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  1. I was told (by an old timer) that if you are worried about sludge remove a valve cover and look. If there is sludge under the cover you will have sludge in the pan and visa versa.
  2. Thanks. I appreciate it. I looked on Clarke's website but no dimensions so I emailed them asking but you solved it!
  4. Wife wants to figure out whether to put a removable cover over the seat portion when we drive and to protect the white seat(s). So, she asked me for the seat dimensions and thus my question. The car transport company is scheduled to pick the car up the 18th with it getting to me around the 23rd. Thought she could use the time to scope out possible options for the lower seat before it gets here. Of course once here I can measure. I was looking online and not finding anything so thought I would check to see if anyone had ever measured and remembered. No issues.
  5. Waiting for my books and CD's to be delivered. Anyone know where I can find (online) the size/dimensions of the seats (front and back)?
  6. Anyone have suggestions on a folder of some type with a zipper or closure that will hold the body and chassis manuals as well as the 2 CD's I am getting from Jim? I looked at the member store but didn't see anything.
  7. For the body manual one like this?|Model%3ARiviera|Make%3ABuick&hash=item33d2532dc5:g:fMMAAOSwKO5bsWGF:rk:2:pf:0
  8. This the manual on Ebay?
  9. I bought a '63 Riv and while I'm waiting for arrangements for transport to be made I'm trying to get my ducks lined up. I would like to be able to handle smaller repairs and tinker so I'm in need to a good manual(s). I did a little looking online but thought I would ask the experts where I should turn for such an item(s). Appreciate guidance. dick
  10. Wonder if they will bleed color? My wife was thinking of a saddle blanket. If one added some weight's on either end perhaps having it extend over the back and down the front of the seat...
  11. I'm in the wrong area for you but there is a local shop (40+ years) that still works on Dynaflows. I stopped by to talk to the owner 2 weeks ago. He told me there are no a lot of mechanics who know how to work on them these days. He said a total rebuild would run around $2500 vs a 400 which would run $1500. Parts are available (as well as kits).
  12. Any suggestions on how, while driving, to cover/protect white seats? Blue jeans are bad news. Perhaps something that one sits on only? Or something that comes up the back as well? Not seatcovers. Some type of removable something? Wondering if anyone has come across, seen or even created something to cover the section of seats being used. Not sure I've described the need/situation and happy to describe better. Appreciate any suggestions.
  13. I've been reading posts and doing some research on oil and filter choices for 63-64-65 Riv's. I see comments about the possible need/value of adding zinc while others disagree. I've read that using the Diesel version of some oils is good. Some comments about high mileage and some about synthetic blends. Filters - I see negative comments about Fram with positives about Napa Gold and some others. I read a post that showed data on multiple different oils with ratings relating to the degree of protection showing that the higher the score (i..e. over 90,000 is excellent) but the oils that fit that profile appear to be mostly racing oils. If one should add zinc how much...because it appears to much is harmful. So...I'm not coming away with any sort of consensus (which there may not be). I am looking to make sure that when I finally purchase my 63-64-65 Riv I know what good choices for oil/filter on. Weather where I live: Pacific NW. Appreciate some clarity if possible.