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  1. jeff mazur

    buick 455

    im looking for an engine correct for a 1972 riviera gs... anyone?
  2. jeff mazur

    thermometer mirror

    brilliant, ill give it a go. thank you
  3. jeff mazur

    thermometer mirror

    the cable with this mirror has a yellow plastic tip on its end. does that sound like the fiber optic you mean
  4. jeff mazur

    thermometer mirror

    the mirror i have was from an old buick dealership it says its late 60s early 70s buick. the temp sensor wont get from my door to the grill
  5. jeff mazur

    thermometer mirror

    i have a nos buick mirror with a thermometer built into it. the part has a temp sensor on the end of a cable. my question is where does the temp sensor go when i install the mirror
  6. jeff mazur

    hood spear

    i do
  7. jeff mazur

    hood spear

    glenn the piece im looking for is the hood splitter not the ornament base. if youve got it im interested
  8. jeff mazur

    hood spear

    im sorry for taking so long to reply, ive just been too busy. the piece i need is the hood splitter not the hood ornament base. if you have it im interested.
  9. jeff mazur

    hood spear

    no luck, thanks curti
  10. jeff mazur

    hood spear

    anybody know where i can find the most obscure piece of chrome on the planet, i need a hood spear for a 75 riviera.