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  1. Parts Car?

    Hey everyone, I have been meaning to post this for a while but about a month ago me and my friend saw this Reatta while driving around and within the next few days I was at their door asking if they would mind me taking a look at it. This poor Reatta has been sitting for over a decade, at this run down chunk of land right on the mississippi river in TN. I was interested in a new taillight assembly for super cheap, and this Reatta had a fine looking taillight. So I brought up me buying parts from it, and she got angry at me and said, "Honey If you ever want this car you gotta buy it in full." So I asked how much and she wants 1,200 dollars for it. The interior is quite trashed and who knows what really works on it. She said ALL it needs is a fuel tank, I smell a lie on that one. But the rims were immaculate and the CRT was in one piece atleast, and brand new looking seats, steering wheel, and body components. And it is crazy that this Reatta has been sitting not 20 miles from me this whole time, and apparently her husband, who was at work, is an avid Reatta enthusiast and supposedly has a "garage full of em" somewhere in Northwest TN.. But is it just me or is 1,200 bucks way too high for something that doesn't operate?
  2. Sounds like old tires. That's what happened with my 98 Buick LeSabre, I had some terribly cheap LingLong tires on the front and paperwork backs up that those were put on in 2007, And I just replaced them after Christmas and the ride is much much smoother. On the other hand, My Reatta needs new Struts badly and that feels like you're practically going inside the pothole. I can't wait for a warm day to put new ones on and be able to enjoy the Reatta's smooth ride again. And no more squeaking from the mounts either! So I say go with tires first, then take a look into Suspension.
  3. "Clashing" Sound when Accelerating

    Well mines stays around 190 degrees, but when idling it can get up to 210 degrees. Thats the hottest I've ever seen it. I have always just thought that temp increase was normal while idling.
  4. "Clashing" Sound when Accelerating

    So if it is the Catalytic Converter there's no pressing issue. Or something I should have to replace? I think I can live with a little rattle if it isn't really hurting preformance or longevity of the car.
  5. "Clashing" Sound when Accelerating

    Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while, which means no problems but this is more so of a curiousity question instead of an issue. When I accelerate, mainly 10-45 MPH, there is this very faint clashing or "gurgle" sound. It has been like that since I got it I beileve. It doesn't seem to degrade preformance, and I really dont think it's the coolant system bubbling, which can be a common gurgling sound. It really is hard to explain, kind of like a very faint snare drum, crazy right? Am I crazy or is there something really going on here? Thanks!!
  6. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    A Rare beautiful day near Memphis! Had to take this shot, it was practically begging for a picture
  7. New Ignition Components!

    So today I fianlly got out and did some wrenching, I replaced some parts that needed attention including: A new Ignition Coil, New ICM, New Spark Plugs, and a new transmission filter. It was crazy how much of a difference replacing a few parts does to your car. This car feels how it has never felt, shifts smoother, and cranks like a dream! Next step is the front strut assemblies. But I shared a picture of the old ICM and the coil. That stuff acts like super glue when trying to get bolts off! Never seen anything like it, what kind of substance is it?? but glad that problem is outta my life!
  8. Mine by far was that note supposedly typed by the Reatta designer back in the 80s! Besides that just old coupons and some loose change (of course I put the change in car part funds )
  9. Question pertaining to govener

    Hey you got a point, anything new done was done outta curiousity or rebellion! And anything really is possible if you put your mind and money towards it
  10. Question pertaining to govener

    The governer in an 89' is set at 125 MPH fyi. I really don't think you'll get much more than 125 anyways out of the Series One. Past that you're putting the wheels under severe stress too (unless you have some Z -rated tires equipped)
  11. Is it actually the tranny?

    Very interesting, the new Delco unit is the exact product on my 98 LeSabre, so that would interchange with little to no modification. Thank you!!!!
  12. Is it actually the tranny?

    Thank you, That and the Coil pack is the first to do on my list then.
  13. Is it actually the tranny?

    Hey everyone, I'm back again with yet another question, i love that this forum has so much lucrative information and educated people. Without ya, I would be scratching my head quite a bit.. But anyways, I posted about a month ago that I think my transmission is failing, while it most likely isn't in perfect shape, I suspect my issue is stemming elsewhere. So after a cold start the car shifts very smoothy and no hesitation, but once it heats up to temp (192 F for me) each shift becomes somewhat of a rollercoaster. I cannot give it full throttle much anymore cause it seems to just get confused and end lagging extremely to the next gear. Especially O/D at what seems at about 70mph I get the worst jolt ever, and it comes outta nowhere. I was thinking could this be coming from something electronic? or maybe a coil pack? (which does seem to have that infamous goopy stuff residing around it from time to time) Or heck maybe an ignition module?. I have heard that many other things besides a laggy tranny cause lazy shifting. And no tranny leak either, checked fluid and its bright red and full to the line. And my final point, I just don't have the money for a tranny rebuild, so I'm crossing my fingers it is something less than a GRAND outta pocket. Any other places that are known to cause this type of thing? And what could I replace to just see if it works? OH and if it matters, my highway MPG used to vary between 21-22, now I really can't get it above 19 MPG. Thank you everyone for any help or comments you have! -John
  14. Spare Teves and CRT

    Hello everyone, so when I bought my Reatta, it came in the trunk with what looks like a complete TEVES system and a CRT screen.. I asked the owner and "supposedly" the screen works but needs a bulb, and the teves is complete. Should I sell the teves system? or hold onto it if the current system fails? and, how would I ever repair that CRT? Cause I would certianly like a backup of the screen. Thanks, I posted pictures of them below.
  15. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Since west TN is coated in snow right now, i took these photos a few days back before it got all snowy, I can never give up the opportunity for a little Reatta photo shoot