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  1. Stooge

    Why? Why?

    Aside from the car that isn't my taste, the houses you can see in the non-photo shopped backgrounds look like perfectly nice houses, and the ad would look a lot more 'normal' and probably wouldn't garner the negative attention if it wasn't so haphazardly edited like that
  2. Stooge

    Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

    i dont know about favorite, but most current atleast, and was great to see it outside for the first time since January. Had to shuffle a few cars around at the shop and I was wanting to spin my Century around to make working on the passenger side a bit more convenient. I am mostly done with sheet metal work on the driver side, with the exception of an area in behind the front fenders, I just need to clear a safe spot to store those giant things
  3. Stooge

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    Spinney and MC, the pictures and part numbers were exactly what i was looking for, now atleast i know what im looking for and how its set up. I've been trying to source some of the bigger parts my car was missing locally, but i need to put a list of brake and steering parts to ask dave about .
  4. Stooge

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    that's part of the conundrum, I have seen several styles for the 1938 and 1937 60 and larger series cars and am having a time with which style would be the correct one to pursue, and more importantly, although I am pretty certain that I have the correct 1937 6 bolt top transmission for the car, making sure the master fits the side mounts. And these are actually pictures from your 1938 project thread that I've had saved as part of references for the master cylinder.
  5. Stooge

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    By this, do you mean you had Bob's rebuild your master cylinder or you bought another master from them? I've seen he has the 37-38 series 80 and 90 for sale, but not the series 60. I've been having trouble finding a correct transmission side mount MC for my '37 Century since I bought it as a shell and didn't come with even a core/ candidate for rebuild one.
  6. Stooge

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

    That engine turned dash is a thing of absolute beauty! Saved to my buick pictures folder!
  7. Stooge

    !937 Buick 40 coupe running board trim

    Since I've been pretty certain my homemade running boards deviate in length slightly from the stock length trim, (nevermind not having the trim pieces themselves anyway) I've been considering going through Mcmillian to have some pieces made to fit, with the spear/pointed ends and mounting studs, although they do not have the correct ridges in them like the stock ones do. Fortunately I think I have the most of the stock side body trim, but im hoping the running board trim will be far enough away that it wont be too noticeable that they don't match.
  8. I use something similar in a c10 truck that I have, though I built a dash for it and did not have a factory or speakers to connect to as it had been stripped by a previous owner, but also did not want any stereo face visible. Just mounted the very small amp, (about the length of a pen) under the dash and mounted the little remote between the seats to make changing songs or adjusting volume easier. Really easy to install, and just has the speaker receptacle connections as well as an auxiliary input. It can probably be found cheaper elsewhere by now, but its a great hidden stereo that just connects to my phone when I start it up without having to do anything
  9. Stooge

    WTB 1937 parts

    I don't have a good enough in shape wheel or extra trim rings to sell and I made my own running boards, but I've had a few good buys on the 1937,1938 Buick Facebook group theres been a few sets of running boards listed there but tend to be for sedan bodies or in pretty bad shape
  10. I have a Bluetooth under dash stereo hardwired in one of my trucks since I didn't want to have a contemporary radio face in the dash, and I would say I have gotten 20-30ft away from it with my phone before the stereo loses it's signal. I would imagine most of that level of Bluetooth component is pretty similar across the board. I like the one I have in my truck, (kicker brand) since it has a little mountable remote so you don't have to futz with your phone to change the song or adjust the volume, but not sure what i'll do for my '37 Buick as it will be 6volt. I have been toying with the idea of getting one of those jumper packs/ 12v power charging sources and using that as a non permanently installed source for some sort of Bluetooth stereo and phone/gps power source without having to go 12v
  11. Stooge

    powder coat vs sandblasting and paint

    From what I can see on the cross rails, it looks to be pretty light surface rust and in great shape overall. I've been humming and hawing over deciding to do my frame myself with my no-name blaster pot I have that's been good for small parts, upgrade to something a little more capable, or farm that job out to one of those mobile outfits. My frame has good bones, but is pretty crusty on the outside, and I suppose for about the same cost as hiring someone, I could have my own more capable blaster since I have gotten a bigger and better air compressor that can handle something like that, versus the one I had when I acquired my current sand blaster. Concerning powder coat, a good friend of mine owns a commercial finishing shop, and the results I have seen with what powder coat can look like these days is really something else. I understand the statement about it sometimes looking thick and plasticy, and susceptible to chipping, and have seen many examples of both over the years. He's a big believer in powder coating wheels for the sake of ease of cleaning and durability, though the durability comes from prep, materials and practices used, and curing, with adequate curing seeming to be the biggest culprit in causing issues down the line, and with many shops not having a proper oven for it, the results can leave a bad taste in people's mouths. As he described it to me, when properly done and cured, its a very durable coating that will put up with years of regular driving, but to also think of it as a hard peppermint candy, really hard but when there is a good enough hit that its chipped or crack, its compromised. There's a good chance I will end up having the wheels and a few select pieces of steering and suspension off of my '37 powder coated, but some of the more susceptible pieces that may encounter rocks and road debris, will get painted. He's a good friend of mine and has offered to do whatever I need for free or for material cost, but I believe his price for wheels, depending on condition, to be around $100 per wheel.
  12. Stooge

    1938 Limited for sale on C/L - St Louis MO

    "WILL NOT LAST LONG" I bet it does last long! The 'Needs a little TLC in the body department' statement is pretty optimistic, from the pictures I don't see anything on the body that wouldn't need fairly invasive work to correct.
  13. Stooge

    Opinions On This 1936 Cadillac?

    First thought on this would be that the outdoor picture is the, 'this is what it could look like' picture that shows in in many craigslist ads to draw people in, plus if you click on the pictures, that first one displays in a significantly smaller size than the others, like it was downloaded picture, rather than from someone's camera like the rest of them. I would imagine the indoor pictures are what the car actually/ currently looks like.
  14. Stooge

    1937 Buick steering wheel

    I'll have a look at the spline count/ diameter this weekend, and if yours looks the same as the one Gary posted earlier, than i'll definitely be interested. Something very utilitarian about the standard wheel i'm really liking, especially for my car.
  15. Stooge

    '37 Century Modest Restoration

    And I know this is the prewar buick section, but still something I've been working on in the shop and so you guys to think im too lazy, a few of the '58 Edsel project, and trying to save the driver side fender And the 'cavity' behind the driver side grill area, (fender is upside down on the stand in these pictures) Im leaving this area a little rough for the time being until I get to the outer headlight bucket. The headlight area is really falling apart and grinding and sanding this area will cause a lot of commotion and may cause further damage before I have a chance to copy whats left of the original.