --Kyle