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  1. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Hey Ronnie! Just out of curiosity how much did those rims run you price wise? Thanks!
  2. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Well, I just had a Flowmaster Series 40 put on my Reatta, and as Dave said, it sure does sound faster. Haven't looked into if it actually gained a HP boost, but the whole job was about 340$ at my local Muffler shop, and they had it done in 2 hours. It gives it more of a growl. It shows the true colors of that GM 3800, but doesn't sound obnoxious. If I were you I'd definitely look into some things flowmaster puts out! And shucks, I got a taillight out! Those are always a pain
  3. Window track issue

    Hello everyone, ever since I got this new door put on my Reatta, its rubber window track has been messed up somehow, for instance, it is way too sealed in some areas, making the window get off track. I took the panel off today and see that the motor and regulator work just fine, its just that dang track that gets in the windows way. For now me and my dad just used some brute force and pulled the window back up to where it belongs, but I don't want to roll it down ever if all its going to do is get stuck off its track. Has anyone had this problem, even remotely? Cause its not a mechanical issue, its a very odd problem to have in my opinion. Thanks for any feedback guys!
  4. What to do about driver door:(

    What they actually did was just get the paint off the old door, looked for a "perfect match" in their database and had that paint created, so they only had to paint the door! It is about a 98% match, cause if you study the door for a good minute you can notice a faint difference in color shading, but overall it is a more than acceptable job.
  5. What to do about driver door:(

    Whoops! Must not have fixed that after doing some suspension work HAHA nice catch
  6. Happy Labor Day

    I agree with Imperial62! love those Lucerne rims
  7. What to do about driver door:(

    Alright everyone! The Reatta is fainted and fixed and WOW did they do a fine job! I thought I should share their work on here, it looks like the stock paint on there! They also re painted those mirror housings for me!
  8. Too good to be true?

    Now I was just scrolling through Reatta things (due to my obsession hahaha) and I came across this 88' Reatta that looks in pretty decent shape for dirt cheap and "excellent quality"!! Take a look at the Ad! If I had the extra cash, I would have a second Reatta in my driveway
  9. This place had 4 Reatta

    I was there a few weeks ago before I headed up to WI. And looking at that video it was the first warehouse that burned down. (there are about 6 warehouses stacked full of classic automobiles) Unfortunately the warehouse that burned down had two white 1990 convertible reattas. You are correct on them having 4. There is also another white convertible in another warehouse and then a 1988 black Reatta that sits in the "boneyard" I took a look at all 4, and the ones that burned were by far in best shape.. Odd that a few weeks after I was there the place burns down, what a shame
  10. Interesting Reatta Color?

    Very Interesting! But yeah I agree the sideskirts don't look good IMO. neither do those rims, But great find!
  11. Interesting Reatta Color?

    I did find this actually! But I wish there was one stock looking with the alloys and pinstripes, but beggars can't be choosers!
  12. Interesting Reatta Color?

    Quite possibly haha, But I am curious as to what it would look like in real life perspective
  13. Interesting Reatta Color?

    Was it okay looking? Would be awesome if there were a picture
  14. Interesting Reatta Color?

    Now I've had some time on my hands lately, looking into things for my Reatta and what not. Since I plan on getting a new paint job, this thought came into mind and won't go away.. What would like a Ferrari Yellow look like on a Reatta? NOW I want to let you all know I am NOT painting my Reatta yellow, just red.. But in my opinion a bright yellow with black pinstripes would make for a very interesting looking Reatta, in my head it doesn't look half bad! Thoughts anyone?
  15. What to do about driver door:(

    Thank you so much for that! And to answer your question, no I am not going to that Body Shop guy, you are correct, that price is a little exaggerated! I will most likely be buying that black door and having it shipped to my father's work, Advance Auto because that has a towmotor and they said it would be okay to be shipped there. I will take all working components out of my door, along with a new window regulator and window and do the whole installation myself (my father may have to help a little ) Then after the new door and what not is installed I am going to take it to a paint shop in the city, I have a few in mind, and let them just re-paint the whole car red and put new gold pin-striping on. Then I will have to take it back to where I got the car tinted and have that new window tinted.. I hope to see this car as it was seen back in the 80's, like I can't imagine how that new paint is going to shine! Very Excited about that.. But as of now all I can do is plan and wait for a check.