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  1. J.H.Boland

    1966 Austin Healey Sprite

    Check the body undercarriage very carefully. Some years ago,one split right in half on a curve near here and killed two oncoming motorcyclists. Jim
  2. J.H.Boland

    To pay or not to pay?...

    I have sometimes voiced the same complaint Peter.I guess it boils down to whether you think the show is worth going to in the first place.I don't like the idea of being used as a pawn to draw customers to a business,but I do enjoy decent shows ,usually sponsored by service clubs to raise money for charities. Cripes,the last show I went to (service club,by donation) cost me thousands of dollars and many hours of my time ! A casual conversation led to the purchase of my '25 Buick coupe. Jim
  3. J.H.Boland

    1929 Buick Model 29-26 Business Coupe Parts

    It appears to be a 1929 Buick Model 29-26 business coupe.That's a Marvel carb. Tony Bult in WI.rebuilds those and has many '29 parts.. You can likely find a local metal fabricating shop to make a new tank. Tony can be reached at tonybuick272829@gmail.com. Jim
  4. J.H.Boland

    Coker Radials Look Like Bias Tires

    I love the Coker Classics that I had installed on my '40 Packard for all the reasons mentioned above.Coker recommends tubes in them (see Youtube video from Coker).They look great,with minimal radial "bulge" and definitely go down the road straighter. Jim
  5. The term hot rod has been interpreted as many ways as "classic". The "classic hot rod" is the '32 Ford coupe or roadster with a souped-up flathead. Sometimes necessity becomes the mother of invention, however. Case in point. A friend had a '32 Packard 900 convertible coupe with a '52 Chrysler hemi stuffed in it. The story goes that a couple of young guys blew the original straight 8 and parked it in the yard.Their father bought a new '52 Chrysler and after only a few months,rolled it in a ditch.It ended up parked beside the Packard. So what do you do with a sweet looking,but dead Packard,and a hot but crunched Chrysler ? Yep.You guessed it. The hemi Packard could be shown as a '50's hot rod,but it is now being correctly restored. Case two.One of our members restored a 1930 Packard 7 passenger sedan from a shell. A very tall man, he chose to install the front seat farther back,forgoing the jump seats. Not satisfied with the car's performance or stopping abilities, he installed a big Chevy truck six and a 700R4 automatic.He also made custom hubs to accommodate 4 wheel disc brakes, but still using the big disc wheels. All original parts were carefully removed and could be bolted back in.The car would fool anyone,so long as the hood stays closed. I guess it could be the ultimate resto-mod. A hot rod ? Not really.
  6. Hi Keith It is a maroon colour.I don't know from what exactly.I plan on getting it scanned so I can at least get some touchup for it.
  7. My wife Bonnie finally got her first ride in "Miss Vicky", our '25 Buick Standard Coupe. In fact,it was the first run for the car this year.Runs like a watch. Jim
  8. J.H.Boland

    little car show in France :)

    I remember seeing many of those models briefly here in Canada over the years.Three or four years of our salty winters and they weren't even good enough for yard art. I had a '71 Renault 16TS until '74 when the body rusted away at the engine wiring junction,causing all kinds of shorts.Neat car, with all it's gaulic charm,and the 4 cylinder hemi could really go. They just weren't built for North America. Had a Renault 5 for a couple of years too.Sold it and bought a real vehicle,my 1978 GMC Caballero.
  9. J.H.Boland

    1918 Buick Barn Find! - Feedback

    It obviously needs more than a good wash job, but it looks amazingly straight.The wheel spokes appear to have a good coat of paint on them. As mentioned earlier,it should have tires, top,and upholstery. Otherwise,it might show well as a true survivor. It's got to be worth in the vicinity of $5000. If it were in a barn on the Canadian side of the border, I could get enthused about it ! Jim
  10. J.H.Boland

    For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43

    That cartoon dates from 1961,Bernie. The old guy with the Pierce - Arrow was venting about the new cars of the day, like the 1960 Buick Electra ! Jim
  11. J.H.Boland

    Clean tyres with white wall

    I've used a number of products with varying degrees of success.The fellow that installed my last set suggested using gasoline.It works very well. The no smoking rule definitely applies however ! Jim
  12. J.H.Boland


    That's a great looking truck ! When I bought my "72 Chevy C20 ,it had 9.50 x 16.5 tires on it. The nylon "early morning thump" never went away. One day when towing my car trailer on the freeway, one of the tires lost a big chunk of tread. When I arrived at my destination, I found a tire store that had a set of 8.75R16.5 radials and had them installed.The difference in handling and ride was amazing- lumber wagon to country Cadillac !. That being said, trying to find 8.75R16.5 radials now may be difficult, and you should likely stay with 16". If you want to go back to original 16.5,I have a set of rims cheap ! Jim
  13. J.H.Boland

    For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43

    This cartoon appeared in the Family Herald magazine in the '60's. It pretty much sums up the lure of antique and classic cars. Jim
  14. J.H.Boland

    Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    Here's the weirdest peep mirror I've seen.It's called the Passing Eye. Properly adjusted,you can look around the big rig in front of you to see if it's safe to pass.They were apparently banned because they caused more accidents than they prevented !
  15. I'm really beginning to envy you guys ! We're in the middle of an ice pellet/freezing rain event.The municipality just spread another load of sand and salt on the roads and pushed half a tree off the road.This tree is blocking access to the drive shed where my car trailer is stored. Global warming my a#** ! Jim