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  1. 56 Buick

    56 Buick oil dipstick question

    Thanks guys :-)
  2. Hi, the 56 Century I purchased a little while back has just arrived and I am going through the car and coming to terms with it all. I did notice the base of the dipstick handle doesn't 'fit into' the engine block but is rather just 'sitting' on top. Is that correct? Thanks, Drew.
  3. 56 Buick

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    Quite often these bastards are initially collecting your contact details from your reply to their bogus ad, for them to pass onto some other scammer to then use for a no good purpose. You just never know but none of it is good for you or me!
  4. 56 Buick

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    There is also a nice frame off resto 58 Super 2 door in black currently at $15,500. Reserve not yet met. Located in Ontario. Nice car and should go for quite a few dollars more than that.
  5. 56 Buick

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    Yes on EBay for $13,000 current bid with reserve not met. I thought I recognised the car. And yes too good to be true. Scammers suck!
  6. 56 Buick

    1956 radio

    Thanks for all the info guys
  7. 56 Buick

    1956 radio

    Hi Beemon, my radio does not work. I have a soldering iron and I would be interested to know how it can be fixed. Are there instructions or similar you can post? Thanks And Wndsofchng06, if my radio will not work then I would also be interested in the contact details of the place in Texas that can rebuild and or improve it? Thanks Drew
  8. 56 Buick

    56 2dr hardtop, not mine

    Likely very true. I was considering buying a nice 2-door recently but there was rust on the undercarriage and in the bottom of most of the panels. The rest of the car was good, yet there quotes from 10k up to 30k to fix that rust. But if you have the skill and tools to do the sheet metal and paint then it becomes affordable. Most don't but there are likely some on the forum who do and perhaps have the motivation.
  9. 56 Buick

    Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    Many thanks for the heads up. Unless you know what issues you are looking for it can all be for and miss as,to whether you can locate the problem and be able to fix the problem. I should be able to get the vacuum wipers working. BTW VickyBlue that looks like a nice 56 Century with paint similar to mine. Thanks all Drew
  10. 56 Buick

    Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    Thanks all. No cam-omatic. Yes, brake fluid is likely to ruin nearby paint but I guess another option may be transmission fluid. I think you would need to be careful as to which lubricant is used as some will thicken up and bind moving components. I have used lanolin before with success and that would assist with rejuvenation of leather noting it is essentially oil from sheep skins. I have looked at the electric units but perhaps that can be a fall back if the lube doesn't work.
  11. 56 Buick

    Advice re 56 vacuum wipers not working

    I only just bought the car but I understand they have not been used for considerable time. All the lines look good. To test the vacuum pump, would I just be looking for a vacuum in the line going to wiper unit? I did just see a couple of YouTube videos where people were spraying a lanolin type lubricant and in another case brake fluid into the vacuum port of the wiper unit. That appeared to lubricate and start previously frozen units. That would appear to be a possible quick and easy fix - any comment/warning on this? Thanks
  12. Hi all Can anyone point me in the right direction as to why the vacuum wiper unit is inoperative. All parts are there. Thanks Drew
  13. 56 Buick

    56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    No power steering. It is also true springs don't last forever. Thanks. Drew
  14. 56 Buick

    56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    Hi, these are all good points and thanks to all. Drew
  15. 56 Buick

    Where buy 56 Century 2-Dr HT roof rail seals

    Thanks. Sorry bad description on my part, yes it is the strip of seal. Is there a product name for that strip?