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  1. Real Steel

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    There are so many things to consider about older daily drivers, that it's hard to cover everything in a format such as this. Let no one ever tell you that cars (or any machines) are unreliable due to age. NO! They become unreliable due to poor maintenance. Anyone who says otherwise, clearly understands nothing about machines. If 'age' was to blame, you would never see vintage airplanes in the air. Lastly, here is a photo of my lowly daily driver. Just a 1930 Model A. I've used many other types of vintage cars as daily drivers (Hudson, Cadillac, Dodge Brothers, and more). Now I need to simplify and economize, and the 'A' accomplishes that very well.
  2. Real Steel

    AAA Confession

    Okay, Freud may be involved a little bit here, but his push was to blame everything on sex. So is Freud affecting AntiqueCraftsman more, or me more?
  3. Real Steel

    AAA Confession

    You have a deeply rooted condition brought about by your medical condition and age. You see yourself as not getting enough help to be rescued from your current health situation. Your reaction is to rescue those helpless sickly cars that don't have someone caring for them. In the back of your mind you're hoping that, after you pass on, society will recognize your vintage car collection and move in to rescue them, thereby fulfilling your last wishes. Is there a cure? First ask, "should this be cured"? Saving old cars is not a bad thing, especially in the eyes of the folks on this forum. The first step towards a cure (if one is needed) is the recognition, or self-awareness if you will, that what I described may well be your inner-most thoughts. When you come to terms with what you're actually thinking and doing, then no further action or 'cure' is needed, because you're now in control of your situation, not the other way around, OR, it's just a case a car-sickness with a double helping of patina. Yeah.
  4. Real Steel

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    What rust? That's personality and history! Leave it alone, it looks great and draws a crowd. Look at that super rare California Top! Do only enough to make it safe, reliable, and comfortable. Restore it? would be lost in an ocean or restored cars. Original driving cars...they're rare baby, rare.
  5. Real Steel

    Bumper with logo "McK"

    McKee Glass Company (headlight glass), circa 1920s/1930s, used 'McK' as their identifier. Although, its hard to see the connection between a glass company and a metal working company.
  6. Real Steel

    Vintage AACA plate topper

    A fantastic piece, I love it! I hope you uncover the history for all of us to enjoy and learn from.
  7. Real Steel

    Wrapping Patina

    Dear Santa, please bring me that patina Packard and I'll be very good.
  8. Real Steel

    Wrapping Patina

    Thanks for posting the Cad ad, its entertaining. You mentioned the value of a patina car can be the same as a restored one...I know this to be true. I HAD to sell my 1925 Dodge Brothers roadster a few years ago, and the patina looked just like my truck in the above photo. It sold for the same price as the restored mid-20s DBs that were on the market around that time. I so much miss that car!
  9. Real Steel

    Wrapping Patina

    Its weird, and wonderful, but mostly weird. I love patina and drive my real patina pickup daily. I don't think I would do one like this Cad though.
  10. Real Steel

    New modified forum at the VFF

    I frequently visit Mitch's Vintage Ford Forum (VFF). The VFF is a darn good site, especially compared to the bombastic 'Ford Barn'. Mitch and other VFF folks are eager to help, and Mitch makes sure that fresh information is always flowing and organized for easy retrieval. Mitch just added this new section (the 'Early Ford Modified') to the larger VFF. This new addition shows how Mitch is constantly upgrading the VFF site and adding new info. Alex
  11. Real Steel

    New modified forum at the VFF

    And what an excellent site it is! Alex
  12. Real Steel

    Ladies, Gals, Girls, Woman, Las, and All...

    I glad there is so much attention to this. Be assured that I have never kissed anyone's boots for the sake of being politically correct. This thread is about being a gentleman; those who don't see that, clearly are not.
  13. Hi EVERYONE. For quite a few years now I've made a sincere and deliberate effort to stop referring to car people as 'guys', 'fellas', etc. Believe it or not, there are other old car people out there too...those of the female persuasion. I have been guilty of neglecting to include them in whatever was going on. I should be more aware. I should speak with 'friends', 'folks', and 'everyone'. Not just 'guys'. My apologies to the good folks out there
  14. Every single one of my toys was packed away for the 'big move'. Moving from Delft Holland to Dearborn Michigan was definitely a 'big move'. I had no toys at all, and there were still several days to go before the airplane ride! It was 1965, and I was just short of six years old. I wasn't very self-aware at the age of six, but people tell me I was having some kind of a 'car-less' melt down. My parents felt compelled to take me to a toy store at the earliest opportunity. I found a toy car alright, a little Corgi fire chief car . It was a 1959 Chevy 4-door in red, white, and chrome. It had a blue bubble gum machine on top, and fire chief decals on the doors. I clung to it throughout the 'big move'. That little car saved me, and my parents too I think. I still have it today (somewhere). Below is a photo of one just like it. A car guy, yeah that's me, since my melt down in 1965.
  15. Real Steel

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Three response pages of help. Way to go AACA folks!