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  1. Real Steel

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    Lindy memorabilia was huge in 1927. Here is one of my favorite radiator toppers...
  2. Real Steel

    1930 Ford Backfiring

    Its been many years since I've heard someone use the terms "backfire" and "after-fire" correctly.
  3. Real Steel

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    So much talk of Consumer Reports. Is this the same CR that only a few weeks ago excluded the Tesla Model 3 from their 'Recommended List', only to now include that car on the list only a few days ago? A lot of mind changing, or money changing, or who knows what. Faith in CR...are you kidding?
  4. Real Steel

    What vehicle was this???

  5. Real Steel

    1930 Ford Backfiring

    I have a '30 Ford 'A' also. I like the folks here on the AACA forum and they have helped me several times...and I can see that some folks have chimed in already to help you. I've also received help here
  6. Real Steel

    What vehicle was this???

    There may be just enough of the car-cuss left to get a DNA sample...
  7. Real Steel

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    John- My work was for a Fiat biomedical division (Sorin Biomedica), not an automotive division. Don't forget that in Italy, Fiat owns everything, not just the car business. I can say this, "Engineering discipline" is a term they never heard of. Also, if you're in the USA working for Fiat, they're extracting revenge for WW2 as much as possible.
  8. Real Steel

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    That's 'sort of' a relief, I guess. Poor Walter, they're killing him softly... I worked for a Fiat division for several years (Sorin Biomedica, USA). Yuck! How does Fiat stay in business!?
  9. Real Steel

    What Components Were Used In This Toy Speedster?

    It says "Wasp" on the hood. Would that be the famous Marmon Wasp, winner of the first Indy 500 in 1911? I hate that wait, I mean that's one lucky kid!
  10. This is not a rant. A rant is when I throw things, and that would break my computer. So this is just a friendly 'venting'. How many times have you clicked on a very short or obscure title only to find it's nothing you wish to look at? Why are so many subject titles short or obscure? This forum is free after all; a few more words would cost nothing. Yet titles such as: "Question", "Ford", "Value", "1930" are all too common on forums. Maybe some folks are deliberate in their obscurity so that more people will click on the post? I don't know, that seems like faulty thinking and a massive waste of peoples time. To make things worse, short and obscure titles make it difficult to do a search here. Effectively, when a search can't be done, the knowledge is lost...which is a further waste of peoples time. I'm now combating this by no longer clicking on short or obscure titles. There, that's better, I feel vented now
  11. The Duster is an all original very straight car that looks like it was in storage for a long time. It's on the trailer because it MUST be in order to move. A long long way from a trailer queen. Looks darn good in the photo above, but it was a fair 20 footer. It was for sale at 6K.
  12. The bike is a homemade, highly customized, heavy patina, Schwinn-based bike with a Whizzer style motor. Age and owner are unknown at this time. My contribution is the black 1930 Ford pickup parked next to the orange Duster on the trailer.. The Ford is my daily driver (okay, well, it's trying to be).
  13. Real Steel

    Memorial Day weekend

  14. The Donut Shop Car Show, Huntington Beach, California. Hosted by Donut Derelicts. Every Saturday. Starts at sunrise. Ends an hour or two later.No vendors, no fees, no sign ups, no trophies.Here are some photos from this morning...