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  1. TH400 issue

    I unscrewed the reverse oil line from oil cooler and I saw that the oil is coming out under pressure. That should mean that the pump is working?
  2. TH400 issue

    Yeah, it seems it's getting worse. I'll order a new pump. Finding a good mechanic that knows around american classics over here is no easy job. Thank you for the reply
  3. TH400 issue

    I have changed the vacuum modulator, and everything is plugged in. The liquid level is ok. Reverse works fine. When I put it in drive, it acts as if it's between gears, I have to step on the gas multiple times to get it going. I don't know what else to do.
  4. TH400 issue

    Thanks Tom!
  5. Hi, my transmission in my 1969 Riviera goes reverse and in first gear. It sometimes shifts to second if I step on the gas hard, and is often shifting back to first when not necessary. There is no third. It's not missing fluid. Could anyone please make some suggestions of what it might be? Thank you.
  6. I called the guy, asked about the car, he seemed pretty nice. Then I asked him if it was okay if he sent me some pictures because I'm not able to come and take a look at it, he said he would, later he sent me a message saying that it got dark after he got home, so he'll send some pics tomorrow. That was a month ago today, still no photos. The guy really does not want to hear about no photos.
  7. wow. I had no idea. I've had people who shipped my car overseas, ship it though the US and they charge way more. Thanks for the link!
  8. Thanks for the links! They are a bit too far away from NJ, shipping the car over there would cost me like $3000.
  9. It sure is. My steering wheel and dashboard came all cracked up, but I'll get to replacing it.
  10. omg! you own the most important thing - the cupholder! I bought it, I just have to install it. your whole interior looks amazing, nice job.
  11. Your car looks bomb, and that's a nice place. I love the steering wheel too.
  12. The biggest issue is not what's missing, it's what's in the car. I sure can't take a look at the car from half way around the world and decide if it's any good. I can only trust the man and have faith that what he said is working, works.
  13. Shipping parts to a storage in New Jersey from anywhere in the US is pretty cheap. Cheaper than shipping them to Europe. Shipping a car from anywhere in the US to New Jersey is not cheap, especially in this case from Utah, again, about 3500km. Getting the car to NJ would cost me over $2000. Shipping overseas is $1200. The port in Croatia charges about $500 for discharging the car and doing the paperwork. I would pay at least $2000 of import charges, and another $1000 for some licence plates. So, I'm trying to save money by buying a car that's close to NJ, like I did with my '69. If I lived in the US, I would go buy the car myself and drive it off into the sunset.
  14. Get it while you can. I would buy it myself if it wasn't 3500km away from New Jersey...