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  1. 1949 Super or Roadmaster

    Hi KGREEN, I am a member so I guess I can get that ride now! Thanks, Martin
  2. 1949 Super or Roadmaster

    Thanks for all of the information, If there is anyone in the CT area I would love to ride or drive one sometime.
  3. 1949 Super or Roadmaster

    I have had a few Buicks, mostly 1965-72 Rivieras. I dont know much about them but really like to 42-49 Super or Roadmaster fastback sedanette. What are the differences between the two? I assume the Roadmaster has a larger engine and more options? What would one expect to pay for a nice driver quality driver example? Thanks for any feedback, Martin
  4. I am trying to move a non running car (but does roll) from AZ to CT any suggestions as to who to call?? Thanks for the help, Martin
  5. Open transport needed inop

    I need a non running but rolling car moved from Mesa, AZ to Deep River, CT please give me a call 860 301 9621 or email me at The car is a Victress C3 which about the same size as a Chevelle.
  6. Looking for a Kellison J5 or 6 in any condition. 860 301 9621
  7. Hershey sleeping...

    We have few spots at Hershey and we are staying at a hotel but one of our employees wants to sleep in a small tent (no stakes required). He would only set it up at night and break it down in the morning. Is this permitted?
  8. I am looking for a 1957 to 1962 Peerless GT or Warwick. Also would like to find a Kellison J4,5 or 6. Looking for cars in any condition. Thanks, Martin