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  1. Next Containers bound for Sydney

    Do you do this often? Im currently looking for studebaker president 1928 parts.
  2. 1920’s?? complete diff studebaker? AUS

    Could be Oakland. Here is a Oakland diff, similar but not identical.
  3. Complete diff in Victoria, Australia i am not sure what it suits. Please let me know if you know what this is from. Brake internals are all there. All linkages move and function. Axles turn and diff center appears to be in good condition. I am in Ferntree Gully. Happy to send this interstate & worldwide. Price- $200.
  4. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Thanks Gary I’m onto that parts book right now! I recently bought an owners manual which covers several studebaker models that’s a good resource as to the parts I am missing. If this is something you must have sing out as I would trade it for parts.
  5. Studebaker President Speedster Build

    As this is a speedster build I have moved my content to the speedster forum. Please continue to follow along here:
  6. Studebaker President Speedster Build

    Hi John great to hear of other presidents in Australia. What is your estimate of registered presidents in Aus. Yours looks really nice congratulations, I am going to paint mine red as well. I’ll be sure to look into the Aus register as its good to make contact with like minded people close by. I dont have have any other President parts, I only have limited running gear and a chassis. Details for someone who could cast drums locally would be wonderfull. If you have an opportunity please also share some photos of the front brakes. Cheers Andy
  7. Studebaker President Speedster Build

    I have shifted this discussion to the speedsters forum now so please follow along there. i am looking to buy front brake drums with hubs to spindles to suit a President.
  8. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Hi Gary - it was great following your build! My engines are: FB 2518 - Engine with all internals that came with the chassis. I will most likely use this but it has very rusty water jackets. A hot tank clean and intrusive inspection will determine my next steps. FE 13407 spare empty dummy block I bought for $1. This is in great condition and could be a candidate to use if needed. I’m yet to investigate interchangeability from FB to FE engines. i will have some questions for you in the new year about new replacement engine parts (egge). I do know I need to find a new crank fibre gear as mine has a chipped tooth. For those interested in side water jacket plates I might be making tooling to reproduce the water plates as mine is badly corroded. Good to hear your thoughts on the hubs. i still need to find some President front brake drums so I can determine how I will best fit the front hubs. Do you know of any? Or possibly new light trucks that have the same Internal diameter that could be cut and modified? At this early stage I anticipate using the rear hubs that bolt to the brake drum. This will require filling existing holes & redrilling to match the original stud pattern. yes, the hubs do have a spring locking mechanism. The serated profile let’s the tooth lift and click into the notches as you tighten. To loosen you lift the locking tooth held down by a spring. This is great however I do love the racey look of Nock offs which may lead to a simple modification of my caps. The weights are: Cap = 1kg Front non braked hub = 3.2kg Rear axle braked hub = 4.65kg Please excuse the metric.
  9. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Here are some pictures. I have managed to get quite the selection of hubs in a short amount of time. Hope these pictures help you understand the budd wheels Al Craig, I have plenty of hubs for now thankyou for the offer. it’s a complete wheel I need for now. Ed, yes I have already extensively read his website and posts here as well.
  10. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    The solid disk wheels looked great and a point of difference but I did want to go to a larger diameter if I had the opportunity to. I am now fortunate to have three budd #3 25” wire wheels in great condition but they came without centre hubs. These wire wheels appear to be commonly used on studebaker light 6’s exported to Australia so I managed to track down some spares. I purchased two smaller diameter wheels and 8 centre hubs all with threaded caps to suit. Then intention is to try find another 25” rim to complete the set. Alternatively follow the costly route to build a new wheel. the message here is if you have a 25” budd wheel I’m looking to buy or trade!!
  11. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Thanks for the kind words guys. No need for a radiator..... yet
  12. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Hi Paul yes me too. The top was the pick of the bunch hens all the dimensions. next step is to rough out in card to get a idea of shape then go from there
  13. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    With clear side profile photos i was able to crudely draw the frame and wheels to scale so i can start playing with proportions. I dont like the bulbous shape of the 1930 Indy 500 cars. I am considering developing a shape and style cues similar to 1920's and earlier styled European cars like the Bugatti type 35 and the 1932 ALFA ROMEO MONZA. As the Studebaker has a long wheelbase I have referenced a favourite car of mine is the 1917 Fiat Botafogo which has similar proportions. This will act as my base for now and i will tweak the lines from there through hand sketches Below i have drawn the frame and wheels & engine roughly to correct scale with the fiat body over. I have then made further tweaks to the body lines.
  14. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    I took the opportunity to wheel the frame out to step back and see how it looks with the 20" wheels. I borrowed a steel frame loosely representing a speedster shaped body.
  15. 1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Being such a long frame i endeavour to use really big wheels to help proportionally. My thoughts are if i have bigger wheels i may not have to shorten the frame. I was kindly offered these solid disk wheels. I think they would look great polished and nickle plated.