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  1. CHuDWah

    Unknown woody, can someone help, please?

    Also has side-hinged rear door unlike the bottom-hinged tailgate/top-hinged rear window that many wagons have.
  2. CHuDWah

    1932 Packard 902 5-passenger (Victoria) Coupe

    Gorgeous car! I leave it to others as to whether the price is fair. I'm not a Packard guy so question: what are the chrome-cover thingies on the fenders in front of the cowl? Tool boxes?
  3. CHuDWah

    The Classic Car Code

    😉 I dunno, I even drive my modern DD beater by many of those "rules" - basic defensive driving and car care.
  4. CHuDWah

    Red Bug

    Is that the same A O Smith that now makes water heaters?
  5. CHuDWah

    1966 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

    Sweet! How many miles? My parents had a 66 Polara 4-door with 383 in that same color. They let me drive it occasionally when I was in high school - never did tell them about the stoplight sweepstakes I ran in it. 😉
  6. It's interesting how much difference color and tires can make as illustrated by the cars in this thread. To me, the cream/blue one with whitewalls is more flamboyant as a roadster should be, while the one for sale is more stately as a Cadillac should be - the one on YouTube is kinda in-between. Whatever, they're all beautiful cars - wish I could afford one of them!
  7. CHuDWah

    Steven Kings Christine

    58 Belvedere - think the pic is from a period sales brochure so there might be some "artistic license"
  8. CHuDWah

    Steven Kings Christine

    Many years ago, I dated a girl who drove one of these: Not sure which I liked more! 😁
  9. CHuDWah

    Steven Kings Christine

    From I remember a movie with a brief scene of a kid, supposedly a young Stephen King, being chauffeured around by his mom in, you guessed it, a white over red 58 Plymouth hardtop. Can't recall the title, plot or much else about the film and dunno if the scene came from real life but it was an interesting homage to Christine.
  10. CHuDWah

    Just found online

    Try this one:
  11. CHuDWah

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    I'd prefer a regular hood rather than the hi-rise but the car is definitely NOT ugly - and that color is sweet!
  12. CHuDWah

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    Is that a late-30s/early-40s Dodge/Plymouth truck front end?
  13. CHuDWah

    1939 Pierce Arrow found!

    You better hope the inverted framistan is working. Pierce-Arrow used them only on the 1939 Travelus. They're impossible to find and the vehicle is only good for scrap without it.
  14. CHuDWah

    Need help with fender ID ...

    On second look, I think you're right. The top portion of Model A fender projects beyond the side and curves back to meet the side - the OP fenders appear to be pretty much straight across in that area.
  15. CHuDWah

    Need help with fender ID ...

    x2. Discontinued by February, 1930. Rare but that doesn't make them more valuable - the cars for which they're correct also are rare. Ford blueprints specified them for use only on Fordors (which doesn't necessarily mean they weren't installed on other body styles in production). For more info, search for "eyebrow" in the Model A forum on