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  1. Gas tank strap ideas

    Nice....they also have the support pads AND the strips that goes between the tank and trunk. Thanks!
  2. Gas tank strap ideas

    Thanks for the OEM update Rusty. I'm always curious what was used back then. I've was also thinking old leather belts glued to the metal straps.
  3. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    OK guys I get it....flying, driving, walking, shaving, I meant more on being under 2 tons of metal, by myself trusting only minimal support. I don't use 2 floor jacks but 4. Less odds of failing or getting crushed. If all 4 fail then my bad.
  4. Gas tank strap ideas

    "Hi little fishies!" the guy says from his glass bottom boat....haha Leakseal. I've actually used PlastiDip a few times and still have a spray can in the garage. Thanks for those ideas guys, they really help.
  5. Gas tank strap ideas

    Well, not really the straps themselves per say. I'll be reinstalling my refurbished tank soon and I've already blasted the straps and painted them. They originally were bare metal with just a short thick block of rubber positioned in the middle against the tank. I can replace the blocks (one had been missing anyway) but I'd like to keep the metal against metal from rubbing or rusting more. I've read anywhere from bicycle tubes to fire hose to wrap or sandwich between the straps and tank. My minds a blank. I would think rubber would hold moisture and I certainly don't have fire hose or canvas at the ready. Any one done this or have any suggestions to give me some more ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    I'm with 46 woodie.....chinese, american or where ever the manufacturer is from, I just can't come to grips with trusting anything man made or mechanical. That's just me.
  7. JUST stumbled on Gary's work sir are a beast! Total respect on all the work you've done. Magnificent machine!
  8. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    My 2 cents for my fellow Canadians. I purchased a 3 ton Motomaster floor jack from Canadian tire on sale a couple years ago and couldn't be happier. It's a low profile quick pump, lifts effortlessly and fast! No complaints and I don't know why I waited so long to get one.
  9. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Shoot....forgot about tech. Thanks.
  10. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    I had your same thoughts Spinneyhill until I read up on it. There are exceptions however, but I doubt it applies here: "Often times, non-servo or leading-trailing systems will use interchangeable front and rear brake shoes. The non-servo system can get away with this because it applies the same pressure to the both shoes. Alternately, a self-energizing system may use front and rear shoes that are the same length, but use different types of friction material to modulate the pads' engagement strength for either front or rear applications." It was no bother making the shoes as original.
  11. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Made my primary's tonight. Easy peasy taken from the thread. Good to know.
  12. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Well who woulda thunk? Thanks Frank! That sounds like a great idea and an easy fix.
  13. I've already done my front brakes '54 pontiac and put primary/secondary in their proper place. I'm just doing the rear and noticed that both the new shoes have the same length lining. The original's look like the typical longer/shorter lining. In other words it looks like my new rear shoes are both secondary's. Anyone else had the same concern?
  14. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    As for jack stands, I've always used the type with the lever to release it back down. Been leary of them so I used other supports along with them. This winter I purchased 2 more. Now they are made with pins along with the familiar levers. What did that tell me? Some poor shmuck probably hit the release lever while the car was up. I don't think you can ever be too cautious when you're under a ton of metal.
  15. Steering Gear lubricant change

    CPR parts catalogue shows 1937-54 Pitman shaft seal, standard steering