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  1. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    Congratulations on your purchase . I am glad your drive home was uneventful , I am not sure why the shop would come to its conclusions . I hope you enjoy the Reatta for many years.! I am still searching for the right one !
  2. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    I agree that doing your own work saves lots of money. Over the years I have done this but I don't have the confidence to do most of work suggested by myself. I have had friends that were a lot more experienced than me that would work along with me, I am great at taking directions but don't have the knowledge to do it all on my own. Part of owning a Reatta is I do like to do the smaller less complicated things. I have set some what of a budget of 10K to find one that is reasonable condition, maybe my budget is to low but I will continue my search in hopes of finding one that I can drive and enjoy. Thanks again for all the feed back it is good to know there is a lot of advice, information, and support out there.
  3. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    A shop in Chandler AZ they said the front brakes just needed pads and rotors turned but the back needed to have calipers replaced , mechanic said something about an issue with the parking brake causing excessive wear. I am not a mechanic . With the repair costs and the price it put the car price over 12k so I passed. I want to own one and I told the owner if he would lower the price of the car I would have the work done. We couldn't make a deal. No harm no foul! Maybe the shop saw me coming.
  4. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    I thought I would update on my Reatta search , I passed on the Maroon ( Burgundy) 1990 convertible when I did the inspection needed a full brake job , a/c compressor, and replace rack & pinion. I thought this was a little excessive for a car with 33K mileage. It looked great inside & out , if was perfectly clean underneath but the mechanical issues cost approx 3,500 pushed me away. I am still looking for a solid low mileage less than 35,000 miles 1990 convertible so keep me in mind. Thanks again for all the information and suggestions.
  5. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    thank you for all the detailed replies, I cannot believe all the support. Just as a point of information the interior color is burgundy the same color as the exterior, I have seen a red interior and this is much darker but they may call all of them red . I think I will have a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection on the car, I am told that the belt and hoses have been replaced and also the water pump. Can you guys recommend anything else to tell the mechanic to look for? I have already discovered one horn button glued on and one missing knob on the dash but the antenna works fine, thanks again for all the information
  6. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    Thanks for your reply, I was hoping Barney had some information. I don't have pictures and yes I am interested in buying it. The person that owns it does not know if the white top is original and I was hoping to find out about that. I am not crazy about the color but I was wondering how many were made in that color combination. If I purchase it I will post pictures.
  7. There is a a 90 reatta conv. in Arizona vin. # 1g4ec33c0lb907890. The exterior color is garnet and the interior is also garnet, it has a white top. It has approx 32,000 miles, does anyone have any history on this car and was the top always white? Thanks for any information you can supply.