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  1. Scott Corey

    1966 wildcat

    Talking with some other people, I might have been wrong about the year. Out of all the company vehicles my dad had, this is the one I would like to find the most. If it was a ‘65 I would have been 11 years old. Memory that far back sometimes fails me. Thanks for posting.
  2. Scott Corey

    1966 wildcat

    Thanks Jason.
  3. Scott Corey

    1966 wildcat

    Pretty sure it was a ‘66. I don’t know if they offered the big dual quad motor in ‘65. Since my dad did a lot of business with Buick he used to bring home these one off company cars every so often. This car I do remember because of the 4speed and the convertible. An older friend and my brother and I took it to Onondaga dragway that summer to see what it would do. Hard to get it to launch good. I guess it could have been a ‘65, but memory thinks it was ‘66. Anyway being a car enthusiast, and being able to consider some of these cars that my dad had while I was growing up, I would like to find this Buick. It had to be very rare with the options it had. Anyone having any info about this Wildcat please contact me. Thank you.
  4. Scott Corey

    1966 wildcat

    I’m looking for a car that my dad had when I was 12. He did a lot of promotional advertising with Buick. In the spring of 1966 he came home with a 1966 wildcat gs convertible. The car was a maroon color with bucket seats, a four speed,dual quads and I think a maroon or black interior. Checking options for the year this car was built had to be extremely rare with the 4 speed. I would hope someone recognized how rare this car was and saved or restored it. Any information anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Scott Corey. 517-256-9601