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  1. 56 Buick

    Part number for 56 starter relay?

    I have bought a Delco Remy NOS relay that suits 12V system. The relay is listed as being normally closed that intermittently opens. Hopefully I will receive it soon. It was listed as a horn relay. Anyway, I will update whether it works correctly once I receive and install it.
  2. 56 Buick

    Part number for 56 starter relay?

    Thanks. And to confirm my thinking ... The relay needed here would be normally closed? In other words, in the closed state it normally allows current to the starter solenoid to engage the starter but then once the engine fires and creates voltage via the generator, the generator regulator tells the starter relay to open and the current to the starter is stopped.
  3. 56 Buick

    Part number for 56 starter relay?

    Any issue in using a horn relay as a starter relay if they have the same configuration? Is there a current difference that starter relays are built for and can handle as opposed to horn relays?
  4. 56 Buick

    Part number for 56 starter relay?

    Was removed by previous owner or the one before that. I suspect the accelerator switch is not working and hence why they bypassed everything and inserted an ignition kill switch in its place. Though I think the purpose of the relay is also to stop the starter rolling on as soon as the motor fires up.
  5. Hi Looking for the starter relay part number. From a search on the internet it appears the Delco Remy part is 1116963 or 1116967?????? Thanks Drew
  6. 56 Buick

    Should the 56 start in drive and reverse?

    After some review I see the starter relay has been removed (no longer there). The pink wire from the accelerator switch is not connected to anything. The light green wire coming from the generator terminal of the generator regulator is not connected. And the kill switch is connected to directly to the ignition key switch and the solenoid the cranking motor. I am going to have to get another relay.
  7. 56 Buick

    Where are the 56 washer hoses located

    Thanks for the heads up there on the ductwork. I had started to remove a duct and being the original ducts they are indeed brittle and not happy to move!
  8. 56 Buick

    Where are the 56 washer hoses located

    Thanks guys. Now at least I know what I am looking for. I am not as flexible as I used to be but I will persist. No luck yet so I am going to either have to take out all the duct work under the dash or come in from the top by removing the crash pad.
  9. I have been successful in getting the vacuum wipers working. Now I want to get the washers working. The washer bottle assembly is all there and will discharge washer fluid but all I have is a hose coming off the washer bottle to nowhere. The end of the hose has always just been loose in the engine bay. I cannot find where that hose should connect. In other words, I cannot find or see where the hoses are that lead to the discharge nozzles on the wiper arms. I can see there is a hole in the firewall where the other hoses/lines are going to the wiper control switch on the instrument panel, so I would assume the hoses I am looking for would be somewhere around that area on the inside of the firewall/under the dash? At this stage I am either looking in the wrong spot or those hoses are not even there. Does anyone have any advice? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Drew
  10. 56 Buick

    Should the 56 start in drive and reverse?

    My reverse lights work so it is likely the switch is working and just been bypassed, noting the ignition kill switch that has been put in also bypasses the need to use the accelerator pedal. Now I am not that technical with electrical but I should be able to correct this issue by either rerouting the 12V+ line to the neutral/park switch before it goes to the kill switch OR rerouting the line from the kill switch to the solenoid to include the neutral/park switch.
  11. 56 Buick

    Should the 56 start in drive and reverse?

    Thanks. Do you know if the neutral safety switch location and troubleshooting is in the shop manual?
  12. Hi Ben Any chance you have a photo of the top of the filter housing off with the paper filter inside. I need to put a paper filter in my oil bath filter housing and I would like to see how it fits. On first assessment of my lower housing it appears there is little flat horizontal space for the paper filter to sit on and seal against. Thanks Drew
  13. Hi all So the car will start in drive and reverse and I assume this should not be the case? Anyone have any idea what is likely culprit and how to fix this? I not the car has had an ignition kill switch fitted. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Drew
  14. 56 Buick


    If I recall correctly that recent car was a coral and white 56 2 door HT Special that was sold on Illinois? craigslist for $18,000. I think perhaps the car was sold in haste noting, that like all things, it is often a case of the right buyer being in the right place at the right time and as a result, it often takes a while to sell a classic car for a good price. Otherwise you will likely end up selling it to a dealer for a reduced price where they will onsell for a much higher price. In case you have not already considered it (but perhaps you have), can I suggest also advertising the car on sites such as Hemmings, ClassicCars.com or ebay, etc. which will reach a very wide audience. I always think the biggest issue a "for sale by owner" seller has is trying to overcome potential buyers' concerns that you are legitimate and not some scammer. Good luck.