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  1. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    She obviously wanted a Buick.
  2. 1919 Buick Roadster

    There is a 1919 McLaughlin-Buick roadster for sale here in Ontario,Canada.It underwent a concourse restoration 10 years ago and is still winning awards.Only $48000 CDN ! See on Kijiji Ontario. Jim
  3. Winter storage

    You didn't mention what "Ruby" is. For my closed cars,I use a car dehumidifier to absorb moisture inside.There are several on the market.The one I like best is the Zarpax,made in the Netherlands (another moist country). It looks like a 6" by 3" bean bag with a round patch in the center.When dry,the patch is blue,and when full of moisture the patch turns pink.Five minutes in a microwave and it's ready to use again.It has made a noticeable difference in keeping out that musty smell old cars can develop.I usually have to dry them out about 3 or 4 times a year. Not quite as useful if you don't inspect the car for 4 months. Jim
  4. Brighter headlights on our old machines

    The rear turn signal lights that I added to my '25 Buick are NOS trailer lights that match the lone tail light perfectly.Tinfoil tart cups were added as reflectors and help a lot. I had a toggle switch/indicator bar that I mounted under the dash to activate them.An original accessory stop lamp (lights up green !) completes the package.I'm presently looking for a good pair of 1925=26-27 Buick cowl lamps to use for front turn signals. I like the stop lamp bar as well. Jim
  5. ASC Tour - LED Brake Light Bar

    I added rear turn signals and an original accessory stop lamp to my '25 Buick.The turn signals are NOS trailer lights that match the lone tail light perfectly.Also installed tinfoil tart cups for reflectors.I have toggle switches and light bar mounted under the dash to activate the turn signals. I'm presently looking for a pair of 1925-26-27 Buick cowl lamps to use for front turn signals. The stop lamp lights up green (!) and gets your attention. The brake light bar is also a great idea. Jim
  6. This 48 X 34 inch print (?) hung in a back hallway of the dealership where I worked for many years. After the dealership changed hands, the cleaning guy found it in the dumpster along with a couple of other advertising pieces and gave them to me. I assume it dates from 1938,as the same portrait appears on some 1938 Pontiac sales brochures. Has anyone on here seen one like it ? (It's not presently for sale). Jim
  7. Buick Reatta dealer print

    This board mounted Reatta poster hung in the dealership where I worked for years.The new car manager gave it to me when they were through with it.It's not presently for sale but are there many of these out there ? It measures about 34 X 24 inches. Jim
  8. This 48 X 34 inch print of the warrior Pontiac hung in the dealership where I worked for years. It likely dates from 1938 when the same picture was on some of the Pontiac sales brochures. The cleaning guy found it in the dumpster after the dealership changed hands and thought I should have it,fortunately. It's not presently for sale but I was just wondering how many have survived. Jim
  9. Museums where you can drive classics?

    Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan has early Ford cars ,trucks,and buses running around their beautiful (and large) site most of the year.During the Old Car Festival in September all participants can drive their vehicle freely around the grounds.There are even vintage cops directing traffic.I don't think they offer driving lessons though.
  10. Tractors

    I guess I got my collector's gene from my dad.He had a number of John Deeres,including his first tractor,a 1939 John Deere AR.We restored it and put steel wheels back under it.We sold dad's machinery, except for his last tractor,a John Deere 2550,purchased new in 1986.(It should qualify in "Archival" class) ! I keep it around just to blow snow and occasionally pull someone out of the ditch.It has only 2551 hours on it,and with the heated "Soundguard" cab,is a pleasure to use in the winter.
  11. Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

    These photos or similar ones have appeared elsewhere on this forum but they fit here,too. The 1925 Standard Six Four Passenger Coupe was restored in the '70's and sat for 37 years.I bought it in July 2017 and just got it all sorted out in time to put it away again for the winter. The 1929 McLaughlin-Buick Master Close-coupled sedan underwent a ten year year restoration from cow scratching post to show winner.I bought it several years ago.
  12. Bob's Automobilia contact

    bobsautomobilia.com works for me. Jim
  13. The story goes that this 1925 Buick Standard Six Four Passenger Coupe was purchased new by a doctor, who removed the right front folding seat to make room for his bag.Now,for the first time in 92 years,the seat is back.With help from friends and photos from members of this forum,we recreated a new seat. It began with a jump seat from an unknown 7 passenger touring.We used the hinges and the seat back,adding an extension to make it taller.The base had to be fabricated, to drop into the smaller floor opening when folded forward.A rear pedestal was added for extra strength , like some more expensive cars had. A local upholstery shop was able to closely match the seat covering,and a new carpet was also installed.See the stages of fabrication below. Jim

    I loaned the '29 McLaughlin-Buick for a photo shoot and was given an afternoon with the photographer as payment.My wife and I selected the venue and attached are a couple of the photos taken. Jim
  15. Show me your Foliage!

    My original one owner (me) 1978 GMC Caballero just naturally blends into autumn foliage. Jim