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  1. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    My 2 cents for my fellow Canadians. I purchased a 3 ton Motomaster floor jack from Canadian tire on sale a couple years ago and couldn't be happier. It's a low profile quick pump, lifts effortlessly and fast! No complaints and I don't know why I waited so long to get one.
  2. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Shoot....forgot about tech. Thanks.
  3. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    I had your same thoughts Spinneyhill until I read up on it. There are exceptions however, but I doubt it applies here: "Often times, non-servo or leading-trailing systems will use interchangeable front and rear brake shoes. The non-servo system can get away with this because it applies the same pressure to the both shoes. Alternately, a self-energizing system may use front and rear shoes that are the same length, but use different types of friction material to modulate the pads' engagement strength for either front or rear applications." It was no bother making the shoes as original.
  4. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Made my primary's tonight. Easy peasy taken from the thread. Good to know.
  5. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Well who woulda thunk? Thanks Frank! That sounds like a great idea and an easy fix.
  6. I've already done my front brakes '54 pontiac and put primary/secondary in their proper place. I'm just doing the rear and noticed that both the new shoes have the same length lining. The original's look like the typical longer/shorter lining. In other words it looks like my new rear shoes are both secondary's. Anyone else had the same concern?
  7. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    As for jack stands, I've always used the type with the lever to release it back down. Been leary of them so I used other supports along with them. This winter I purchased 2 more. Now they are made with pins along with the familiar levers. What did that tell me? Some poor shmuck probably hit the release lever while the car was up. I don't think you can ever be too cautious when you're under a ton of metal.
  8. Steering Gear lubricant change

    CPR parts catalogue shows 1937-54 Pitman shaft seal, standard steering
  9. Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    Just another name for "passing gear" we used years ago. That was the word I was looking for.
  10. Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    At first I didn't understand but just got it....that's crazy! Most our highways here are 2 lane and transports galore so you get quite good at weaving in and out to pass....that and a powerful overdrive!
  11. Hydramatic side cover bolts

    Better yet, here is a picture from the manual. It makes no mention of checking an o-ring for external leaks so hopefully this is not the case. The middle picture is the shaft seal I'm replacing. It's behind the side cover and it's where the throttle rods connect. There's a pin holding the smaller shaft which tells me the smaller shaft would be removed by pushing it in or moving it to the right. This is impossible because of the assembly and IMO would have to be dismantled. This smaller shaft turns within the outer shaft so there must be a seal of some sort in there. I'm not overly concerned and that's why I haven't posted anything about it. If it leaks this summer it leaks.
  12. Steering Gear lubricant change

    Yes. I think the pitman arm seal leaks somewhat so I may have to change that out someday. Some guys just shoot straight grease in there. You can read up on the debate about the different viscosities.
  13. Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    Wow cool
  14. Hydramatic side cover bolts

    Ya they were too small. I was going to auto parts and industrial shops. Must be more transmission related. There's a gasket for the cover. I'm also replacing the shaft seal and it came with a small o-ring and pin. I suspect where it goes but the way I see it, the tranny would have to be disassembled. I don't think I can replace it. Hope the leak was mostly from the seal or I'll have to live with it. I'll try to take a pic later today.
  15. Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    Forgot to mention they are clamp on.