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  1. Had to make up some new floor/toe boards as the existing ones were disintegrating. with the fittings attached fitted to the car
  2. RichBad

    Fast four air cleaner/ spark arrestor

    Thanks Bob, by upright that’s the second photo?
  3. Hi, Silly question (in the scheme of things) but does anyone know the correct orientation of the air filter? I’ve seen both below examples in photos of others - I want to get it right so I can make/position the throttle rod correctly. Filter opening rearwards - seems to look correct like this but not sure if the filtering action (from the swirl) would work correctly? Filter opening facing down - not so neat but the ‘swirl’ should work better allowing any debris to fall out of the bottom?
  4. Lifting the body on. Thought it would be quite hard and need a few people but I was able to do it on my one with an engine hoist - just had to remove the steering wheel/shaft and rear light and it was quite easy. Mounting holes in the body needed a bit of adjustment - nothing major but really to get the body lined up better than it was.
  5. I put all the progress on the build in a seperate post -
  6. Rebuilding the brake light switch, thanks to Bob for the parts which I was able to remake a good working switch. Disassembled switch - needs a good clean! after re-plating and making some new insulating gaskets and bushes. Refitted contacts - used some epoxy to pot the terminals in place so they don’t come loose in the future. Re assembled the plunger with a new operating bush. Finished assembly Finished switch fitted to the car
  7. Thanks! Tell me about it. I didn’t think it would be possible as the threaded fittings were hex rivnut inserts. Managed to re use a couple but then resorted to converting to studs and nuts which was easier and will probably last longer. Anyway, if anyone gets stuck with a broken one, they can be fixed and it’s not that hard - even I could do it!
  8. More plating. Made some exhaust brackets and clamps and had them plated so I can get the exhaust system back on properly. Not sure if the brackets are correct but did my best from various pictures I could find. Still need to make the exhaust tail piece. I attached the front and rear muffler mounts to the chassis with some rubber - not sure if it’s needed but may quieten and stop any cracking from flexing in the chassis. Rear mount just needs a pipe to go through it. Fitted chassis welt ready to fit the body - pre cut holes for the body bolts and glued to the chassis so it doesn’t move when fitting the body.
  9. Thanks to bob for the parts, have done some repairs and made a good one from the parts. Bob, I managed to make some replacement parts for the internals and make two more working ones so will send them back to you when finished. Anyone would think you’d had a flood Bob Making some replacement parts Finished assembly One extra - used a slightly non standard method to fix so has studs for the wire connectors rather than screws.
  10. Thanks Bob - good to know nothings missing. Perhaps they were a tooling hole for holding position during manufacturing.
  11. Any idea what these two holes are for? I thought perhaps there was a strip attached over the top of the fuel pipe to stop it rubbing on the body?
  12. Thanks Bob, I couldn’t have done it without your help! I think the chassis would have kept me going for another year! It looks great and more importantly starts and runs very smoothly and the quick drive I did was very smooth. The clutch is super smooth and very easy- your instructions worked a treat! It almost feels too easy! Next step to get the body done although I think I’ll put it back on in its current state to do some driving over summer and start work on it in the winter as I think it needs a bit of work.
  13. Made up some new exhaust brackets to fit the new muffler, filed it with petrol and took it for a spin (we’ll just drove up our street).
  14. Fuel tank ready for fitting, thanks to Matt for the great paint job! All the fittings and gauge ready to refit. Ready for some petrol now:)