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  1. National Cast Gas Pedal

    I've had one of those pedals hanging on the wall for years.Always assumed it was a universal accessory and mounted it on my '25 Buick. Jim
  2. Help Needed-Vintage Auto Headlights

    The first lamp dates from the late teens or early twenties.The clamps attach it to the windshield post on a touring or roadster.The second drum type one dates from the mid twenties and was usually referred to as a ditch light.It was mounted on the front bumper bracket to detect critters about to cross the road in front of you. I know of one fellow who uses a pair of these for front turn signals. Jim
  3. Much of the restoration on my '21 Chevy was done in a single car garage.Parts already painted were carried out on the front lawn while the multiple lacquer coats were applied in the garage.
  4. My first frame off project car was a 1921 Chevrolet.I wanted something other than a Ford.Everyone was driving Model T and A Fords.A friend advised me of a '21 Chevy pickup which had been cut down from a touring.It had been in dry storage since 1931.After dickering on it for 4 years, I finally bought it for 600 borrowed dollars.It took seven years to find or make needed parts,and my net investment on completion (not including my own time) was about $5500. I bought it in 1972 as pictured.It still shows well today,except for the multiple coats of lacquer paint cracking a bit on the fenders. That's called "patina". Jim
  5. So whats under the hood?

    Another super clean engine compartment,a 1934 Packard V12. (Not mine.I wish !)
  6. Late 40s touring car?

    It would depend on which Buick you are are considering, a Super or a Roadmaster. Jim
  7. Knee Action Shock Absorber Fluid

    Hydraulic jack oil is what most guys use. Mobile 10 or 20 grade is readily available.One guy on a Packard forum said that his shocks were leaking slightly so he wrapped string tightly around the shaft at the housing,sort of as a makeshift seal.He claims it is still working. Jim
  8. MAN ! I could sure use that to level out my lawn ! Dang near rattle my fillings out every spring. Jim
  9. There are no dealer markings on the print.It was displayed at London Motor Products Ltd ,a Buick/Cadillac dealer since WW1. There were a couple of other pieces. A Buick history poster from 1903 to 1963 and a Reatta print were also saved.Sorry to take so long responding to your question.I just found it. Jim
  10. WTB 1920's Era Detroit, Milburn or Rauch & Lang

    There will be a Milburn Electric auctioned off in Saskatchewan in August by Mack Auction company.The car looks more rejuvenated than restored but complete. I don't know how to post a link but Google Mack Auctions,Saskatchewan,and you should be able to find it. Jim
  11. caballero wagon

    Caballero is Spanish for "gentleman" or "horseman" in the southwest. GMC borrowed the name for the 1978-87 GMC version of the El Camino,also. A former girlfriend called mine the "country Cadillac".
  12. 1947 Buick Sedanette

    I'm posting this for a friend who doesn't have a computer. 1947 Buick Super Sedanette ,totally original unrestored car.Excellent body and frame,248 engine and stick shift .Engine has bad rod.Comes with parts car with good engine and many NOS parts. Too many projects to ever see restored. Asking $8000 USD. Car is located near London,Ontario.No photos presently available due to tight storage.Phone 519-434-6655 evenings.Thank you.
  13. 1935 McLaughlin-Buick 40

    This basket case 1935 McLaughlin-Buick model 4491 is for sale on Kijiji near Timmins, Ontario. There were only 595 Series 40 McLaughlin-Buicks built in all body styles.Price is not listed. It would be a shame to see it picked up for a restomod or worse. Kijiji Ontario ad Id is 1331213271. Not mine.Just FYI. Jim
  14. Bias Ply versus Radial

    I replaced the very old,hard,cracked Coker bias plys on my original '40 Packard coupe with Coker radials last year and so far am very impressed.The Packard rides and stops well anyway,but the steering stability ,ride and handling are noticeably improved. Six months after fitting these,the Diamondbacks became available. I hope I don't set off anyone's anxiety triggers by mentioning a Packard on a Buick forum.I do have three Buicks to one Packard. Jim
  15. Heirloom Tools

    In addition to what Mick observes, the handles are curved left or right when looking at the axes straight on. Jim