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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend the best option for finishing wooden spoked wheels? I’ve completely stripped my wheels and powder coated the hubs and rims. I wanted to finish the spokes in their natural colour and want something that is tough and will last! Something that can fill the grain would be ideal as a few of the grains have ‘opened’ slightly. Looking around the web there seem to be recommendations for and against almost everything therefore I’m looking for what people have tried and tested (with good results)! thanks!
  2. Modern seals for the rear diff with machines adaptors to fit them to the existing felt retainers.
  3. 4 cylinder engine paint

    Thanks! 1927 series 129. Not having a drain hole sounds like fun!
  4. 4 cylinder engine paint

    OK, I decided to go for it and get my sump hot dip Galvanized and it came up pretty good and was easier than I thought it would be. I first removed the inner oil tray that was riveted in as it wasn’t plated originally and I didn’t want it to distort (also needed it out to clean out the sludge). The front flange, rear flange/inserts, the rear drain pipe and drain plug insert were all soldered however, after removing all the solder only the rear drain tube could be removed. The drain plug insert was swaged in (after galvanising) with solder to seal. The front flange looks like it was spot welded (probably before plating) with the solder to seal/fill the gaps. The rear flanges looked like they were also spot welded but possibly after the plating (as they didn’t look like they were plated originally). I was planning on re-sealing the flanges with solder but the galvanising seems to have filled/sealed the joints very well. front flange rear flange/insert
  5. Sumpback from Galvanisers, came up pretty good. Had to remove the inner oil tray and drain tube from the rear (they were not plated originally) otherwise it was easier than expected!
  6. Thanks! Mine is a tourer and the door handles are quite different.
  7. Thanks - I think the frame may be quite similar. Do you have any photos around the front cross member showing where it meets with the main frame? Thanks
  8. That's a big screen - what's the purpose of the metal shield around the outside of the screen - does it help stop oil surge?
  9. Another weekend with the grinder - we’ll and truly had enough of metal filings! Pretty much cleaned out all the previous ‘repairs’ now. Should be a lot lighter! Front engine mounts also had some bad repairs so removed them from the cross member to fix up. There was a lot of weld to cut out! Rear engine mounts had also been caught up in previous weld repairs so removed them too. The frame was bent up and inwards from just behind the rear mounts so have to straighten that too (assuming the rails should be straight along the length). Ready so start fixing pieces back in place - need to get some dimensions first before I start welding - help!
  10. Had a couple of questions before I start putting the front end back together. 1. Is the chassis outer face a straight line from front to rear spring mount? 2. Should the chassis top edge be straight from the rear cross member to the steering box front mount holes? 3. Where the front chassis top edge starts to angle up (from just in front of steering box) is it a straight line to the front cross member? thanks!
  11. Shackles all finished. Rebored and bushed to take out the wear, zinc plated and painted. Thanks to Bob B for the parts, they look a bit different now:)
  12. Yes, it works quite well but the bit I’ve been having difficulty with is holding tight from the other side whilst using the air hammer.
  13. Had enough of grinding so thought I’d move to something constructive and repaired the rear spare wheel mounts and re attached to the chassis. First attempt at riveting, not as easy as I thought but getting better the more I do.
  14. Carb rebuild instructions

    This may help with details of the carb
  15. Carb rebuild instructions

    Agree with the others, does sound like fuel shortage. Could be supply to the carb or carb its self. Supply to the carb can be checked quite easily (either by disconnecting at carb or by using a separate tank temporarily). For the carb, check the fuel float needle is moving correctly (should be down when the float bowl is full and then move up as the level drops, it could be sticking). It could also be running too rich -OK for starting but then fouls the plugs and takes time to 'dry out' before it will re-start. Less likely though and I don't think these engines are too fussy about running rich. Are you using the choke at all? The butterfly valve at the top is the throttle valve so sounds like you have your linkage correct. The lever at the bottom is for the fuel mixture (effectively the choke).