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  1. Summershandy

    53 pontiac dash is painted

    Yikes, the dash is welded in? Hmm......thanks for the heads up.
  2. Summershandy

    53 pontiac dash is painted

    Did you paint the dash in place? I was thinking of removing mine to paint. Looks like it would need to be removed if the headliner was replaced. It's kinda tucked behind the dash. When I first got the car, I used steel wool to try to get the rust spots out. I went a little too hard and took down the finish. This summer I tried again with finer wool and compound polish and was surprised on the results. If it wasn't for that spot at the end I messed up, I wouldn't paint it. Thanks for the pics John.....lookin' good as always.
  3. Summershandy

    53 pontiac.. What have I done now ?

    So that's what it's called! I remember starting out to fix my crank seal leak at the front of the engine. The manifold needed to be machined as it was leaking too..... my engine and bay are now newly painted. Not in the plan. I later replaced the oil pan gasket and fixed a couple leaks at the transmission. They too have been painted. Sure nobody's gonna see them....but WE know!
  4. Summershandy

    Trayliner for battery

    I ended up wire wheeling my old tray. Gave it a couple good coats of rust paint. Cleaned up the battery connections real good. Gave them a spray of WD40 on the battery. Everything is holding up good. Got a new battery cuz it must have been the one that came with the car that was causing the grief.
  5. Summershandy

    Door alignment on 53 pontiac

    Same here....not to my liking but everyone else is so busy looking at everything else it's never noticed. Good news John! Mark
  6. Summershandy

    50's pontiac automatic windshield washer system

    Thanks Charles. I'm going to have to take the switch out and inspect. Maybe I can throw a pic on here. I suspect it's already "washer ready" when you speak of a spring assembly especially when there's hose connection there. Should be easier to tell once out. Really hard to focus with it up in the dash. Cheers! Mark
  7. I finally decided to get a windshield washer bottle because I think they look so cool. The holes are there and the seller confirmed fitment. I don't really intend of using it but now I'm curious on the operation. Most importantly the control switch and hook up. My wiper switch has 2 nozzle ports facing up. When I turn the switch on full, you can turn it a little more with a spring like feeling. When released it goes back. Could this be the switch for the washer? Are those ports the washer line? I also noticed I haven't exterior spray nozzles, just plugs. I would have to get them in order to be operational. Anyone else got this system in their mid 50's Pontiac? If these questions are correct, then I'd just need hose and nozzles to get them working.....which is OK with me! Thanks. Mark
  8. Summershandy

    53 Catalina 8 smoking once it's warm

    One time my dash was out and found the fuse under the hood on the firewall had blown. Runs the tail lights too. Hoping it was just old. I think I used Dextron III for my Hydra....check around the site first to make sure! Good Luck! Mark
  9. Summershandy

    Tank is mounted on the 53

    Yes I remember brake lines were through CPR from Inline. I elected to bend my own fuel line for $25 and was quite surprised how well it came out. Oh my how I love chrome!! Did you get your steering wheel done? I had Dennis Crooks a while back quote around $1,000 for a total restore. Decided to buy a $20 cover instead. This winter (which starts around November) I hope to do the headliner/windlace and carpet. It took me longer than anticipated to get it on the road and wanted to enjoy it before the snow started flying again. Anxiously waiting for pics! Mark
  10. Summershandy

    Tank is mounted on the 53

    Hi back John. It's really neat to be able to see pics of another car like mine. I could tell by that exhaust bend over the rear axle it was the same supplier. The shop couldn't tweak the supplied pipe but they made a new one for $25 and that's decent. Did you get those brake lines pre-bent? I did and 2 lines were bent incorrect and too long. I pre-bent them and got an old mechanic to cut and flare. I don't trust my flaring. I've been showing my Star Chief off at the shows and you had said you were jealous.....I'm jealous how good yours looks! Good Job! Mark
  11. Summershandy

    Tank is mounted on the 53

    Mine didn't either....I see you got the unit in so my other post is irrelevant. Of all the things I could get the tank was one I couldn't. Mine was quite holey but they were able to save it. Do I see a rubber block on one side of the tank strap? Mine was the same but I assumed the other had gone missing so I replaced both. Looking awesome John! Did you get your exhaust from Classic? How'd it fit? I had to get the local muffler shop to copy my original. Classic kinda messed up the bends and the 3 foot muffler wasn't fitting right. It fits perfect now.
  12. Summershandy

    New fuel sending unit

    A lot of imagination and luck! It took me a couple tries and when the sending unit flange sat right and the bolts went in, I assumed I got it. I was quite uncomfortable that I did it right so I made sure I heard the float move up and down by flipping the tank upside down. I was more concerned about jamming the float. Something I didn't want to find out after installation and a half tank of gas. It's been working fine so far. Good Luck! If I can do it so can you.....Mark
  13. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Rats! Looks like they're gone already. At least the new ones are close replicas.
  14. Summershandy

    gasket between carb and intake wet

    I did last fall. I actually had it removed several times for other reasons. I never touched the float and I suspect because of the number of times I removed it that gasket could use a change out. I did tighten it down some more. Don't have any intake/exhaust gaskets wet. I'm more concerned on my light stumble from stop. If I hit the pedal just right I can stall it. I'll keep an eye on it. Hope you fix yours...Mark
  15. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Wow, I think the NOS pair look cool! I was debating about them because I'm leaving my original. No aftermarket accessories. Wonder how far back these date? Something to think about.