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  1. john hess

    New fuel sending unit

    Hi Charles. I'm good on those parts, thanks to Librandi in Harrisburg !. I am in need of stainless headlight trim rings though if anyone out there has them !
  2. john hess

    New fuel sending unit

    Sorry Gary.... This is my 53 chieftain 4 door. . I think I got it finally.. just had to have more patience... It's been a long day. !!. Trying to get the tank mounted.
  3. john hess

    New fuel sending unit

    I am putting a new unit in the tank. It looks like the inlet end, by the filter, should go in the tabs inside the tank. If this is right,#1 how do you do this without splitting the tank? I can't seem to get it in there by 'feel'. #2 Is this important to get it seated in there?. It has been some time since I pulled the old one and I no longer have it to look for evidence of being attached inside. Any ideas on this. Thanks John
  4. john hess

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    No problem. Thanks anyway. I still have time to find some. More rain here in southern Pa. About 2 weeks straight so far. Hope the sky dries out by the time fall Hershey show is here
  5. john hess

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    It's a 2569wd paint code 5307. Hi Charles. I have been following your restoration also. Since you are here, would you happen to have any headlight trim rings ? Mine are in rough shape.
  6. john hess

    gasket between carb and intake wet

    Did you have your carb apart by any chance? Mine has been wet since I rebuilt it and I'm pretty sure my float is set too high. That's why my intake/exhaust gaskets were wet also. Gas percolating through and running out intake runners when engine was not running. Since my body is not on frame yet it's easy to get to everything. I have been turning gas valve off on temporary gas tank and letting carb run dry before shutting down and this seems to have solved both problems. That's why I think my issue is the float !! May be part of your issue. Hope this helps.. John
  7. john hess

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    Thanks . Firewall needs paint now, but it's raining again. I'm about 30 miles south of Hershey and we're getting more rain. Kinda tough to work in the leaky barn !! At least the liner will be cured. John
  8. john hess

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    Forgot pictures
  9. john hess

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    I just used some Upol Raptor bed liner on the underbody of my 53 pontiac. I think it came out pretty well. Any one else ever use this product ?.. Hope to be putting body back on frame soon. Product says to cure 3-5 days before use but this is not a truck bed !! Getting anxious anyway..... John
  10. Iam looking for a splash guard for my 53 l8 Pontiac. The one I need is located on the right side of the frame just below and slightly forward of the trans cross member. This is a 3 speed manual trans by the way. I believe it would have 4 mounting holes and a curved area that extends slightly under the exhaust and ends just before hitting the oil pan. The dimensions are roughly 16 x18. I have only seen one in a photo and it was not a good one. If anyone can confirm this with a picture of one I would appreciate it. The search is on for this is, I believe, the only piece missing in my parts that I have been collecting. ... John
  11. john hess

    There's a new '54 Star Chief in town

    Nice , I'm jealous. My 53 is still hanging in the barn. Waiting to paint the underbody. John.
  12. Another vote for Librandi. Life time warranty a big plus. Parts were delivered on time as promised. I picked them up on site, but they were wrapped extremely well for shipping anywhere in the world. John
  13. john hess

    original engine colour

    Eagle killer. I used the aerosol cans.. Truthfully I wish I would have used a brush.. I will admit I went on the fast and cheap....(2 cans)...... Spayed outside on a windy day.... Paint covered but was too thin... Now it's starting to show the thin spots... OK cause I'm gonna drive it !! Body soon to go back on and then to paint shop. Hope this helps you make a decision. Good luck. John
  14. My bad., What I meant was vacuum line from vac/fuel pump ends at firewall also., John
  15. Lisa, here is a picture of my 53 in progress. The factory oil hook up is just In front of the fuel pump, behind front motor mount plate. There is a1/8" capillary tube that goes back along the lower edge of the valve covers and turns up and ends right about at your throttle bracket on fire wall. The vacuum line carb to wiper motor ends here also. Hopefully I can post picture for you. I also installed a gauge in the block to monitor pressure without a working dash.. john