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  1. jdshott

    1953 pontiac

    1953 Pontiac Tech Advisor Charles Coker is correct. I have a recent copy of the California Pontiac Restoration catalog and 1949-1954 hood springs are part number C512700RS with a price of $40 per pair. Their phone number is 877-504-8124. Good luck, John
  2. jdshott

    37 Pontiac front brake line routing?

    Paul: Thank you! I will contact Kurt. You did a nice job of cleaning that part … it looks new! I've got the original brass portion, but, for whatever reason, the bracket portion is gone. Thanks again, John
  3. jdshott

    37 Pontiac front brake line routing?

    Kookie1: Thanks for posting those photos. That is exactly what I was hoping for. It appears as if you found a new, front tee. Do you happen to remember wher you found it? Thanks, John
  4. jdshott

    37 Pontiac front brake line routing?

    Tinindian: Thank you for taking the time to respond. The Filling Station looks to be an interesting resource ... and one that I had not stumbled across myself. . Note: thus far, the closest "tee with bracket" that I have been able to find is the TE06 from Inline Tube. While it may not be perfect, I think that it will work in this application. Here is a link to this item on their Ebay store: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-16-Inverted-Flare-Brake-Line-Brass-Tee-3-8-24-All-Sides-With-Bracket-TE06-1pc-/191869208041?hash=item2cac4bc5e9:g:zJIAAOSwt7pXMkZc&vxp=mtr Thanks again, John
  5. Pontiac Flathead Owners: I am trying to get a 1937 2-door touring sedan ready to run for the first time since 1968. I'm starting with brakes ... and have rebuilt the front wheel cylinders and master cylinders. Now I am ready to run the brake lines on the front, but what I took off looked more like a roller coaster than factory-routed lines. Does anyone either have a description or a photo of how the lines should be routed through and then across the front crossmember? Secondly, the front brass tee (from the master to the L and R front wheels) has a "rib" on the back of it as if is used to fit into a slot on a mounting tab. Are replacements of that tee and/or the mounting tab available? I have been unable to find a replacement. Thanks for your consideration, John