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  1. A burning question I have had for a while, could you plop a LS or some kind of big block in a Reatta? Not saying I want to do it but is it possible? I've seen S/C 3800's in these, and even Northstars, but nothing else? Anyone have any knowledge on this? Just an interesting topic to think about if I ever win the lottery
  2. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Well a new tranny including install would be well over $1000 and that isn't an option for me at the moment. How much would just a rebuild be? Has anyone been through that process?
  3. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Okay filter will be the first thing to change! And no no 2seater. I let the car heat up and drove it around for 30 minutes before full throttle. I wouldn't run it cold
  4. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Alrighty folks, today was the ultimate test to see what was up with the transmission. I topped it off with new fluid and some additive, so earlier on this cold day I wanted to see if the gears shifted smoother. So i started from zero and mashed the acceleration(that is a very rare thing for me) And all was good until about 50 miles per hour, the engine revved up to as high as the screen would show and the tranny stalled out, and it was loud and hard to listen too (didn't fail, just gave out for a moment) so that put some shivers on my back, scaring myself to beileve I just screwed up the tranny more than it is. But it still operates under normal conditions for now, but I can see not too far down the road having very very serious issues with this automatic transmission. What step should I take first to resolve this? Take it in to someone experienced in transmissions to see their diagnosis? Or wait it out and see? Or what? Thanks for your time again.
  5. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Thanks you guys for the ideas! I am gonna put some Lucas in there and top it off with new transmission fluid. But no the fluid is still quite red and doesn't seem like it has any mineral build up going on. And no signs of a burn or leak from it either, hopefully a cheap additive remedy will smoothen things up! If not I may explore the ignition coil idea and the Modulator. I will report back in a few days to let you know if it is a serious issue or not.. Thanks for the input again!
  6. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Hello everyone, as I continue to fix up my 89' Red coupe, I have noticed lately that it really does not like shifting going up at hills at all. It will shudder and jolt before it decides to shift. While on a flat road, it does quite well, but it likes to hesitate shifts during fast acceleration. Could this be as simple as flushing the system and adding all new trans fluid, or is it something more internal? The car just hit 180,000 miles with a rebuilt 3800 in it with 30,000 miles on the engine. But i have heard these transmissions start to fail and deteriorate after 170k. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. 1988 in Junkyard

    Hi! You said you had some rear tail lights in your basement. Are they in good shape, as in clear and with no cracks? If so I'd be willing to buy one from you! Thanks
  8. Coolant Leak. From Radiator Hose?

    Thanks for that UV dye info, I'll check it out for sure, especially for oil stuff. And I'll tighten thathose then if that doesn't work I'll check out that bypass hose!
  9. Coolant Leak. From Radiator Hose?

    Hello everyone, So I've been keeping close track of my collant issue lately, I actually just replaced the thermometer and the radiator itself, but it still leaks coolant on occasion. And when it does it leaks quite violently. But I can't mark a for sure place where its coming from. Is it this lower radiator hose that isn't tightened all the way? Or could it be something else from within the engine? It only happens if the car is driven rough and at high revs. But the temp isn't raising, it does not surpass 190 degrees. As you can see in the photo there is collant all over the left side of the engine, from my perspective looks like it's coming from that hose that connects to the the engine. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. Pre-Production/Rare Photos

    Thank you for these! i have never seen those bottom 3, and their amazing
  11. Pre-Production/Rare Photos

    Hi everyone! I've been on the prowl lately for some pre production or rare photos of the Reatta and its design. Photos that are maybe a little harder to come by, ones that aren't found as easily. has some great photos but I was wondering if anyone Has any or can point me towards some more hard to find photos of the Reatta? Thanks
  12. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Hey Ronnie! Just out of curiosity how much did those rims run you price wise? Thanks!
  13. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Well, I just had a Flowmaster Series 40 put on my Reatta, and as Dave said, it sure does sound faster. Haven't looked into if it actually gained a HP boost, but the whole job was about 340$ at my local Muffler shop, and they had it done in 2 hours. It gives it more of a growl. It shows the true colors of that GM 3800, but doesn't sound obnoxious. If I were you I'd definitely look into some things flowmaster puts out! And shucks, I got a taillight out! Those are always a pain
  14. Window track issue

    Hello everyone, ever since I got this new door put on my Reatta, its rubber window track has been messed up somehow, for instance, it is way too sealed in some areas, making the window get off track. I took the panel off today and see that the motor and regulator work just fine, its just that dang track that gets in the windows way. For now me and my dad just used some brute force and pulled the window back up to where it belongs, but I don't want to roll it down ever if all its going to do is get stuck off its track. Has anyone had this problem, even remotely? Cause its not a mechanical issue, its a very odd problem to have in my opinion. Thanks for any feedback guys!
  15. What to do about driver door:(

    What they actually did was just get the paint off the old door, looked for a "perfect match" in their database and had that paint created, so they only had to paint the door! It is about a 98% match, cause if you study the door for a good minute you can notice a faint difference in color shading, but overall it is a more than acceptable job.