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  1. This Ole' Coupe

    37 Dodge windshield regulator

    Hi there, I just saw your ad and wanted to let you know that we make those windshield regulators if you'd like to check out our website: or call 717 808 6612 Terri This Ole' Coupe
  2. This Ole' Coupe


    Check out This Ole' Coupe we do custom machine work @ for our vintage auto community. 717 808-6612 ="
  4. This Ole' Coupe

    Windshield Regulators

    Remanufactured windshield regulators for various vehicles '30s/'40s - $350-$400 This Ole' Coupe (717) 808 6612
  5. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    True... Lol... but are u implying that "metaphorically", we GALS don't or can't keep our ears to the ground? Yes the "i" of my name is often gender specific. 🙃 In the pic, the one on the right goes by Terri
  6. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    Well......this has been insightful for a newbie such as I, Terri, and it certainly "widens" my understanding a "tad" more of some HAMB and AACA "differences" of which I can appreciate. I expect to keep my "ear to the ground" and vigilant as I peruse the forum listings to increase my knowledge base. I like to share with my husband, Kit, the threads, its pretty cool the things that come across the site! Thanks guys! Terri
  7. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    Appreciate your concern for the two venues of vehicle preferences! Being newbies to the AACA, we certainly want to acknowledge all category preferences and hope never to be a source of contention but rather encourage and uplift others. We certainly enjoy the amazing variety and variations! Thanks F&J !!!!
  8. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

  9. This Ole' Coupe


    Wow! Covelo! I use to live there; graduated 1970 from high school! I wish I had the old dodge truck my dad had and use to park on the hill in order to pop the clutch to get it started for work each morning to the saw mill. That's amazing to drive it from Covelo to Ga! Or I guess u hauled it didn't ya? Silly me..... Terri
  10. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    Hi Terry, Thanks so much for the welcome. As soon as we know where abouts we are able to fit in at Hershey Fall Meet, I'll post it I am very excited; it will be my first time there and our first time to have a spot, though Kit has been to Hershey before. YeeHaw!!!! Terri
  11. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    We didn't get to take the car out for breakfast, so I had to rely on one of our previous pics.....
  12. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    Well here's our '28 Chevy Coupe without the print all over the pic!
  13. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    I'll get a better pic tomorrow when we go out to breakfast in the morning.
  14. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    So, I guess I'll have to find a better pic than this.... This is our 28 Chevy Coupe
  15. This Ole' Coupe

    This Ole' Coupe

    Hi Andrew! Thanks for welcome! Kit & Terri :o)