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    Restoring pre-1938 radios, electronically and cabinetry. Most time these days is spent restoration and upgrading my newly acquired (Aug 2016) '37 Buick Special 4-dr.

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  1. BuicksBuicks

    Hi-Flow vs Normal Thermostat?

    Two things that I have noted. Vaporust works very well if used according to the label instructions. In my case I ran my severely plugged cooling system at high idle for three hours; I don't know if leaving it in the system for a week with some driving will achieve the same result. Another jug of Vaporust is a cheap investment compared to an engine rebuild. Also, an engine rebuild will do nothing if the radiator is plugged. The second item concerns the driving conditions when overheating. Is it overheating primarily in summer traffic? That's pretty much common and the solution there is to avoid congested traffic and high speed interstates.
  2. BuicksBuicks

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    The tire size is way to narrow. That really reduced the braking efficiency; maybe that's what caused the crash.
  3. BuicksBuicks

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    The '37-40 frame mounted master cylinder that I got from Bob's was an exchange. The day that he received my old master cylinder, he shipped out the new-looking rebuild with brass sleeve and new internal parts. In doing my brake work I found that my brake fluid was now black, almost certainly from microscopic rust. All of that old fluid has now been drained and replaced.
  4. BuicksBuicks

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    Before you go nuts restoring your original master cylinder, check out Bob's for a rebuild. I just bought one from Bob for around $140 a I recall and it was lined with a brass sleeve that can never rust. It comes with new piston, seals, and spring. My '37 will now never need another master cylinder rebuild due to rust.
  5. BuicksBuicks

    Dented '37 and paint

    800 grit sounds awfully coarse but I may just go for it. It's going to depend on what the body shop owner says and if he's willing to work with the modified paint. For the time being the insurance is slowing things down. As for repairing the other damaged original paint, any recommendations for primer or final coat? Lacquer or enamel? Rattle can black enamel comes out slightly darker than the original black.
  6. BuicksBuicks

    Dented '37 and paint

    I didn't know such paint products existed! Thanks much, I'll talk to my body shop. As for scratches and wear, those are easy to do if I drive the car like a 1950's teenager (which I was).
  7. BuicksBuicks

    Dented '37 and paint

    A couple of weeks ago my ’37 Buick ended up with a significant front fender dent while parked outside of an antique auto shop. The fault was acknowledged by an insured flatbed driver but that’s not the issue. Paint IS the issue. The dent and paint are being handled by a shop familiar with antique cars. What’s going to happen is that I will have a shiny new paint on one front fender and eighty one year old paint on the rest of the car. I’m not looking to paint the rest of the car. It’s a survivor/driver so there are paint issues in several areas around the car. What kind of paint can I use to even out the mismatched fenders or to repair the other damaged paint? Is there a rattle-can remedy or do I need to breakout the compressor? What type of paint- lacquer or enamel? What kind of primer?
  8. None of these "plastic" ferrules on my '37 door handles and cranks want to move, they are frozen in place on the handle shafts. That means that I can't remove the door panels to fix the window regulators. Is there a trick to getting these to move without breaking them? Sixty years ago and on a different '37, it was easy to push the ferrules back and remove the retaining clip. These days nothing will move. Any suggestions?
  9. BuicksBuicks

    Rust removers: Vinegar vs. Evaporust vs. Muriatic acid

    Those acids will do a great job on head gaskets! Water pumps too!
  10. BuicksBuicks

    Rust removers: Vinegar vs. Evaporust vs. Muriatic acid

    When you use muriatic acid in a glass bowl you can see what's happening and stop the action instantly. When muriatic acid is in an engine block you can't see what's happening and it could eat through a thin walled casting or radiator brass. It can also easily form pockets of acid that won't necessarily be flushed thoroughly when you think it might be finished. Stick with the agents that are known safe and effective. EvapoRust works very well, non-destructive, and not expensive. The chance of damage to your paint in case of a splash is gone. Time to retire those old school acids.
  11. BuicksBuicks

    1939 248 rebuild recommendations

    Just an idea to save a few $$. Twice now I've taken my straight eight heads to the local trade schools to be overhauled. They are very glad to get something different to work on. The work is always overseen by a skilled teacher/mechanic. The cost has always been zero.
  12. BuicksBuicks

    1937 Buick question

    Not long ago I measured the resistance of the running boards to the body of my '37 Special (with factory radio). With no connection to the radio it measured 44K ohms. Lousy for reception beyond powerful stations. I never actually connected a radio to the running boards. The rubber insulators have just broken down electrically over 80 years as expected.
  13. BuicksBuicks

    Didn't I See This Buick Here About a Year Ago?

    I see that its listed as an "automatic" transmission. From what I see in the 1942 MoToR's Manual, the '38 Buick used the same semi-automatic as the '37-39 Olds and they didn't have a floor shift lever. I guess its just an error in the listing since the listed car has a floor shift.
  14. I couldn't get my 37-41 out for a drive this week! A few days ago the brake pedal went all the way down to the floor; those rubber brake hoses in the front just don't hold up well even after only 81 years.
  15. BuicksBuicks

    "SOLD" 1916 Willys-Knight Tourng Car $10k

    I know nothing about these old Willys cars. Where is the gas pedal?