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  1. I sent the seller a message asking. The engine is definitely blue. When I looked the color codes up blue is chevy or chrysler. Just wanted to make sure. Recently saw a '64 with a red (66) engine. When I finally find the '644 or '65 to buy I do want it right. thanks
  2. Getting more info and details now. Question: The pic of the engine compartment shows the engine as blue but the seller is claiming it';s a 425 nailhead. Shouldn't the engine be green?
  3. Anyone in the Riv Assoc. that is in the Oklahoma City area that could inspect a '64 Riv If the info checks out?
  4. Nice looking car. Anyone near it look at it?
  5. Is there, by any chance, a list of cars attending that would be for sale? I'm still looking for a '64/'65 Riv and was wondering is there was a place to look to see who was attending that might be selling?
  6. Looking to buy an excellent condition '64 or '65 Riv that wife and I can do some touring in. Want to enjoy the car so don't need perfect but in very good or better condition. Would like a well appointed/accessorized car. Appreciate any suggestions of sellers/cars that are really selling and not testing the waters or fishing.
  7. Looking for someone in the Salt Lake City area who can evaluate a '65 Riv for me. Needs to be done in the next 1-2 days (posting this Sunday evening June 10th). Happy to pay for your time. Appreciate any suggestions for someone who knows the year range well and can do an assessment. Dick Rylander 650.759.7107
  8. Seller out of Utah had a '65 (tentatively sold) and still has a '68 Riv. Appears to be an estate and the deceased dad's cars. Here's the link:
  9. I'm looking for a '64 or '65 that I can drive and enjoy. Wife and I would like to take the Route 66 trip so the car needs to be in excellent condition. Some work to be done may be ok. Looking for original, not shaved or altered. I don't need show room (nor do I want) but I also don't want to take over someone's project car. I have a couple of people advising me. Prefer a RoA member car and someone who wants to know their baby will be taken care of. Dick Rylander Battle Ground, WA