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  1. Dodge fast four starter

    That's perfect, many thanks Bob!
  2. 1927/28 Series 128 129 Parts list book ?

    Hi Dave, There's not a lot at the front - just an index and the effective from serial number - then the truck detail at the back. photos below as I don't have a scanner - hopefully you can see what you need. Let me know if you need better detail. dont suppose you have a north east electrical manual showing details of the starter motor do you? Cheers, richard
  3. 4 cylinder engine paint

    I was thinking of that as a backup but it was definitely galvanized originally - it's clear to see on the inside of the sump - large blotches and it's also quite a thick coating.
  4. 1927/28 Series 128 129 Parts list book ?

    I have, what do you need? The sections are 1/2 ton chassis parts and 1/2 ton panel body (model 770). It only has parts and part numbers - no pictures/drawings
  5. Hi, Im rebuilding my starter and it has quite a lot of play (front to rear) and I'm thinking there could be a spacer or bush missing. Does anyone have an exploded view/ drawing of the motor showing the correct parts? thanks!
  6. 4 cylinder engine paint

    I pulled the oil tray out of my sump today as there was so much sludge I wanted to ensure it was all cleaned out. I gave a galvanizer a call and he said aside from the solder, the high temperatures could distort the pan. I assume that as it was galvanised originally this should be unlikely but wanted to check with anyone who has done it. Has anyone had theirs re galvanized and did it work out OK?
  7. Thanks Bob - they sure do twist easily! I'll keep on cleaning up all the previous 'repairs' and wait to hear from you. Hopefully you are busy in a good way$!
  8. Started at the back and working my way forward - I think this car has had a few stacks in its life. Rear end mostly sorted. Now fixing up just behind the engine mounts. Someone did a rubbish repair at some stage - have pulled of their patches and now need to clean up. is this a weak point in the car? It looks like both chassis rails had cracked just behind the rear engine mount but from the top and not all the way down. Will clean it up and see what it looks like. Then on to the front end which is much worse:(
  9. Hi, When I got my tourer there was no gas gauge and the hole in the tank was just taped up. I got hold of a used gauge and bezel but when I went to fit it fell through the hole as the mounting flange had mostly rusted away. I fixed up the flange with some jb weld but when I tighten up the bezel the gauge twists around. I'm now on attempt 2 and have made a flange with some slots for the gauge to locate into and have soldered this in to the neck of the mount. It seems to work fine but before I finish I wanted to double check if this is what they looked like originally (photo below). Also, should there be a small hole in the bottom of the gauge to allow fuel to drain away from the face? cheers, Richard
  10. Thanks Bob, I've been trying not to trouble you with everything you must have on your plate!
  11. Hi, Does anyone have some drawings/measurements and photos of a 1927/1928 Dodge Brothers Series 128/129 chassis/frame? Mine has some front end damage which has been repaired (badly) and I'm trying to figure out how bad it is so I can determine how best to repair. many thanks, Richard
  12. 4 cylinder engine paint

    Thanks for the reply. The oil tray on my sump is secured in place with rivets so I don't think there will be a problem getting it back in the correct position if I do remove it ( which I may do anyway just to clean it properly). However, if the galvanising removes the solder the front and rear sections of the sump (crankshaft area) appear to be fabricated seperately and soldered together so presumably they would have been done after galvanising? I wanted to keep it original (just because I'm stubborn). Has anyone had one galvanized? i could try zinc electroplating (as that would work on the solder and galvanising is zinc anyway) but not sure how it would look. Could someone share a photo of an original galvanized sump please? thanks!
  13. 1920s Dodge Brothers parts finish

    Thanks Ron!
  14. Hi, I'm trying to find what the correct finish should be in a few parts of my 1928 Dodge tourer that I'm mid way through restoring. Does anyone know how the North East generator and starter motor bodies were finished - were they painted (presumably black) or where they played (nickel)? Also, the front housing of the starter, was it just a raw casting or would it have had a finish? Many thanks, Richard
  15. 4 cylinder engine paint

    Has anyone out their had their sump re-galvanized? I wanted to get mine redone but it looks like their are parts of the sump that are soldered and wasn't sure if they could be replated