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  1. original engine colour

    I was just ending the day of engine cleaner when I sprayed a little paint stripper on one of the valve covers I don't know if the picture does it justice but when I gave it a wipe it turned green! I now think that yup, blue/green is the original as mentioned. Someone at sometime painted the engine with probably the most convenient paint colour available Pontiac blue. Back to original she goes!
  2. original engine colour

    Thanks for the info Todd. I'll check for some pics. I'm really liking the colour tint of John's engine now. I think I've decided. I love the look of these intakes painted the same colour.
  3. original engine colour

    Most decent of you sir! Thank you & very beautiful! I like it!
  4. original engine colour

    I received my paint samples from Hirsch today. Bit of a cross roads and I'm sure this wouldn't be a question to others on what colour I should really go with. The colour they say for the '54 L8 engine is blue/green. Rather dark to me. The others are light blue and turquoise. On one hand, someone said light blue was the Pontiac go to colour. I've gotten this far and would really like to have the engine the original colour even if I don't like it much. That or being at a rally and have some 80 year old say, "you know that's the wrong colour for that engine, right?" LOL. Probably over thinking like I always do. My thinking is a darker colour would also hide any oil stains and such. Nothing looks worse than a light coloured paint job all covered in dirt.
  5. Crank oil seal install

    Tis what I thought Tinindian. Thanks for the confirmation. Maybe it's the other way around in other applications but I couldn't see that in this one.
  6. Crank oil seal install

    The cork seal was in fact cemented into the steel shroud and was rotating against the timing cover. Here's a quote from the manual with the picture. "Install new timing sprocket cover oil seal on crankshaft after coating face of seal with graphite lubricant (Fig 6-12)" "Apply gasket cement to gasket surface of timing sprocket cover and install cover and gasket on engine so hole in cover is centered on crankshaft, and cover oil seal bears evenly on cover with equal areas all the way around." The cork seal fits very tight within the steel shroud. This is some confusing english to me.
  7. VIN decoding

    Thanks lalautze! Now I feel special! A HYDRA-MATIC code just for me! LOL
  8. VIN decoding

    This one is still kinda quirks me. I've got my vin down except for one letter that I can't figure out. P = (Pontiac Michigan assembly plant) 8 = (8 cylinder engine) Z = (1954) A = (?) 38725 = (production number) I thought "A" would be an "H" for (hydramatic)? Maybe "A" is for (automatic?) ??
  9. Front Engine Mount condition

    I agree thanks! The rear mounts look ok too so I'll be spending money on more pressing things.
  10. original engine colour

    They show a Pontiac blue/green 40'-57'.....I'd like to source something in Canada. That kinda does sound a little more like the colour.
  11. original engine colour

    I stumbled across Hirsh website. I could give them a try for an answer. Thanks!
  12. original engine colour

    I'm just curious on an original engine colour for a 1954 straight 8 cylinder. Mine is light blue mixed with rust and grease of course and don't know if it is original. POR15 makes a light blue engine enamel for 55-65 years. Buick green includes my year. I'm partial to the blue but again, just curious if someone know the definite answer because I'm not finding anywhere. Thanks!
  13. timing chain replacement

    Change the chain for sure maybe sprockets. Heads are on making me think checking valves would be difficult. Again, this field is new to me and the diagrams mean nothing but thanks!
  14. timing chain replacement

    Does this look like the set up for the sprockets to change the chain on a '54 straight 8? The cam pulley has 3 lines and not a dot. Do those 3 lines represent the diagram at the top right? TDC and 5 degree marks? (Sorry for the terrible pic) There is also a line on the other side of the sprocket 180 degrees. Timing is my downfall and I really don't want to mess up an already good running engine. I happen to be in there already and would like to do it then.
  15. '54 Starchief oil pan

    Just thought I'd share a photo of the inside of my pan and filter. Pretty much what I expected. The stank reminds me of differential fluid I did once. Old burnt oil that hangs in your nostrils a day or two! the old stuff of the pan's flange just intensifies it.