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  1. J.H.Boland

    1912 Renault Limo at auction

    Maybe if they advertised it as "just like the one Titanic stars Jack and Rose made out in " ! (Tongue planted firmly in cheek).
  2. J.H.Boland

    Crop touring

    Hi jrbartlett These are round hay bales, wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh for the cows until required. The farm is a large (by Ontario standards) dairy operation and when the barn and silos are already full, they resort to this .Lots of city folk know little about farming.I once had a fellow out for a visit that asked where the potato trees were ! Jim
  3. J.H.Boland

    Crop touring

    More likely to pop the rear tubes !
  4. J.H.Boland

    Crop touring

    And a front end loader to hold it over the fire !
  5. J.H.Boland

    Crop touring

    Looked out the front window this morning to see that my neighbor has a bountiful crop of marshmallows this year. I drove the '21 Chevy over for a closer look. Jim
  6. J.H.Boland

    Anyone need a small restoration project?

    But geez Greg,look inside .It would be like a double decker version of "Storage Wars" !
  7. J.H.Boland

    Anyone need a small restoration project?

    We have some railway underpasses that would "chop" it in no time !
  8. J.H.Boland

    1938 McLaughlin Buick Special

    Unless you did virtually all the work yourself,you couldn't restore a car like that for $35,000 CDN. 1938 was one of the nicest looking prewar Buicks and this one appears to be well restored. It should be able to keep up with all 50MPH traffic,but might have to breathe heavy on the freeway without an overdrive unit and/or a different rear axle ratio. As for an investment, that's a topic that has had a lot of discussion on this forum.Few of us in this hobby make a lot of money buying and flipping cars (figuratively speaking !). We buy them because we like them. We buy them because they're fun to drive and show. We buy them for their historical significance.You would likely wait many years to make a big dollar on this "investment", but you could have years of enjoyment with it and meet a lot of great people along the way. You will need a good dry inside place to keep it and it will require a little more maintenance than a modern car. Jim
  9. J.H.Boland

    1929 Buick battery

    What model is your coupe ? The model number is on a plate on the firewall.It's likely a 11626 or 11646. The color is the same as my 12141 Close Coupled Sedan ,Boise Green. Very handsome car. Those starters are tough.I bought a complete drive train for a '29 Master (309 cu.in.) that had been sitting under a pine tree long enough to rot the body down.I hooked up a battery,pushed the starter button,and it turned right over. Jim
  10. J.H.Boland

    1929 Buick battery

    Here'e the wiring diagram.Something may have tripped the circuit limit relay.As I recall (I haven't been under the dash for a while),the limiter can be reset with your foot while driving.It's located on the firewall and functions like a circuit breaker. Jim
  11. J.H.Boland

    1925 Buick Std.rear axle leak

    This stuff is a bit light. Some of my old manuals say to use steam cylinder oil "or equivalent". SAE250 sounds like a good "equivalent".
  12. J.H.Boland

    1925 Buick Std.rear axle leak

    Thanks raydurr.I would like to think you're right.It hasn't been parked on an angle but the day was hot.I'll check the diff oil level. Jim
  13. J.H.Boland

    1925 Buick Std.rear axle leak

    Returning from a car show, I discovered a pool of gear oil beside the right rear wheel.It's coming from a spout near the bottom of the axle housing (see photo) .Does this indicate a leaking seal ? I've stuffed paper towel in it for now. Anyone know what seals are used (felt?). Jim
  14. My wife and I trailered the '25 4 passenger coupe to a small town car show sponsored by the Lions Club.There were about 125 cars there,mostly hot rods,restomods,and performance cars.The '25 got a lot of attention, so much so that when the trophies were handed out,the old girl won "Fan Favourite". It does my heart good to see that what fans really appreciate seeing are the oldies, unmolested and as built. This was the '25's first public showing in at least 35 years. Jim
  15. Had the '25 for it's longest run yet.We stopped at our church for the Monday morning coffee hour.The pastor snapped this photo of two old geezers under the canopy.I know the thread says weekend drives,but I'm retired so my weekend stretches to seven days ! Jim