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  1. The temperature gauge on my 1990 commonly sits at the '12' o'clock position during city and highway driving. Found myself stuck on the expressway recently due to construction delays, and the gauge slowly began to climb up. The furthest it reached was "2" o'clock, (one 'click' before red) fluctuating between 1 and 2 o'clock as we inched forward. When the road opened up to normal speeds, it quickly returned to it's normal '12 o'clock' position. I had the cooling system flushed several wks prior to this happening, as well as the power steering, since this is a new to me, first Reatta. I've attached a picture for reference, taken before a cold start so you can see the 'clock' positions..... Can anyone translate the 'clock positions' on my gauge into actual temperature readings and advise me if further action should be taken? Thanks
  2. Rustbelt

    3800 V6 Series question

    Thank you guys for the info. I will be seeing the previous owner within the next 2 weeks and will ask him why he thought the engine was a series 2. Will be interesting to hear his explanation.
  3. Rustbelt

    3800 V6 Series question

    How can I tell if I have a Series 1 or 2 in my 1990 coupe? Previous owner said it was a Series 2, but I thought I read recently somewhere that Series 2 wasn't introduced until 1995. How can I be sure what series is in my car?