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  1. J.H.Boland

    Remembering our Veterans

    This was my dad in 1946.He was a flight-sergeant in the RAF, serving as a mid-upper gunner on a Lancaster bomber. Came home with a DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal).
  2. J.H.Boland


    Found this photo of my dad with his 1930 Buick taken in 1946. He didn't keep it long.Couldn't afford the fuel and oil expenses !
  3. J.H.Boland


    Hope that big Ford pickup never lost sight of him !
  4. I use show signs with my cars. Saves answering a lot of questions, not that I mind when someone shows a real interest. Also occasionally use props ,like a (airsoft) tommy gun and fedora hat with my '29 McLaughlin-Buick.
  5. J.H.Boland

    Early REO Emblem

    Drago made (makes ?) flag license toppers for just about every country there is. This Canada flag dates from 1922 to 1956.The lady torso on the harp still has breasts.After 1956,she had a mastectomy. Prime Minister Diefenbaker thought a topless lady had no place on the flag,apparently.
  6. My bad. My eyes seem to focus better after my first cup of java ! The engine photo clearly shows 8 plug wires. Jim
  7. The '40 Packard would be a 110 if it's a six cylinder.(which it is). It would make a great companion to my 110 coupe, but with our Canadian dollar running at about 76 cents US it would be a bit extravagant for my budget.It would be interesting to see what it sells for.
  8. J.H.Boland

    Free is good, right?

    It would make an awesome Halloween prop ,moss and all. Just add goblins.
  9. J.H.Boland

    Autumn Buicks

    Took the '25 for a little foliage run this morning.
  10. J.H.Boland

    Show me your Foliage!

    It'll soon be time to put them to bed for another season. Had the '25 Buick for a little foliage run this morning.
  11. J.H.Boland

    1948 Pontiac Streamliner 8

    With a little elbow grease it should look like this one out touring with us today (Oct.21). Good luck but don't give up on that awesome '33. Jim
  12. J.H.Boland

    1936 REO Flying Cloud

    Your Reo looks a little better than a friend's did when he found it upside down in a gravel pit.He had to fabricate a new roof for it. This is the end result of years of painstaking restoration.
  13. J.H.Boland

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    You have it !
  14. Nothing quite as exotic as a revolver (I wish),but when we loaded up my "21 Chevy after 41 years of storage and started down the bumpy gravel road,I was horrified to see stuff falling off and bouncing down the road. Turns out the car was full of old walnut shells deposited over many years. There was even one wedged between the flywheel and belly pan. I bent a crank trying to get the engine unstuck, only to find that the walnut was the problem.
  15. J.H.Boland

    Who Doesn't Like Photos