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  1. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Well got her back down on the ground this morning and took it for a quick burn up the road to test the gearbox rebuild and my r/hand drive conversion. All went really well drove straight as a die at about 30 and the gear box was so much smoother and quiter. That could also be the better universal joint and grease that has made the difference too. It was fun getting the accelerator linkages to the opposite side of the car but all works nicely.
  2. That’s a bit of a worry Richard I would think with the cracks going to the outer edges that would not work in my opinion. I don’t know if you could ever be confident running around with that engine. For your sake I hope they can repair it successfully.
  3. Mattml430

    1949 Dodge Wayfarer questions

    They are a great looking car, post some photos for us, would love to see it. A lot of stuff you do will be your personal choice at the end of the day and depending on how far you decide to take things. I’ve changed both my dodge’s to 12v purely for the ease of replacing things and I’ve fitted electronic ignition instead of the points and a 12v fuel pump. The way it runs is so much smoother than before. Check all your gear linkages for play in them that could be a bit of an issue. I do remember one of my old column shifts I had to give it a little extra push to select reverse. Take lots of photos before an while your pulling things apart it will help with how to do things and replacement of parts. If your going to get someone to do all the trimming it would be best to let them see it before you pull it out so they understand how it all goes. Goodluck with it all I’m sure you’ll love doing it all.
  4. I wonder if the engine guy has put to much heat around the studs when he was trying to get them out.
  5. Oh my god!! that’s devastating. I truly feel for you after all that work you’ve done. Did they face the block for you? seems a strange thing to happen. I saw a fast four engine at Pete’s the other day.
  6. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Yes pretty much.
  7. Mattml430

    1925 DB for Sale

    Wouldn’t it be great if they were worth that much. I often wonder why these old vintage cars aren’t worth much. I think they have so much more style and character than later model cars. It’s kinda great they are cheap to buy so we can afford to enjoy them.
  8. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Got all my plating back. Was supposed to be all nickel plated but they did it all in chrome which was a little disappointing. Did a great job though.
  9. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Guards ready to bolt on once the rest is painted
  10. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Top black all painted but just need to wet rub it and polish it.
  11. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Body undercoated.
  12. Mattml430

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Thought I’d better update the progress on the old girl. Finished bringing it all back to bare metal today and have to say I have been very surprised to of found absolutely no bad rust or damage to any of the body or doors. The guards had a bit of damage but nothing serious. The only rust was a bit of surface rust around the back seat area but it all came straight off. Ive got the body all under coated and will be doing the doors tomorrow. All my guards and side skirts are finished in black. I’ll post some pics. jj
  13. Looks like it’s coming together beautifully. Won’t be long and it will be ready to go in.
  14. Mattml430

    Headlight bulbs

    I’ve just sent my reflectors away to be re silver plated for the 27 I hope they come back looking as good as yours.
  15. Mattml430

    Towing vehicle for a DB

    I just read what your parents said. I think what your doing is awesome and it is definitely not worse than drugs. Drugs destroy lives, you are not. My daily drive is 18 years old and goes perfectly. If a car or truck has been looked after they go for ever, shit!! Look at our Dodges they just keep going. Good on you Matt we can only wish our kids had your enthusiasm. My 4 year old grandson loves playing in my shed and just tinkering with spanners on the old dodge. I encourage him to do what ever he wants to in there. He pulled a bolt out of the rear brake shoe the other day to my surprise. Hahahah.