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  1. Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    Thanks all. No cam-omatic. Yes, brake fluid is likely to ruin nearby paint but I guess another option may be transmission fluid. I think you would need to be careful as to which lubricant is used as some will thicken up and bind moving components. I have used lanolin before with success and that would assist with rejuvenation of leather noting it is essentially oil from sheep skins. I have looked at the electric units but perhaps that can be a fall back if the lube doesn't work.
  2. Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    I only just bought the car but I understand they have not been used for considerable time. All the lines look good. To test the vacuum pump, would I just be looking for a vacuum in the line going to wiper unit? I did just see a couple of YouTube videos where people were spraying a lanolin type lubricant and in another case brake fluid into the vacuum port of the wiper unit. That appeared to lubricate and start previously frozen units. That would appear to be a possible quick and easy fix - any comment/warning on this? Thanks
  3. Hi all Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why the vacuum wiper unit is inoperative. All parts are there. Thanks Drew
  4. Lot of Scams Right Now

    Another type of scam I came across recently was photo and description of a car that was legitimately for sale in other sites. This scam ad would have a lower price than the legit ad but still possible. The scam ad would list the seller as a legit but totally unrelated car dealer. The phone number listed for the dealer in the ad was also legit - so if you did a due diligence check on the dealer and phone number, it all looks okay. What the scammer wants you to do is to provide your email address and contact details via the site contact submission - they use this info for their dishonest purposes. However, if you go to the bother of phoning the dealer they have no idea of the car or the ad. I guess it pays to go to the bother of actually phoning in these instances - albeit you can still be the subject of other types of scams!!! Nothing is ever easy :-)
  5. 56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    No power steering. It is also true springs don't last forever. Thanks. Drew
  6. 56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    Hi, these are all good points and thanks to all. Drew
  7. Where buy 56 Century 2-Dr HT roof rail seals

    Thanks. Sorry bad description on my part, yes it is the strip of seal. Is there a product name for that strip?
  8. Where buy 56 Century 2-Dr HT roof rail seals

    I contacted them and they say they only have roof rail weatherstrip for the 4 door special/century and nothing for the 2 door. Anyone ever come across a supplier? Thanks
  9. 1955 Buick Century Part ID

    Is it perhaps a crude brake booster or same adapted from another vehicle (unknown). It has the appearance of a booster and I think I can see what appears to be a brake bleeder valve toward the rear (not sure what for). It's also on the correct side of the engine bay ... Just thoughts!
  10. Hi all, I have been looking at buying a 56 Buick and have come across quite a few cars now where the driver's side of the car sags 1-2" lower than the passenger side and I am curious as to why. The answer may just be due to the continual driver weight as opposed to infrequent passenger use but that still seems a strange consequence. Can anyone offer advice and whether the only fix is new springs? Thanks Drew
  11. Where buy 56 Century 2-Dr HT roof rail seals

    I did not locate the item on their website but I may have to contact them and ask. Thanks
  12. Hi all Does anyone know where I can buy the roof rail seals for the 2 door Hardtop. This is the seal underside the roof rail that the side windows seal against when the windows are up. I have looked on the Net and have found seals for the 4 door but not the 2 door. Thanks Drew
  13. 56 Buick engine oil leak?

    Thanks all. There does appear to be some leakage from an oil line plug located near the rear drivers side of the block. Not sure what that line/plug is for. And there well could be other sources of leaking. I think I will have to take the chance and clean it all up after purchase and review.
  14. 56 Buick engine oil leak?

    Hi all I am hoping someone with more knowledge than me is able to help regarding what appears to be an engine oil leak. Attached is a photo of the area where oil is accumulating. I am looking at buying the car and I am hoping someone may be able to identify a common leak and the cost in fixing it? Thanks Drew
  15. Car purchase escrow service

    Hi all, actually they are all good and valid points given. Thanks