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  1. '50 Special Exhaust Manifold Valve is unstuck!

    a good product for loosing ext. heat riser is named S,ok find it on line. It is also a good penetrating oil for rusted nuts. there are other products out there try searching aviation shop supplies.
  2. Do you remember when...

    just change antifreeze every 18 to24 months.
  3. Put wildwood kit on my special. easy bolt in but you have to route the break lines .you will need lines and hardware
  4. !956 Front disc brakes

    read rest of post on breaks the answer is is there
  5. !956 Front disc brakes

    I do not know how old your post is. Speedway Motors list a kit by wildwood #835-14012321 for 41-56 Buicks. I installed the front kit on my 55 have not tested it . Still working on complete 4 wheel system with power . mac
  6. the best price was not cheep, but they were in stock no freight just the TAXES.
  7. Thanks for all replies . they conformed my research O Riles had best prices.
  8. 1955 Buick Super or Roadmaster Octane

    my 1955 special owner manual said to use premium. What that means in todays fuel?
  9. looking to buy compensator links Packard #445913 & 914 or a replacement part.
  10. where can the compensator links part # 445914 & 913 be purchased ? or a replacement part?
  11. electric system

    NAPA will have the bat. you need