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  1. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Sport Tourer fuel tank.

    Wow! $450 usd equates to (at todays rate) $567 aud! I dont think so. If i gotta spend money for something, so be it. But that is just ridicilous. David
  2. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Sport Tourer fuel tank.

    Oops, Sorry Larry🙁, i missed your post. That fuel cap looks brand new. Does that means it is commercially available or do i still have to make one? Regards David
  3. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Sport Tourer fuel tank.

    Thanks Leif, Very helpful. Still, if anyone has any photos of their cars or cars they have come across i would still be keen to see it "in the flesh" Regards and thanks again David
  4. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1924 Sport Tourer fuel tank.

    Hey guys, I am looking for some photos that show the details about the fuel tank for my car. The tank was toast, and i have just had a new one rolled up in stainless steel. Before i mount all the fittings i need to confirm a few details. What i am after, in particular, are some detailed photos around the fuel filling point and gas cap (my cap is missing and i willl need to fabricate a new one🤔). So, if any of you have any photos that you would'nt mind posting i would be very interested to see them. Regards David
  5. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Buick Lifters Help!!!!

    Hidden Hunter, I took the engine to Edge Machining in Dookie. I had heard good reports and after visiting, dropping off the engine and talking specs i was quietly impressed. I suppose time will, but i am not in the least bit worried. I will provide photos once i get it home. David
  6. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Buick Lifters Help!!!!

    Thank you for asking, The engine was delivered mid November. Extensive work to be done. The engineer is also going to make a complete set of rollers for me (it's just more expense that has to be done) while he is at it. Still yet to locate some better lifters, but at least i can progress on the engine whilst i am waiting. Now is a good opportunity to put it out there, that if anyone has 1, 2 3 or more good/half decent ones that i could use and that they would be interested in selling, please let me know. In the interim i still have enough to keep me occupied. I picked up my newly recored radiator at the same time and now need to concentrate on getting the surround repaired. Nothing money wont fix😆😆. Then onto the body. David.
  7. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Bob's Automobilia contact

    Thats helpful info. I too have wanted to make contact but for the life of me i could'nt find it either. I did'nt think to look on page128! I don't have a problem calling them, it's just the time diference is a pain. Regards David
  8. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Buick Lifters Help!!!!

    Jim and Terry, Thanks for your advice. I had already planned for that to occur, but it's a timely reminder for those contemplating this to think ahead. I was just thinking that if there is already someone outhere who can help it just saves time and effort by having to do it all again. Regards David.
  9. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Buick Lifters Help!!!!

    Im well into the engine rebuild on my '24 Master. New pistons, block bored, camshaft re-ground etc. The engine is now in a cradle waiting for me to deliver it to the engineer in 17 days time. A 938 km trip from home which includes an overnight trip on a ferry to get to mainland Australia. One of the tasks i need to do is find replacement rollers. Mine are like picture 3, some have galling and some have worn out rollers. Some are usable, but its easier to replace them all whilst the engine is apart. My question to you guys is - "who is the go to guy for replacement rollers"? No doubt i can get them made here in Australia, but sometimes its just easier if someone is already set up with the tooling etc to get the job done. Any ideas? David.
  10. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer


    Terry, I would suggest that there is some kind of a heater core under the dash. There are 2 red hoses plumbed into the cooling system and very crudely fed through the fire wall. Maybe the mystery item is linked to that? It is hard to tell from the photo but there appears to be a "screw" on top. Is this a "bleed screw" to evacuate air out of a heating system ? It is all just conjecture until you go back and examine more thoroughly. Please post more photos on what you find. Regards David
  11. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    valve push rod cover stud removal

    Hugh, Why do you need to take them out? The studs are not in the way of anything. My block is currently at the machine shop being bored for my new pistons, and i have left them insitu. Besides, if the stud need to be removed, what better place than an engineer/ machine shop to do it for you. Regards David
  12. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    Wire Wheels for a 24 or 25

    Greetings Rod, i tried to reply to your email, but i dunno, could not make it work My Ash wires are running 23 x 5-00 tyres, they are currenty "slave tyres" as i will purchase new white walls once the car is finished. I have enclosed a couple of photos for your reference. I hope they help. Regards David
  13. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1908 Model F Tourer

    Good observation guys, The car did indead come from Russell Holden in Mudgee. Ok so a bit of a shopping list of bits required, Rear wheel brake bands, Clutch throwout mechanisn - complete (parts F-1147, 714, 716, 890 & 891), Pistons x 2. (4 1/2" bore), Herz timer, Left rear valve assembly and rockers, Any actuator rods or engine parts, Could be interested in a complete engine. Thankyou for taking the time to look and hopefully we can do business. Regards David.
  14. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1908 Model F Tourer

    Trimacar, Larry and Mark. Thankyou for your responses to date and thankyou for those links to other sites. We do have an engine it just wasn't in the car in this photo. The car is unfortunately a parts car and about 95% complete. For those that are interested, engine # 8676, chassis # 6467, body #402(under rear doors) or #728 (painted inside the rear tub) I will add a couple more photos for you interest. Mark, i will send an email tonight with a list of the parts we need, i can post the list here if people want, i just don't want to clog up this forum if it's not appropriate. Regards, David
  15. 1924 6-55 Sport Tourer

    1908 Model F Tourer

    Greeting, A good friend of mine just purchased this car, and although it looks complete - looks can be deceiving. What we would like to do is to make contact with others who have this model, either here in Australia or overseas. My friend is missing some crucial parts and though the classifieds would be more appropriate for this request, i felt that the pre war forum would give us a more tailored exposure. For those that would like to make contact, my email address is in my profile. Regards, David.