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  1. Thank you so much KongaMan!
  2. I can't find any springs that seem to be shorter that don't come in a "kit" that are compatible with my car...
  3. alrighty! Thank you for the advice, I plan on doing a 1" drop kit sometime down the road so I will definitely remember that
  4. Yep, compressed the spring with some compressors while they were out.
  5. Alright, I managed to take it out and put the new joints in, a friend of ours came by with an entire set of press adapters and stuff, so I cleaned up the arm and painted it, I also did my best to clean the lower arm, I'm not 100% comfortable with taking the spring out however. I put the knuckle back in and the brakes, I'm pretty much finished. Thanks for all your help everyone!
  6. Alright so we pulled the top arms out, and we think we got the welds all removed, now we tried to press it out, and it started going out, and now it hit this point where it won't go any farther
  7. Thats about what mine is right now, so I pulled the arm out, and the rubber bumper thing and the grommets, will those be eaten up by the acetone?
  8. makes sense, thanks, we bought a thing of acetone for the bolts since most of them I had to use a 1 size bigger head just cause all the grease.
  9. Okay, so I will want to take the upper control arm out in order to get the joint out?
  10. I managed to get the bottom ball joints off without needing to pull out the control arm, but I can't seem to figure out the top joints, I also managed to get the knuckle off with a hammer. How exactly should I get the top joints out?
  11. So I've taken off all the brake stuff, so it's just onto that steering piece that everything attaches to, then I disconnected the steering tie rods from it, and now I'm trying to get it off from the ball joint studs.
  12. So I'm only 16, I bought this as a project, though now I can't seem to get the ball joint out of steering piece. Mine did come with a user manual except I can't seem to comprehend it very well, can someone just dumb it down for me? Thanks!