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  1. I noticed that my tires look new, but they are actually over 10 years old. The tires do show some slight cracking on the side walls. Could it be these OLD tires, even though they look new????
  2. What are some of the possible reasons of why I feel every little bump on the road with my Reatta?
  4. FOR SALE ~ VERY RARE ~ These 3 REATTA items were Previously owned by Frank Sinatra Jr.~~~Frank Sinatra Jr. owned a REATTA - From the Estate of Frank Sinatra, Jr. REATTA Pen, REATTA Tire Gauge & a REATTA Patch These items include a letter of provenance stating that these 3 REATTA items come from the Frank Sinatra Jr. Estate, ~$220.00
  5. Just checking in.

    Yes, this Reatta looks like it has been lowered? What size tires do you have on this Reatta?
  6. Post~ Anybody have any REATTA COLLECTABLES -For Sale?
  7. Is there a fuel injector cleaner that really works?
  8. Reatta Fuel Injectors are 30 years old-Should they be replaced?
  9. That is probably the most expensive REATTA SOLD , in the last 20 years.
  10. How Much did select 60 with 250 miles bring at MECUM?
  11. Will the front ABS wheel sensor from a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville-SSE- Work on a Reatta?
  12. CTR touch-screen ISSUE I get in the Reatta, turn on the key and the CRT screen does its usual check perfectly. When I press any other button, -Climate, summary gauges, radio, etc,--- it will NOT go to any of these other screens? ***As you can see, the CRT screen looks perfect , But the TOUCH screen will not change to any other option,-like Climate,Gauges, Summary when I press those buttons? ***2nd time it's done this in a month!!! ````The first time I disconnected the battery for 20min. and it fixed it=Now, it will not fix it?
  13. Are 225-60-16 tires OK on 1988 Reatta ?