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  1. CHuDWah

    Auto Trunk

    I'd agree 20's to maybe early 30's - probably aftermarket. Curved back is for sedan - coupes/roadsters usually have straight back.
  2. CHuDWah

    VIN location help

    It will always be there, easy to see and read, assuming the tag is still there. Anyway, if I read the OP right, his MVD wants to see the title number stamped and/or tagged in two different locations on the car - seems overly strict but whatever. AFAIK, even if the car has all its original numbers, the engine/frame number is the only one that appears in two places. ChryCo and some states tracked a car by the door post serial number but other states used the engine/frame number. I'm speculating but I'd guess NM is one of the latter. If so, some clerk may have looked in the MVD manual and found that a 1931 Chrysler should have the number on the engine and the frame. That may have been true 87 years ago but as you say, a lot could have happened in the meantime. I'm coming to the conclusion that unless the OP can show that his engine and frame numbers match each other and the title, he needs to find a knowledgeable MVD supervisor to help.
  3. CHuDWah

    VIN location help

    Good point. I got from the OP that the MVD wants to see the title number (whatever that may be) on two different locations on the car. IF the title number is the engine number and IF it's also stamped on the frame, that would be best. Otherwise, IF both the engine number and serial number are still on the car and IF the title number is one of them and IF the OP can get the build card and IF it shows the car having been built with both numbers, that MIGHT satisfy the MVD. Does Chrysler Historical still sell copies of the build card?
  4. CHuDWah

    VIN location help

    Nice car. See here: It's geared to Plymouth but mostly applicable to Chrysler as well. Briefly, early MoPars have no VIN as such. They have a serial number, an engine number, and a body number. Some states used the serial number and some used the engine number. The serial number is on a tag on the right front door post, the engine number is on the left front of the block below the head, and the body number is on a tag on the engine side firewall. Hopefully the numbers are still there and one matches your title. As for two numbers, joe_padavano may be right. The engine number was stamped on the left frame rail around the rear axle kick-up, but I think that started after 1931 - and it wouldn't match if the engine has been changed. I've heard the serial number was stamped on the right frame rail near the rear mount of the front spring but I've never verified that - so I don't know if it's true or, if so, when it started.
  5. Ford numbered an engine after it passed inspection. That usually was the number used on the title. Starting with 1926 models, the number was stamped on the frame when the car was assembled. However, depending on the model, the frame number may not be visible without removing the body - even then, it may be so faint that it's almost invisible. And over the years, the engine may have been replaced so the number no longer matches the title. So some states assign a new number when the car is re-titled and affix a sticker/plate/whatever with that number to the car.
  6. CHuDWah

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    The one I didn't buy. 😭 In the late-60s, a guy had a NOS 53 Merc flathead long block (last year of production) and a McCulloch supercharger that had been used, but very little. He wanted $400 for everything - about $2500 to $3000 now but still not a bad deal. At the time, I had no use for it so I passed - dumb!
  7. It was Doc Brown's prototype before he got the DeLorean.
  8. CHuDWah

    Need Help Identifying This Car-Theft

    Sounds like it was in the unoccupied truck - the moral is always lock the vehicle and don't leave valuable stuff in it.
  9. CHuDWah

    When did cars get adjustable front seats?

    Some Model A Fords have adjustable seats. There are exceptions depending on year and/or body style but in general I think open cars, commercials and most 28 - 29 did not. On some, the seat support brackets can be reversed to gain a couple inches. Adjusters are more common on the 30 - 31 cars. I'm about your size, maybe a couple inches taller. I used to own a 30 coupe with adjustable seat - plenty of room when it was all the way back. In fact, it was a bit of a stretch to reach the pedals. Depending on body style, sometimes the problem is more having room to get in and out than having room once you're in.
  10. CHuDWah

    1929 Chev Landaulet

    They didn't fall on hard times until late October, 1929 - dunno exactly when 29 Chev production ended but I'd think it at least would have been winding down by then.
  11. CHuDWah

    1929 Chev Landaulet

    That's a tough one - preserve a great old survivor as is or make it a beautiful restoration? In any case it's a unique body style - I never understood what audience it was aimed at. The laundau top smacks of a chauffeured limo, town car, etc but Chev wasn't a high-end car like most of those. OTOH, a 1/2 convertible-1/2 sedan doesn't seem like a practical family car, although I suppose the kids and dogs would've loved that backseat.
  12. I think the fad has died down some but you used to see a lot of Ford greyhounds wearing a knit sweater.
  13. CHuDWah

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    Whether the goal is to conserve fuel or reduce pollution, obviously burning less gas will achieve it. A quick Google search shows an average stoplight time of two minutes (yeah, it seems a lot longer). There are lots of variables involved in how much gas it takes to restart but it's usually less than idling that long.
  14. CHuDWah

    1938 Chevy Business Coupe

    Umm...see post #3. The OP also said his dad called the car a business coupe but he couldn't find that term, ergo the discussion.
  15. Here's the link to the auction listing with pix - looks like a nice car.