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  1. CHuDWah

    Crop touring

    Put one of those "marshmallows" in the bed of that Chevy and you could pop wheelies. 😁 Nice little truck BTW.
  2. CHuDWah

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    The parts list does kinda suck - on another look, I think you're right about the midget(s). The "Auburn" does look like a pedal car. It's hard to estimate the size without anything in the picture for comparison. But the cockpit looks only big enough for one person (kid?). The steering wheel is centered on the dash but there don't appear to be any gauges, etc. The doors look to be just molded lines, not functional, and there doesn't seem to be glass in the windshield. And the tires don't look substantial enough for engine-power. All that would be characteristic of a pedal car. The hood does appear to be hinged/functional, but that may be for access to the steering, chain (or whatever) drive, etc.
  3. CHuDWah


    Keizer, Oregon - he changed the s to z just because it's cool. 😉
  4. CHuDWah

    Trying to find what it is worth

    Never said they are. was meant to make the distinction you make - guess it wasn't specific enough.
  5. CHuDWah

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    Ah, here it is: ¾ Midget 4 Cyl Replica 1933 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster
  6. CHuDWah

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    Nope, guess this is the convertible. Dunno what the other one is - it does look like a pedal car.
  7. CHuDWah

    Auction of Cool Car Stuff

    Is this it? ("CLICK TO VIEW THE COMPLETE PARTS LIST" - it's at the top among the cars): 1952 Red Crosley Supersport Convertible Doors 4 Cyl 26hp-3sp w/reverse I agree it's cool. The 37 Ford coupe looks pretty nice too.
  8. CHuDWah


    Keiser not only gets all the cool car pics, he has his own town! 😁
  9. CHuDWah

    Trying to find what it is worth

    It looks like a modified Ford body but the article linked in post #11 above (click the pic) says the body behind the cowl was custom by Cunningham. I dunno - maybe somebody does? Ford made a few Model A in this body style - called it Town Car. They didn't sell well when new but bring big bucks now. Course, they're considered true Model A even though the body was supplied by Briggs on subcontract.
  10. CHuDWah

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I recall the lyric from Puttin' On The Ritz: "Dressed up like a million dollar trooper, Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper" - sure applies to that beautiful piece of automotive art/history. No clue what it'll bring - like others, I hope it doesn't fall in a black hole.
  11. CHuDWah

    Is this horn from a antique car?

    Could it be "M" rather than "W"?
  12. Just to be clear, I'm talking about replacement fenders - assembly line may have been different. It just seems to me it would be more efficient to supply only un-punched replacements rather than punched and un-punched, which would require different part numbers and perhaps more inventory. Just include a paper template so the body shop can drill the script holes when installing the fender on a Galaxie.
  13. OK, if it's used, the lack of script holes would indicate it's off a Fairlane. But that still doesn't answer the question of replacement fenders. Both Galaxie and Fairlane have the perimeter molding so it makes sense replacements would have the holes punched for it. But only Galaxie has the script. So Ford either would have supplied fenders both with and without holes for it, or just without and let the body shop drill the holes upon installation on a Galaxie. The latter seems more efficient.
  14. Would replacement fenders have come with holes? Seems it would be more efficient to produce just one version without holes and drill them at time of installation if it was on a Galaxie.
  15. CHuDWah

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Yup. In high school, we taunted each other with "Fix-Or-Repair-Daily", "Shove-Or-Lay", and "MoPar-Or-No-Car". And we street raced - there was a long, straight two-lane highway with very little traffic just outside town. We even painted start, 1/8-mile, and 1/4-mile lines across it. Cops knew about it and came around to chase us off once in a while but usually left us alone - guess they figured we were gonna race no matter what and that was the best place to do it. I'm a MoPar guy at heart probably because my Dad was, but I appreciate anything automotive - heck, even Yugos have a place in the world. I'm especially fond of any car that can turn money into smoke and noise. 😁 As for the OP, not sure it's fair to show a hardtop next to a convertible (retractable) - just sayin'. Anyway, I prefer the 57 Chevrolet to the 57 Ford - one can argue the merits of the mechanics but both get the job done. I just like the Chev's overall styling better, especially the fins.