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    DeSoto VIN

    Thank you for the info, that makes sense. I wouldn't want to buy a car that had been sitting there a couple years thinking I was buying a new car but I bet it did happen.I guess in todays way of doing it, with new models coming out as early as September, anything made after that would be the next year.
  2. hemicap

    DeSoto VIN

    Well that would make finding parts a little more difficult if you think you have one thing and the manufacturer thinks another. Good thing a lot of interchangeability in the old stuff.
  3. hemicap

    DeSoto VIN

    My VIN on y Title is 5879508 which every where I look it up says it's a 1947 but my Title says 1948. My question would be is it a 1948 built in the end of 1947 or is the title year wrong? 5885815 is the last 1947 S11c. so it would have been built in the last 6,000 cars that year, which tells me it is a 48 built late 47. Correct or do the numbers actually reflect the model year not a calendar year?