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  1. Model A dual point distributor

    At this age I fell in love with my old cars I still have .-- kyle

    I would have to find a new home if any more cars follow me home I think !!-kyle
  3. 23 Buick rear light

    Ok I do have a parts book for your car just not my car.
  4. 1916 Buick touring visalia CA craigslist

    That one is just 60 miles from me if any one wants it looked at . --kyle
  5. 23 Buick rear light

    what good reply's you have !!
  6. 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe

    was the running board rubber on top ? - kyle
  7. wood floor board

    thanks Larry that is so neat to get to see the first start over again . How'd you do that ? kyle
  8. Need help identifying an old frame

    Can I buy a vowel? Then i'll try to solve the puzzle .
  9. 1925 Buick

    looks real nice .
  10. Smith headlight lenses 8-7/8"

    My 1925 parts book says 1924 lenses 8-1/4" dia. are used with brown universal reflectors. Only thing I can find.
  11. wood floor board

    I plane on driving it for a weekend like that befor I bolt the car body on !!--kyle
  12. wood floor board

    it sold for 40 g is what I was told when I asked how much it was going for .--kyle
  13. APT Instruments Inc./ Speedometer repair...

    don't just love steel .
  14. Overdrive Information 38 Buick...

    is it a planetary gear set up? --kyle
  15. 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe

    man I like that truck 1939