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  1. Mattml430

    1924 Dodge VIN location

    May not be in the same place but another spot to look. My 27 was on the front right hand side just above and behind the rear shackle.
  2. Mattml430

    Replacing throttle control lever

    I’ve had both of mine out and found the same, as soon as you undo the clamp on the bottom of the shaft they pulled out. They are extremely brittle, i accidentally knocked the 29’s lever onto the ground and it exploded into about 6 pieces. I had to buy 2 new ones from Vintage Resteration. Nice levers made from stainless.
  3. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    A mate of mine runs between Melbourne and Brisbane weekly Richard with a furniture truck. He picks up stuff for me all the time. He picked up my hickory for the wheels from Canberra for me. So if we get anything I’ll get him to grab it. I’ll know by Saturday afternoon if I need anything else.
  4. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Thanks Bob I’m going to get the parts on Saturday so if I don’t get everything I need I’ll give you a shout. I have started filling out the membership forms for the dodge brothers club of Australia. Cheers Matt
  5. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Good on you thanks Bob. Your up near my old stomping ground, I lived in ormeau and had a factory in Yatala. Opposite The Famius Yatala pies. I got the gearbox apart today and found the gears to be in good condition considering. Re racing it should do the job hopefully. All the bearings are a bit average. I’m going to change it to right hand drive and have found a very helpful fella down here with a lot of parts that will allow me to do the conversion. So I’ll pull the engine tomorrow and tidy it all up while it’s out. I was lucky enough to grab a book of information for the 126 series of eBay. I was amazed at how much info was in there it’s better than most work shop manuals these days. I wasn’t planning on converting it but it’s a great opportunity to do it. I already have the front axle. The universal joint hasn’t been grease since 1927 I don’t think, It was as dry as grannies tits. It is pretty much shot so I’m looking for one of them if you know of one. Really appreciate all the help on this forum it’s great
  6. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Yes your absolutely correct Bob, doesn’t it make a world of difference. That looks a 100 times better. I till am fond of the spoke wheels though. A set of wheels can make or brake any car.
  7. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    That is some great advice. I’ll definitely remember that. It seems once people know you have these old girls they want to get married in them. Yer I just can’t take to the solid wheels for some reason.
  8. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Yer I’m not going to completely dismantle it as my daughter wants both cars for her wedding in November so best I pull my finger out. Just going to tidy it up with a new interior, paint, freshen up the underneath and rebuild the gearbox. All the brakes and front end have been done before I bought it which is great. Also treat her to some new spoke wheels. Can’t say I love the solids.
  9. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Definitely not the fast four then as the distributor is to the side behind the gear.
  10. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    Great thanks Robert for clarifying that for me. I’ve been a bit confused about the model since i bought it as the guy told me it was a fast four.
  11. Mattml430

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    So I think I’ve answered my own question, the body has a different no. to the chassis is that correct.
  12. So I’m about to start on my fast four (I think)!! resto and I was doing some research on it, and I have a number on the chassis A871-414 that Richard gave me the build date of March- April 1927. but I also have a number on the body firewall of A20541. Does this mean I have a Jan 1924 body on a 1927 chassis or did they have separate numbers. Maybe it’s not a fast four at all.
  13. Mattml430

    Victory six distributor cap

    Thanks Bob I’ll check them out.
  14. Hi guys Is there somewhere we can purchase new or reproduced distributor caps for our cars. I must of knocked a lead off mine while working on it the other day and after i had replaced it , it has created a hair line crack. I was lucky enough to have an old spare but would like a new one. I had a quick look in parts for sale. I’m hoping to get her registered this coming week or next once I get my new rims and tyres.
  15. Mattml430

    Cleaning Headlight Reflectors

    hes A pic of mine done. Wouldn’t call them perfect but a whole lot better than they were.