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  1. I am finally getting around (maybe in the next few weeks) to install the correct running board trim for my '29 Dictator that I received from L&L. My question is can some of you post pictures of what your corners look like?
  2. Multiple Batteries

    I received 2 optima batteries and installed one. What a difference. My battery is registering around 9 on the ammeter. I see that now. My old one which was a new battery from AutoZone registered right at 3. I really didn't pay any attention to the meter readings until today.
  3. ASC Tour - LED Brake Light Bar

    UPDATE I got mine in last week and installed. I have a disconnect on it so I can remove it when I don't want it visible. It works very well.
  4. Multiple Batteries

    I haven't decided whether to install the switch or not but wouldn't that aid in the quoted scenario? install both batteries and then just turn the switch from 1 to the other without a wrench.
  5. Multiple Batteries

    I have checked my cables, all is good there (at least I don't see anything out of sorts). What I have been experiencing is the car seems to be discharging with the lights on. If I turn the car off after stopping on the way back to the shop at night, it grunts to start back up. and it will drive a little ways and loose power after sputtering.
  6. Multiple Batteries

    I looked at those earlier today. I assume that you use 1 or 2 for ordinary driving. Then use 1+2 for night driving or cold morning starts? If I decide to add this, does NAPA make battery cables?
  7. Multiple Batteries

    I have know idea one that one. I don't have a book like that. I just ordered 2 optima batteries and I'm looking at battery switchers but I think I'll just wire them up parallel.
  8. Multiple Batteries

    This may have been my problem the last 2 times I had it out. It was for Christmas parades. Ran great during them, but afterwards I had a little trouble.
  9. As was talking with an old timer yesterday about how he had is 6 volt car wired up. He has 2 6volt batteries in it and somehow he has the ability to use both to crank the car and he can switch to use Battery A and if needed, he can switch to Battery B. He has one of the green knobs on the floorboard to do the switching. I was wondering if anyone has done this as my car ('29 Dictator) runs fine during the day, but it will not have good power when it gets dark enough to have to turn the lights on. I've read one article and it intrigues me but not sure if keeping both 6 volts together all the time like it appears to be stated with be bad. Anyone else done something like this?
  10. Wiper Motor Shot

    I am still in the market for a wiper motor, that is working, for my 1929 Dictator. The one that I had was mounted on the exterior of the windshield. Does anybody have one they can part with or know where I can get one?
  11. ASC Tour - LED Brake Light Bar

    Do we know of any alternative websites to get one of these lights. I ordered one last week and then emailed last night to ask when it would be shipped and this morning I got a refund email from PayPal. Seller stated he was not able to fill the order at this time. I wound up ordering from J and L Enterprise for $60 plus shipping.
  12. Running Boards

    What kind of problems do I need to be looking out for?
  13. Parking Brake

    Spinneyhill, Thank you for the images. I have been looking over them, but I don't anything mentioned about a jig like was mentioned above. Also, would the Parking Brake band be more similar to the external or internal band?
  14. Adjusting external brakes on a 1929

    Do any of your Dykes books show how to change the brake lining on the brake ring at the back of the transmission? I have a 1929 Studebaker Dictator and I can't find the right book.
  15. Parking Brake

    Do you know of a place that has these. I have looked but can't seem to come up with what I need for certain. I'd hate to spend money on a book and then it not have what I need. I don't mind spending the money if I know it has the information that I need.