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  1. AT IDLE- I'm having Fluctuating RPM's from 625 to 825 What is causing the up and down of RPM's?
  2. How much are auto-glass companies charging to replace the Windshield?
  3. Any Tips on replacing the windshield & not damage rubber seal around the windshield?
  4. What are Symptoms of BAD subframe/body mounts? Are BAD subframe/body mounts common?
  5. I need instructions on removing my 'CRT SCREEN'-so I can 'test' another CRT screen Do I need to disconnect the battery? Are there lots of wires to remove from the back?
  6. I have new trunk support struts installed. I thing a trunk rack will look nice on my Reatta back end
  7. How would you put these on???|Model%3AReatta&epid=75650763&hash=item2a993df89a:g:nXUAAOSwbw1aL9c0&vxp=mtr
  8. Barney , Thank you for the info, I will hunt the junkyard for a trunk luggage rack similar to those!! My 'BLACK REATTA' will look great with a trunk luggage rack.
  9. I'm going to look at the local JUNKYARD and see what is available from other cars..
  10. I'm looking for suggestions on a 'Luggage Trunk Rack' to put on my Reatta?
  11. Who has CADILLAC wheels with Caddy logos on their Reatta?
  12. ski.dive

    Loot at this $25,000 REATTA on eBAY

    Great looking Reatta...But nobody will pay $25k for it.
  14. Will these 2004 Caddy CTS 225/55/16 rims & tires fit the Reatta?