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  1. Tire Cover

    Since there is much knowledge in this group, I have another question. Where can I find a new, I guess its some kind of canvas, spare tire cover for the tire that goes in the front left fender? I put new tires on today and I took the cover off it it is showing signs of age with holes developing in it.
  2. New spark plugs

    Thank you sir. Much appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know what the gap should be on a 1929 Dictator?
  4. Dykes Manual

    Thank you. I knew it had to be a few years later but didn't know exactly how far out.
  5. For a 1929 Dictator, which Dykes edition would be the best one to buy?
  6. Waiting on a tow

    ***UPDATE*** She is running again!!! I got the starter back from the shop. There are 2 positive and 2 negative terminals inside and 2 were loose. They tightened those up and clean it up a little. Put it back in and it turned over. Now for the just turning off part. I had help from a friend mechanic who works on hot rods and older cars in general. He helped me get the starter back in. We cranked it up and it ran for a minute or two while we talked. We were discussing it cutting off and while we were talking, well it shut off. We got to looking at the distributor and coil and we weren't getting anything. We looked at the wires coming from the "key" switch and one of the wires was slightly loose. We tightened it up and that seems to be it. It even cranks up A LOT faster now. I am a HAPPY camper!!! Hopefully it warms up again in a few days so I can get it out and wash it down.
  7. Waiting on a tow

    Yep tried to push start it but we couldn't get it going fast enough.
  8. Waiting on a tow

    It wasn't jammed
  9. Waiting on a tow

    I tried it again and I am getting resistance. What was going on, I was not pushing the hand crank in enough to engage the motor.
  10. Waiting on a tow

    I pulled the starter and put it on the ground and hooked it up to a spare 6 volt battery and it seems to run as it should without any smoke. But for safe measure, I'm sending it off to have it checked. When I get it back I'll go from there.
  11. Waiting on a tow

    One question that I have is this. I was driving down the road and the engine cutoff. No sputtering or spitting or anything. Just shuts off. I pull off the road and that's when this issue started. So would this make the engine stop? In my head and everything that I know (which ain't much), I say no.
  12. Waiting on a tow

    I'll do that and report back
  13. Waiting on a tow

    I put the handle in it or just spins freely, no resistance
  14. Waiting on a tow

    I'll keep searching, but right now most of what comes up is batteries and not starter motors. Will I find a while replacement or better just trying to find rebuild parts?
  15. Waiting on a tow

    Where is a good place to find one?