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  1. Steelman thanks a million for that answer. Google failed me and literally no one at the hardware,part stores knew what to call them. I found them just by eyballing it for 30 years rofl. abandg - thanks for the tip on the 65 window. Overall I can still put the car back together and drive it but I dont like the leak the misalignment creates which also leaks water.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. I had a feeling this was going to be a "fun" part to source. Looking at closely, I am thinking why couldn't I remove the rivet/washer and fashion my own replacement arm out of aluminum stock then reattach it with countersunk flush head allen bolts and large washers like they use for roller blade axles. See pic attached... im not sure what they call these type of bolts off hand. The depth being correct will be key.. This way it remains tight but doesnt allow it to wobble, bind or come loose. Even 2 teflon washers and white lithium could be used etc.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm an experienced car builder but this is my first Buick. It's a 64 Riviera 425 single 4bbl all power car. I am rebuilding the drivers door (power vent window gears, seals, felts, clean and re lube all the guides etc.) and found the source of the "CLANK" every time I close it. The rear arm that guides the window had snapped off and was just dangling by the roller inside the door. The windows still functioned but explains the misalignment. Ive added a marked up users photo. What is this part called (doesn't come up o searches for window regulators).
  4. Ive done a bit of searching and cannot seem to locate a source for brushes to rebuild my seat and window motors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Recently aquired my first Buick 1964 Riviera 425, Deluxe Interior, Vintage Air etc.. Love it! Thanks in advance, -Rob