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  1. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Finally checking in... lookin' good Al!
  2. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    How did you find out, Al?
  3. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    It's very gratifying to see my old favorite toy in the hands of a Nice Family!
  4. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Just lookin' in on you, Al. It was nice meeting you both. GOOD LUCK with it all. Neal ps - that was a Nice BIG jar of really good chocolates, we're down to the last few. I hope your beautiful grandchildren made out as well as we did!
  5. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    The car is still available. The body is too far gone for the other fellow.
  6. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    I got your horns. Come get 'em.
  7. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    The fellow did not take the car, the body is too far gone for him. There's a lot of good parts here for whoever will pick up the car. Any interested person should please let me know. Thank you.
  8. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    This car is now spoken for. If anything changes, I will update further. Thank you all, for your interest.
  9. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    I have the car since '91. Car has; newly re-built rear with new ring & pinion, inner & outer torque-tube bearings, front torque-tube (drive-shaft) seals, newly sealed up gas tank (currently out), '90's very intact brake hardware all around including drums & wheel cylinders & re-sleeved master cylinder, '90s rebuilt generator, carburetor & fuel-pump, new voltage regulator, radio & cigarette lighter worked a few years ago. The problems are; needs gas-tank put back in, needs a piece of brake-line replaced (from when I did the differential work), tires dry-rotted, floors & rocker-panels are rotting, needs drivers window. The car has been sidelined about 7 years now; the issue is that I'm just not getting to it and only want a constructive disposal, not the junkyard. It's either a good project or parts car for whoever wants to come get it FOR FREE. The car is located at my house in Howard County, Maryland.