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  1. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Rats! Looks like they're gone already. At least the new ones are close replicas.
  2. Summershandy

    gasket between carb and intake wet

    I did last fall. I actually had it removed several times for other reasons. I never touched the float and I suspect because of the number of times I removed it that gasket could use a change out. I did tighten it down some more. Don't have any intake/exhaust gaskets wet. I'm more concerned on my light stumble from stop. If I hit the pedal just right I can stall it. I'll keep an eye on it. Hope you fix yours...Mark
  3. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Wow, I think the NOS pair look cool! I was debating about them because I'm leaving my original. No aftermarket accessories. Wonder how far back these date? Something to think about.
  4. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    The orange tinted ones would go good with my hood ornament. Thanks Craig.
  5. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Dang you made that look easy! Thanks brother!
  6. I've noticed a couple times that the gasket between the Carter carb and intake is wet to the touch. I've been having a bit of a hesitation off start and today the engine lightly surged while cruising. I'm still trying to find someone with a timing gun to get that checked out. Could this thick gasket be some of the problem? Couldn't find a whole lot on it.
  7. Summershandy

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Not quite. They looked a like teardrop shape and curved. Mounted on the quarter glass. Not very big.
  8. That's the best I can describe it. I saw an old pontiac that had what looked like a chrome clip on scoop looking thing on his front door quarter glass. I assumed it was to aid with air flow when glass was open. I can't for the life of me find a picture and have tried every keyword I could. This didn't look original. If someone has one or can get me better wording I'd appreciate it. I'm interested. Thanks!
  9. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    No problems! Good Luck and happy restore!
  10. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    I'll take it!! haha
  11. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    The pic is the original that's been disconnected from the engine block and tucked up away under the dash. The aftermarket one is installed where the original one was. Both would have a bulb at the end. I too would thing '53 and '54 would be the same.
  12. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    I boiled a cup of water and dropped the bulb in it with no change from the gauge.
  13. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    So there's a chance that the tubing could be cracked and empty hence failure. I'll look more into it when it's time to remove the dash for painting. I'll live with the aftermarket one for now. Thanks!
  14. Summershandy

    '54 temperature sending unit

    Thanks frasco, sometimes I forget what's in my shop manual. It reads, "if THERMO-GAUGE reads incorrect temperature cause would be defective gauge." That's after testing the bulb end. I was curious on how the mechanical unit works. There wouldn't be mercury in the line? The line is wrapped in a loose coil. Would it just be heat transferred with a coil in the gauge? Now I'm curious again. I'm going to test it since it's been months and throw a pic in here for identification.
  15. Summershandy

    engine temperature and performance

    Nice, I took it out on a cooler day around 72 F. It ran much better and cooler. Maybe it wasn't so hot back in the 50's? haha