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  1. MCW

    Daimler DE36 Gold Car?

    Thanks for getting in touch - I have sent you a private message. Your car was another one that I was interested in tracking down. The electric cocktail cabinet would seem to be another manifestation of Osmond Rivers' love of gadgets...
  2. MCW

    Daimler DE36 Gold Car?

    Why didn't they like her? I got the impression that she was liked and disliked in roughly equal measures!
  3. MCW

    Daimler DE36 Gold Car?

    I know what this car is, it's the 1951 Daimler DE36 'Gold Car', but I'd like to contact the current owner in relation to a book about Hooper that I'm working on. If anyone could help me do this, it would be much appreciated. I believe the photographs were taken at the Hershey gathering in 2001. (Sorry if this isn't the correct forum for this type of question, but I thought it was the most appropriate one.)