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  1. mackensen

    Hood Mechanism Help - 1955 Buick Century

    For FYI only my 55 has two hinge springs still hard to close.
  2. mackensen

    Define types of vacuum hoses

    vacuum hose only comes in1/ 32" ID. like 2/32, 7/32 This info is only for fyi. Let the stoning begin.
  3. mackensen

    1956 Century - rough ride

    Odd business model? Not if you are wanting other people to pay for your sway bar.
  4. What state are you in? You guys need to lobby your state legislature exclusion from inspection. for classic cars.
  5. mackensen

    Help cranks but won't start

    I have started many a n old engine by pouring a small amount of oil down the carb. it restores compression. Try it you may like it.
  6. mackensen

    Help cranks but won't start

    Have you checked the compression. The cyd. walls may be washed down. Try motor oil through carb.
  7. mackensen

    brake parts

    I have a backing plate. Thanks to all who replied.
  8. mackensen

    brake parts

    want to buy rear drum brake backing plate passenger side that mounts the lever shock on 1955 Buick special. Contact
  9. mackensen

    60 year old freeze plugs in single digits

    how do you eat a temp.
  10. sorry I may not have mention its a 1955 special
  11. What I was trying to say is the old lines will be to short to reach the caliper and must be extended and new flex lines installed. you will need a proportioning valve to rear brake. I changed out master cylinder ,added booster and remote reservoir and all new lines. Hope this answers any questions. P.S. it is not easy.
  12. mackensen

    '50 Special Exhaust Manifold Valve is unstuck!

    a good product for loosing ext. heat riser is named S,ok find it on line. It is also a good penetrating oil for rusted nuts. there are other products out there try searching aviation shop supplies.
  13. mackensen

    Do you remember when...

    just change antifreeze every 18 to24 months.
  14. Put wildwood kit on my special. easy bolt in but you have to route the break lines .you will need lines and hardware
  15. mackensen

    !956 Front disc brakes

    read rest of post on breaks the answer is is there