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  1. Yes, I've always planned on joining and yet I always get caught up in something else that distracts me. I think once Turkey Day is over and done with I might be able to find some time and join.
  2. That first pic is by far my favorite. Gotta thank the girlfriend for taking these shots.
  3. So there are no replacements for these kinds of parts? I've always considered making reproduction parts but never put much effort into it because didn't think it would be lucrative enough.
  4. Hagerty.com Riviera articles

    9.x MPG here on average.
  5. How easy is it to even get to the clock to remove it (1st Gen cars)? Does the entire dash have to be disassembled? What kind of prices have you gotten for converting it to quartz?
  6. Trying to figure out if this would fit the '64 Riv: https://www.kanter.com/productdetail.aspx?DeptNo=1600&MakeName=Buick&MakeYear=1964&CategoryID=73&ProductCode=329&Router=Gallery Part # 02769J SK 13137B for 1964-1965 Buick full-size Part # 02774J SK 13155A for 1964-195 Buick Special/Skylark Is the Riv considered full-size or special? Not sure which one to order. I'm also not sure if they come in pairs (the description says "Each" but the picture shows two, so I will probably have to call them to clarify) Does $95 sound like a decent price or should I be trying any other sites?
  7. Well "lucky" me. It wasn't the oilpan that hit after all. The structural cross member in front of the oil pan was what hit. Trying to assess the damage now. I think I'm going to end up wishing it was the oilpan.
  8. Am I seeing this correctly... They want you to jack the car from the bumper?? What if you have a floor jack? Do we have the car up on the pinch welds like you do a modern car? Any info would be appreciated since I'm actually outside now trying to assess how much damage my oilpan got from the hit the previous week.
  9. Robo Riviaro

    Some of the proportions of the sketches look off, but I like the ideas behind it and I can appreciate the amount of work that went into it so far (even though it's not even close to being done). It's also very telling of how much work goes into designing, engineering and ultimately building something as complicated as a car. Some folks see a sketch and think it's half done. This also just makes me wish even more that Buick brings back the Riviera name in a vehicle worthy of the heritage. A Camaro/ATS-based 2 door coupe would be sweet.
  10. I don't think this is that low
  11. Wow, I leave for a few days and it seems as though all hell breaks loose in here! Wasn't trying to start WW3. Quite honestly I don't care if anyone likes the "restomod" look of my car, because I absolutely love it the way it is. But I can also appreciate the stock look as well of course since that's how the car was originally made. And as with most of my purchases, I won't settle for "stock". Black River, when I get home I'll have to get the tape measure out and see how much lower mine is from stock. I don't think mine is lower than yours, but I don't have a frame of reference to compare it to. How high is it from the ground to the top of the front wheel well on your car versus a stock Riv? And as I mentioned before, this (I hope) is a random fluke, but because some of the roads around here (its a beach area) are not the best, i rather be safe than sorry. I know a skid plate would actually make ground clearance worse, but if I rather scrape up a skid plate than bash up the oil pan.
  12. Manhole was about 1/2" or more higher than the oil pan. Car is not that low, but holy crap was that a hard hit. It wasnt just the manhole cover. The road bowed up in that region and the manhole cover was at the very middle so you wouldn't think much of it, but because the car is so wide but the road narrow, it clearly didnt make it. I actually think a lot of cars would hit on that road as well. The oil pan on the Riv looks like steel which is probably the only reason is survived. Modern cars typically have aluminum ones and it would have been ripped clean off. I was actually driving it earlier today and the steering is definitely off now. It's pulling to the right, which is something it was definitely not doing before. Roads in beach towns tend to not be the best, so a skidplate for some added safety seems like a good investment.
  13. This is probably a non issue for original cars, but my '64 is lowered and I smacked into a raised manhole earlier today. It was one of those hits where you feel it in your bones. It dented the oil pan and I hope that's it. It didn't look like it was leaking. It's too dark to check on the damage tonight, but I'm thinking maybe I should be installing a skid plate just for safety. Any of you folks know anything about this?
  14. That was a fun read, but start it at page 1. The link goes to one of the last pages.
  15. That's almost $41,000 in today's money.