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  1. Thank you for this suggestion. I very much like the look of my wheels now, as does my wife so it is good to know there are options for getting closer to authenticity.
  2. This is quite interesting I will take a photo of one of mine when I get it off to see how it compares.
  3. Thank you Ed I'll have a look to see if I can find that thread. Meanwhile, the covers I do have are quite easy on the eyes.
  4. Thank you for this information. I think I know what I will be doing this Saturday!
  5. Thank you Randall - I must be on the lookout for a set of the stock ones, even though I prefer the look of the 63 covers.
  6. I have three questions about wheel covers. Firstly, for cleaning etc. can these wheel covers be removed the same as normal hubcaps or is there something else I need to do. I figure risking asking a dumb question is better than causing damage. Secondly, I am unable to locate the original wheel covers that came with the car when it was imported into Australia. A previous owner has been trying to assist with this but no luck so far. I am not sure exactly what I am looking for if I should try to find replacements. Lastly, were the Rally wheels a factory option in 1965? Thank you
  7. True - this one I must have viewed a dozen times or more while searching fro a real 65 for my garage. Great story too.
  8. I remember in the 1970s everyone was buying their parts. This was in my US Army days and the days of my 64 Impala SS and 68 Firebird covertible... Oh the cars that have come and gone.
  9. Thank you Ed I knew of this website, having been researching the 1st Gen Rivs for a long time, but I had not thought to look there now. I'll just delete Fram from the list. NB I am from the US originally and I seem to recall that Fram has been around for a very long time, surprising they would make cheap and nasty filters.
  10. Thank you 48Super - this is a great help.
  11. My apologies for posting so much, but I am still getting my head around this car. The car has only put on around 1000 miles in the past two years, but given the last oil and lube was 12 months ago I figure I should have it done again soon. The heading is self-explanatory I suppose, and I am wondering if these parts are available anywhere in Australia or whether I need to order them from the US of A. Any details will be a help. Cheers
  12. Thank you for the lead on these - it is very cool
  13. Thanks Schmiddy! Meanwhile I have decided not to attempt to make a center console myself covered with vinyl from Clark Corvair. The shipping charges are considerably more than the cost of the material, so I have decided just to leave it as it is.