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  1. ski.dive

    Accumulator Grief

    WABCO STC 2784accumulatorworks fine, got mine on ebay.
  2. ski.dive

    WABCO Accumulator

    WABCO works great, got it mine from EBAY
  3. Do I need ''permatex form a gasket sealant'',when replacing the manifold gasket or valve cover gasket?
  4. Opinion- As our Reattas get older, will they turn into 'MONEY PITS' that are not worth much money?
  5. Has anybody paid to get this done? How much did the mechanic charge you?
  6. Will the- APEX AVC353S valve cover gasket fit 88 Reatta, SOME WEB PAGES SAY YES,OTHERS SAY NO? see link bellow
  7. ski.dive

    Reatta Pace Cars

    Those ''WHEEL WELLS' are HUGE'' =ugly paint job too!!!
  8. Where can I buy Touch Screen Protector Material to put on my CRT
  9. How do I separate the power window switch from the Console? Are there screws ,clips,or does it snap on? ***SEE PICTURE
  10. I removed "U" clip, BUT it wont pull off? What's the next step to remove it?
  11. What is a fair price to pay to have the intake manifold gaskets replaced?