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  1. sligermachine

    wood floor board

    the machine shop is so hot and busy at this time of year don't have any get up and go left at 110 deg long days just bring me to a cooler month and we will start a gin .
  2. sligermachine

    starter -generator manual DELCO D-44 -45 - 46- 47-

    . sorry I have not been here in a wile .-kyle
  3. sligermachine

    Babbitt BearingTolerances

    I pour casting with my foundry it is a grate tool . 30 lb brass and a line boring tool is relay not needed not with my milling machines .I just don't have the time to set it up . Soon i will . I have a few 1925 blocks to work with .just no free time summer is are run-run -run time .
  4. sligermachine

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    I figured you might e in Denver still from the meet ?? Me and my wife are back home already the nationals where real fun next year i will go for the whole week .
  5. sligermachine

    wood floor board

    I relay enjoyed the nationals . lots of 1927's no 1925's
  6. sligermachine

    Rebuiding a 1931 90 Series Engine

    needs some TLC
  7. sligermachine

    Final Plea For Upholstry Help

    Is Trimacar on vacation ??
  8. I was helping my granddad at his paint and body shop sand down cars and I sanded racing stripes in a 69 Camaro and grandpa laughed and laughed but my uncle Don got mad I don't remember how old I was but I remember getting a quarter a day for sanding down parts at the pant shop .
  9. sligermachine


    well one day maybe . After I get it down how to use EEEEE mail . ha
  10. So far I tried a good shop next to me . supper happy so far . My advice try the one in your town by you and give the local guy a chance .Just look at the stuff that was just finished .
  11. sligermachine

    What vehicle was this???

    Thats the part I need --kyle
  12. sligermachine

    Body wood pattern for 25-45 touring

    the hinges I cut in a little but shimmed them out latter . As they fit and looked better but when the hinges were recessed even a little the door could not be removed with out touching the door to the cowling . No paint on it yet but soon that would leave a scratch . ouch but looks much better lined up I am still thinking of turning off set pins to fix this . that is why their is no paint on my car yet. -kyle
  13. sligermachine

    Body wood pattern for 25-45 touring

    AS I have seen work good 5/8'' the bottom tucked in wile the rest purity flat bottom corner made my doors fit good .
  14. sligermachine

    1966 Corvette Convertible L79

    I think every body should try one once
  15. sligermachine

    Thanks To all you fellow forum members..

    What help is is a hand up in life so thanks for the hand . Fleek .when some one needs some question about machine work I will be happy to anser .SO being on this forum is having 100 exsperts advice in your garage at the same time .We can not all agree on all subjects that is what makes us people not robots .-kyle