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  1. Well I either clean apartments on some days and other days I dig trenches and landscape, so not very fun work but it pays for car parts! But people question why would some kid like you like some "grandma car" ? I just tell them that they don't fully understand all of things that Buick has actually accomplished and that they shouldn't criticize my cars when most of the time they don't have a car themselves. But I totally agree man, we gotta hold on to our gas guzzling beauties!
  2. I totally agree! See I'm only 18 years old and I feel that I am most likely one of the youngest on this site. I joined a few days back and I have already learned so much!! But in my opinion, Older cars are more fascinating and not a big jelly bean like most modern cars appear to be. And anyways, People call me weird for being so young and loving Buicks, but I don't really care what people think, they all fascinate me!
  3. From the album My 89' Reatta

  4. From the album My 89' Reatta

  5. From the album My 89' Reatta

  6. From the album My 89' Reatta

  7. From the album My 89' Reatta

  8. Thanks to everyone that posted but Dave has kindly sold one of his! This site is very helpful already
  9. I actually looked into them but their price was a little too high. They quoted me for the Riviera wheel at about $450..
  10. Hey everyone! So my 1989 Buick Reatta when I bought it had an 80's model Riviera steering wheel and it is in terrible shape. So my two options at this point are either 1. Find an actual Reatta steering wheel (which has been impossible thus far) or option 2. Buy a 70$ Grant steering wheel on Amazon and hope for the best. So any input or guidance into the right direction would be great! by the way the interior is Tan...