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  1. I have an option to buy Buick Riviera 81' with Oldsmobile V8 307 cu in (5.0 L). Seems reasonable choice, durable, right?
  2. Thanks. The problem is I don't have much of a choice here in Poland. Have to take what's available. Funny thing that you've mentioned bumpers because I've just found one which has them devastated. I hope it's not a problem to find an replacement parts for this car.
  3. Good morning every body! I just wanted to ask you about Buick Riviera 79 -85 reliability. Are you bold enough to take a really long trips with those cars provided they are well kept and in good shape? I'm thinking about buying one but I want to use it as everyday every purpose car - not a Sunday church driving. Bartek.
  4. Hi! Where can I find a decent comparison between Rivieras and Eldorados from 79' - 85' with pictures. I would like to compare interior design and equipment. Thanks in advance. Bartek