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  1. ozzy needs help

    Thanks again Larry and 95Cardinal We were more leaning towards arriving just prior to Carlisle, so late sep. Only reason being is just so where not doubling back to PA. Yeh sorta torn between decisions now, we were planning on doing ACD museum's although it was estimated to be there after Hershey and Detroit visit so like mid Oct? Ahh the choice's and decisions I guess!
  2. ozzy needs help

    Hi, Thanks for reply, dates are not solid yet but plan to do Carlisle and Hershey fall meets for sure. I have been to both events before back in '13, we arrived just before Carlisle that trip. But was trying to see if we were best arriving earlier this time if there is anything on? Thanks
  3. ozzy needs help

    Hi all, New here thanks for the add!! Hoping to get a help/assistance headin ove that way next sep/oct and real keen on doin some of the swap meet/ car show and related car/truck related events! Would really appreciate if someone could help out with dates of events, so far Hershey and Carlisle fall meets are a definite and AACA museum of corse! We also hope to go to Williams grove speedway again. Then we were thinking of headin to Detroit then down throw Indiana and do some of the south MS and LA. Cheers Matt