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  1. Replacing original fuel line '54 Pontiac Star Chief

    Definitely a good tip Rusty! Should even help seal better.
  2. Replacing original fuel line '54 Pontiac Star Chief

    Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the fit of the line also. It just looks like a mess of bends on the floor but when you get it in there, the bends fit really good. I changed out the hold down clamps to rubber style adel clamps. They didn't have 5/16" so I used 1/4" that seem to fit well. I think the compression fittings that edinmass is referring to would be the ones from the hardware store mainly for water lines in plumbing. I've used them in the past with great success however I'd be leary with flammable liquids. I do however, have one connecting my oil stove line in the garage with no leaks. Bloo's fitting are on my car also. I've removed them many times with no leakages.
  3. Replacing original fuel line '54 Pontiac Star Chief

    An afternoon in the garage and I got it. Funny thing is I bought a tube bender only to kink the line for the first bend. I threw that thing on the workbench and between my hands, knees and the help of a piece of pipe locked in the bench vise as a helper I'm done. The tape idea helped a lot and for those offset bends a lightly locked vise grip helped. Thankfully there were no real 90 degree bends. I'm happy because the cost of a prebent line, currency rate with over sized shipping was going to be a heck of a lot more! I did it for $25. I just recommend having patience when doing it.
  4. Replacing original fuel line '54 Pontiac Star Chief

    I agree with you guys. Thanks for the tip Rusty and 23hack for the motivation. I've made compression fittings work for me in the I'll never know!
  5. Replacing original fuel line '54 Pontiac Star Chief

    For those who don't know me, I'm the guy that asks a question then does it, Mr "I can't wait" if you will....usually. To save you all having to reply, I removed my original fuel line with maybe a little trouble from the rear. There's a lot of flex from the straight portion so there's more give than I thought. I'm going to bend my own and pay most attention at the front. I'm going to leave the rear rather straight for now for ease of replacement. I think I have enough room do the bending with the gas tank out. Suppose I could make 2 sections and join them with compressions but I like the idea of one piece. I posted just in case someone like me comes along again and wonders if it's doable. I think it is.
  6. I had really really wanted to replace my aging fuel line with a one piece prebent line. After removing the hold down clips and inspecting, I felt this looks almost impossible to do. I've read that lines like this are installed at the plant before the body is put on. I can hack the original one off but again, I can't see fishing the new line back in it's same place. Especially for that kind of money. Shipping is a killer too. Maybe I can bend 2 or 3 pieces and join them? Anyone had the similar problem and what did you do for quality and looks? Thanks!
  7. Trayliner for battery

    My battery tray when I got the car was disgusting. Rusted and covered in sulphate. I've since grounded it down and plan on repainting it. Question, should I just have the battery sit on the painted tray or use some sort of liner. My battery is new if that matters. I've seen acid neutralizing liners on Amazon and not too expensive. What are the rest of y'all doing or using and working for you? Thanks in advance!
  8. Letter painted on '54 firewall

    LOL how true! I went through this kind of thing when I was building my bobber motorcycle. Getting the same answers, "it's your bike, make it the way YOU like." My engine and bay won't be in show condition but a lot cleaner looking and with original paint colour. I like your idea of reconditioning the letter but my thoughts is some fellow who is no longer on this earth stamped it then carried on with his work day. Probably went down to the local tavern to have a couple Old Milwaukee's with the fellows after that. I'm probably going to cover it up and paint around it. Heck, I'm having difficulty wanting to change any screws or wire terminals for that matter! Trying to keep it as 1954 as I can. Thanks for the reply and story.
  9. Fan shroud covers?

    Once again, inquiring minds want to know. At the front of the rad, the "shroud" has 2 removable covers. I've seen pictures of other engines with or without them on. I don't see where they would be used for any access to anything. I'm thinking they would be used in the winter months a lot like the grill covers to see on the exterior of trucks to help with engine heat. I also would imagine having them off in the summer would create a better air flow for the rad. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. Letter painted on '54 firewall

    Makes sense to me! Now that I take a much closer look, it looks like a stencil and it's more silver. Kind of a shame as I'm planning on painting the firewall. Maybe I could try to save it. As for other markings this looks like the only one other than the typical ID plates.
  11. Letter painted on '54 firewall

    For curiosity sakes anyone know what the capital A within a square stamped on the firewall denotes? It's behind the air cleaner. Looks like ink to me.
  12. original engine colour

    I was just ending the day of engine cleaner when I sprayed a little paint stripper on one of the valve covers I don't know if the picture does it justice but when I gave it a wipe it turned green! I now think that yup, blue/green is the original as mentioned. Someone at sometime painted the engine with probably the most convenient paint colour available Pontiac blue. Back to original she goes!
  13. original engine colour

    Thanks for the info Todd. I'll check for some pics. I'm really liking the colour tint of John's engine now. I think I've decided. I love the look of these intakes painted the same colour.
  14. original engine colour

    Most decent of you sir! Thank you & very beautiful! I like it!
  15. original engine colour

    I received my paint samples from Hirsch today. Bit of a cross roads and I'm sure this wouldn't be a question to others on what colour I should really go with. The colour they say for the '54 L8 engine is blue/green. Rather dark to me. The others are light blue and turquoise. On one hand, someone said light blue was the Pontiac go to colour. I've gotten this far and would really like to have the engine the original colour even if I don't like it much. That or being at a rally and have some 80 year old say, "you know that's the wrong colour for that engine, right?" LOL. Probably over thinking like I always do. My thinking is a darker colour would also hide any oil stains and such. Nothing looks worse than a light coloured paint job all covered in dirt.