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  1. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    1939 Buick roadmaster 80 parts

    Bill: Have you attempted to contact Mr. Glenn Cecchine. His email address is Email Glenn and tell him the year and make of Buick you have and he will email you a complete list of both new and used parts available. Lawrence J. Ten Pas BCA #23250
  2. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    39 40 series radio delete plate

    Try to contact Mr. Dave Tachney in Minn. at 763.427.3460. He has a lot of pre-war Buick parts and accessories. He has been a member of the Buick Club of America longer than myself. Lawrence J Ten Pas BCA #23250 PS: I will start digging in my 1939 Buick parts collection for 30 years to check also.
  3. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    Coffee cup holder for pre-war Buicks

    The best after market setup is with Classic Consoles ( They have different colors to match your bench seat. I have one installed in my 1951 Buick Super Riviera HT. It is great for driving to shows and allows my arm a resting place. They come complete with cup holders, arm rest, and storage. I have had numerous hobbyist come and ask where I purchased mine at every car show and event.
  4. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    Want to Purchase 37 or 38 Buick Century/Special

    I would join your local Buick club chapter and/or contact them ( and see if any of their members have any of these years/models for sale. Usually, a hobbyist would like to see their car(s) get a good 'home' or a future restoration that they could not or did not do over the years of ownership.
  5. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    Contact Egge Machine company at 800-866-3443 or visit their website. This is where anyone can obtain Pre-War engine parts for your straight 8 motor.
  6. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    WTB 1939 Buick Special Gearbox

    Any luck finding your part for the manual transmission on the 1939 Buick?
  7. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    1950 Buick Super Jetback

    I am looking for a 1950 Buick Super Jetback with dynaflow for sale in driver condition. Thank you.
  8. Lawrence J Ten Pas

    Wanted 1951-52 Buick Hood Ornament Driver Condition

    The complete buick bombsight hood ornament, not the hood emblem.
  9. I am looking for a 1951-52 Buick hood ornament in driver condition.