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  1. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    Forgot to tell you, your picture of the weight, shows your heat riser flapper in the hot, open position. Look at my pictures again and make sure your spring is on the right direction. They can be put on backwards ! John
  2. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    Did you have the intake/exhaust apart? 4 bolts . 2 reasons why I ask. If you or PO had them apart, it is possible they get misaligned, and this can cause uneven indents on new gaskets as you are seeing. It's a balancing act kinda to get both pieces to seal. I installed new gaskets at both points. Just snug up intake/ exhaust halves(4 bolts,2 short ones ,2 long ones) then install manifold to block (10 nuts) Tighten to specs, then tighten the other 4 bolts. You may not actually need any machine work done. Carb removed makes this easier too!!! Also you will be able to see if your heat riser at this point to verify if it's working properly. If you saw my pictures, I meant to tell you that the one with the weight rolled clockwise was in the 'hot' open position. Hope this helps some. John
  3. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    See my post July 20. 53 pon l8 heat riser help. Photos are there. John
  4. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    Sorry. Can't get photos to transfer. Will keep trying. John
  5. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    It looks to me as if your heat riser is open by position of the weight. Look at the slot on the shaft on the spring side and compare to attached photos. These are my recent repairs. If your weight has not spun on shaft, it is open as shown. Trial with torch on my repair has confirmed open and closing properly. I see you are missing a stud on exhaust. As for the oil bubbling, make sure the stud is not leaking from water jacket. I had that happen also.
  6. Exhaust manifold gasket bubbling oil?

    I have the same issue with a recent rebuild on my 53 l8. I am thinking that a rich running carb and a non working heat riser may be my problem. Raw gasoline saturating a new gasket and eventually has to boil off. My intake runners were wet when I removed the manifolds. I have recently repaired the heat riser and have not started it yet. Waiting for new gaskets. I will post results as soon as possible. John
  7. I am looking for a pair of rocker panel extensions for a 53 chieftain 4 door. Also right and left dogleg for same. I realize this is a long shot, but who knows !! I am 45 minutes from Hershey, so if anyone out there reads this and knows of anything, I would greatly appreciate any leads... Thanks John..
  8. Splash guard for 53 please Pontiac l8

    Thank you for your reply. I am in the rebuild stage of my body off frame project. Like most projects, this one started as a 'l'll just fix this oil leak' job and turned into a 'since I have this off, I might as well do this too. ' I have been following your build in progress and look forward to meeting you eventually. Thank you again for your response and all the information you have been providing for all of us.
  9. I am looking for a splash guard for my 53 l8 Pontiac. The one I need is located on the right side of the frame just below and slightly forward of the trans cross member. This is a 3 speed manual trans by the way. I believe it would have 4 mounting holes and a curved area that extends slightly under the exhaust and ends just before hitting the oil pan. The dimensions are roughly 16 x18. I have only seen one in a photo and it was not a good one. If anyone can confirm this with a picture of one I would appreciate it. The search is on for this is, I believe, the only piece missing in my parts that I have been collecting. ... John
  10. Misfire on #1 plug 53 pon l8

    I think I might have found the problem. Bad plug on #1 and also #8 exhaust valve too tight after warming up... John
  11. OK guys. Need some help here. 53 l8 is acting weird. #1 cylinder is misfiring. Changed plugs. Changed wires. Put timing light on all wires and all are firing consistent. #1 will only fire sporadically. Swapped wires and plugs from another cylinder. Same thing. #1 misfiring sporadically, so it's kinda tough to set timing. I am thinking distributor worn and shorting out on #1. Any ideas?.…...... John
  12. 53 pon l8 heat riser repair help needed

    I would like to let everyone know that this is my first attempt at a restoration. It is being done on a very very low budget as I think I am like most people who first get started. I am doing this in an unheated old drafty barn which I share with numerous critters. my skills are limited, but I feel adequate for the task at hand. This is certainly a learn as you go experience, and I enjoy every minutue of it. Enough said for now. Here are a few pictures of my attempt at rust repair in trunk floor.
  13. 53 pon l8 heat riser repair help needed

    I would like to let everyone know that this is my first attempt at a restoration. It is being done on a very very low budget, as I feel I am like mo
  14. 53 pon l8 heat riser repair help needed

    Bloo thanks again. Did some trial and error. Think I got it where it should be. Works fine with torch heat. Opens and closes as it should. One other thing I didn't ask was, is there any preload on the spring? I have 1/2 revolution on it now. should be enough to hold for exhaust flow since this isn't possible on bench test. I realize this isn't stock spring but it works till I get original style. Here are some pictures so far. The small wire you see is just some welding wire jammed in to keep flapper from spinning while testing. Will weld in place when I'm happy with operation.
  15. 53 pon l8 heat riser repair help needed

    Bloo, thanks for the reply. Yes the other posts show some of what I am looking for, but not exactly. So l guess there will be some trial and error adjustments. But that's the fun part of these old cars. No computers here. This is a frame up restoration of a family owned barn find. It was my wife's great grandfathers car from new that was put in a garage in 1976 and forgotten till 2009. John