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  1. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Still looking for a good home. Thanks
  2. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    A few more pics of paper work , this is the Chicago car and scan of the Flxible ledger .
  3. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    I had the same thought, I would think more like someone at Buick wanted a limo ?
  4. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    I ,ll get some pics next time I have it on the lift. The seat is a 2 way power seat. It has no division window, I talked to the owner of the second one and it also has a division but no window . There is not enough room behind the front seat to have a division that would go up or down but it looks like you could put a slider in it ? The jump seats fold up into the back of the front seat.
  5. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Restored to me is always a vague term. You see posts for a unibody car as a frame off restoration , really? This car does not need restored but has some issues like any old car almost 60 years old, far from perfect but pretty darn nice for the age. If anyone is attending the all GM show in Woodland Hills in June, the car is about 100 miles east of here and if they would like to make a detour they can stop by and take a look. . I,ll be there in my big Fleetwood.
  6. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Chicago car is still in the hands of the owner who bought it around 71. I have his contact info.
  7. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Some of those pics are old but there are current ones in the post image site . These are a few current ones.
  8. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Has a regular driveshaft with 2 cv,s in it.
  9. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    Jump seats are Cadillac 75 series seats.
  10. For sale 1962 225 Limo $18k

    1 of 2 produced by Flxible Corp for GM as a cost study for possible regular production by Buick. After they where built and evaluated 1 went to Chicago and the other one (this one) went to New York. Email or call for details or call 760-247-3693 anytime between 9-9 PCT . Car is located in Southern Ca Thanks More Pics in Link=
  11. Looking for a source for a 64 880 hardtop wagon door weather strip. I believe it is the same as the 60-64 Chrysler hardtop wagons . Thanks for any help on this.
  12. 1962 225 Limo

    I am in Ca . Flexible Corp made 2 of these in 62. That is the other one I have talked to the owner of that one. Thanks
  13. 1962 225 Limo

    Thanks , just water stains , seats are something I hope to start on this fall.
  14. 1962 225 Limo

    Have had this a few years , I have a lot of history on it but looking for any additional info and pics of it .Thanks