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  1. 88 Black and Tan

    I was asking $900 for this Reatta and am now dropping it to $700.
  2. 88 Black and Tan

    I am not aware of any forum members in the Denver or even the Colorado area.
  3. 88 Black and Tan

    Imperial62, I had a bit of a delay in getting the pictures that you were asking for but here they are. The door panels are in good condition, no tears or distortion at all. The seats have no rips or tears but the drivers seat has some slight wear as shown in the picture. I also took a close up picture of the dent that is just in front of the passenger rear tire (it is a rather small dent). The car has a six CD player that is stowed in the compartment behind the passenger seat. All four tires are in near new condition (one picture shows a close up of one tire). I am also including the service manual for this car. If there are any other questions regarding the car, please let me know.
  4. 88 Black and Tan

    I will work on getting some interior pictures and post them probably tomorrow.
  5. 88 Black and Tan

    I was asking $1000 for this black and tan 1988 but I am dropping the price to $900. Contact me with any questions that you may have.
  6. 88 Black and Tan

    Barney, the last part of the VIN is 902145.
  7. 88 Black and Tan

    I have a 1988 Black and Tan with around 124,000 miles for sale and I would prefer that a fellow Reatta fan ends up with this car ... they know how to deal with these cars and how to appreciate them. This car has not run in the past 6 months probably due to a faulty fuel pump. The battery will need to be replaced as well. The windshield had a small crack which has now spread. The interior is in decent shape with not much wear. The paint on the hood and top are a bit faded from the Colorado sun but can be buffed out. There is a small dent just in front of the passenger side rear tire on the rocker panel. The tires are very very low mileage and look new, the CRT works fine, and the headlight motors have been rebuilt about three years ago. That is the goid and bad for this Reatta as complete as I can recall. Asking $1000.