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  1. Crank oil seal install

    And yet another question because I just...don't...know haha....I'm changing the oil seal on the '54 straight 8 and the manual says to use gasket cement. I did have to chip out the old cork so I'm assuming this is where the cement goes to hold the cork in place? Unsure of the term "cement". It also says to apply a graphite lubricant. I assume on the face of the ring? Lastly, you're telling me that this cork seal spins against the timing chain cover and actually seals? My mind won't let me comprehend that right now. Sure would suck having to go back in if it was done incorrectly. Thanks!
  2. Missing chrome?

    Anyone got a '54 - 4 door sedan Star Chief or similar with this chrome? I find it odd that both sides seem to have a small piece of chrome missing on the pillar between the doors...just these holes. Everything is accounted for on my car except these two spots and I'd REALLY like to find replacements one day.
  3. help to identify housing

    Anyone take a shot at what lies behind the housing sticking out at the bottom from a straight 8? Just curious. Thanks!
  4. Missing chrome?

    just coming back to turn on notifications.....dang
  5. help to identify housing

    keep forgetting to hit the dang "notify me of replies" LOL
  6. Front Engine Mount condition

    I need some of your experience on engine mounts. What dictates when one needs to be replaced? I have mine out because I'm doing some work up front and wondering if it's in good enough shape. I did have trouble getting my fan belt out and had to raise the engine maybe 1/8". Someone recommended just shimming it up for that issue. I didn't feel any concerns with the mount when it was on the road. Just trying to save a couple bucks for more pressing things. Thanks!
  7. 1958 - just bought it !

    Cool wagon! Have fun!
  8. Broken Manifold

    Sorry's off a '54 Pontiac Star Chief straight 8 engine. Replacements are hard to find. I'm going to attempt getting it repaired locally first. Thanks. Lot of good ideas posted here on repairs and at best keeps me optimistic.
  9. Broken Manifold

    My heart sank today. While trying to remove the broken flange bolts the actual flange broke. I tried every trick in the book. Heat, easy out (which did it), candle wax and tapping with 50/50 acetone and ATF. What a bunch of bull***. I work gingerly but never thought in a million years this would have happened. It's too late now but I should have gone with my gut and just drilled out the threads and use a nut and bolt. I will NEVER try unseizing frozen bolts again! Any suggestions what route I could go? Maybe there's a creative machinist or engineer out there.
  10. Broken Manifold

    I certainly will.....
  11. Broken Manifold

    Originally they were bolts, but turning it or both into studs all welded up does sound good.
  12. Broken Manifold

    Why brass nuts? More forgiving?
  13. Broken Manifold

    Ya I'm gonna check it out and put them to the test. I thank you all with all your thoughts and opinions, you guys rock! I was super bummed today but your posts give me inspiration. I can sleep better tonight. Cheers!
  14. Broken Manifold

    My concern is the amount of pressure the bolt will exert when the exhaust flanges are snugged up. Thanks for all your suggestions!
  15. Harmonic balancer removal

    Guess we'll close this and never know what kind of puller is required. I ended up gently rocking the pulley for 15 minutes with a couple boards and it worked off the shaft. There's a leak back there, either timing gasket or crank seal and it must have seeped onto the shaft, which was oily and helped lubricate it off. Either way it's off for me. There were absolutely no bolt holes.
  16. Harmonic balancer removal

    Here's how I ended up removing the bolt on my balancer. Got the idea from a guy who used a big gear clamp. I used a tie down and a piece of wood under it against the frame to hold the balancer. I feel I got really lucky as it came loose after a couple tugs with my breaker bar. I really didn't want to use the "turn the engine over" method to crack the bolt or freeze the flywheel and I don't have an impact gun. The bolt had a lock washer on it. Wonder if that's original? Anywho, I don't have any pullers and the only ones I see for this are the foot kind with bolts to thread into the balance to help pull it off. Will a standard puller work? I can get a loaner for it.
  17. Harmonic balancer removal

    By the looks of it the engine mount seems to be in good shape with lots of meat but you called it. I was able to raise the engine about 1/8" and the belt was able to be removed. Thanks, not sure I would have seen that one! BTW that's one fat belt!
  18. Harmonic balancer removal

    Oh and one last thing....I can't remove my fan belt whatsoever without taking off the pulley. What's up with that? Did the other owner put a belt on that's too thick a profile? There just isn't enough space under the pulley for it to fit. Sorry for the second question but I also forgot to click "Notify me of replies" which I like. Thanks!
  19. What is this sensor?

    Wow, I forgot about the dipstick heater! Used to be able to get them at Canadian Tire. At least it was available for the simplest but I would have to agree about being very weak.
  20. What is this sensor?

    Can anyone identify what this was/is? It's at the back of the '54 straight 8 near the firewall. Below it to the right is my temperature sensor. The other owner installed an aftermarket one along with a gauge. The original is coiled up under the dash and is for another discussion. This housing seems to be attached by a threaded connection. I'd like to remove it and just curious what it was for.
  21. What is this sensor?

    Well you guys are right. I plugged it in and heard it start to sizzle a bit. I also finally found a pic of one for sale on Ebay. I don't know how well it works and will never be driving the car in the winter but, I love the nostalgic of it. I've never heard or seen one before. I'm just going to clean it up and maybe make a cover for it. I'm sure when I lift the hood many other will ask what it is like I did. Thanks!
  22. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    We think alike! I was looking at those 4 bolts and thinking there could be a little play there. It doesn't look like they've ever been removed. I can see that my intake manifold is uneven with the exhaust manifold making the exhaust part not quite sealing. Good guess. As for the heat riser, I too questioned if the spring was put on backwards. Don't shun me but I applied Permatex Copper sealant on the leaky joints. All I'm trying to do at the moment, before the snow starts to fly up here in Canada is to get the car to my mechanic to OK the frame/structure before I start pumping money into it, then I can get it in the garage and start at 'er. I'm good but a self taught/back yard/youtube mechanic! If all is good it will become my new project. Thanks for the help John!
  23. A new find just came up. I was letting my '54 - 8 cylinder warm up and smoke started coming from the front at the manifold. I could see something bubbling from the gasket and I guess it was burning off on the manifold. The gasket is new with very little hours on it. There are no air leaks and the bolts are as tight as I can get them. I've ran the engine before and haven't had this issue. Don't remember spilling anything there. Should I keep running it in hopes of a burn off? The old gasket was blown apart in a few places and I think I remember this was one of them. I have an arrow where the leak is and the gaskets.
  24. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    I removed my manifold and you can tell by the imprints in the gasket where the seal was tight and where it was leaking. No straight edge required. Guess it's machining time.
  25. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    Well I put a heat gun to the heat riser and it didn't really move. It was easier to turn however. I unhooked the spring and let the riser fall. Made no difference at start up and when I moved it open and closed I could feel the exhaust against it making me think it's in the proper closed position. However, the manifold still leaked and I discovered another exhaust leak. It matches the blown out gasket on the left side of the picture. I've been told that these inline manifolds like to warp and to remove it and put a straight edge on it. If it's out to get it machined. I'm thinking this is what happened to the previous owner and he eventually blew them out. The heat riser isn't on the top of the list right now. Thanks and good luck with yours!