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  1. 66Bonneville

    Wanted---junk 1966-68 Cadillac AM radio for internal parts...

    Just bought a '66 parts set on Ebay this morning for a reasonable price---thanks to everyone for looking... John
  2. 66Bonneville

    Wanted---junk 1966-68 Cadillac AM radio for internal parts...

    Guess I need to be patient and just look around more on my travels as there are still a few old junkyards in rural areas ! Still hoping that someone within reasonable driving distance from N. side of Indianapolis, IN might have one... John
  3. Hello All, Anyone have a junk 1966-1968 Cadillac AM radio with bad chrome, missing knobs, etc... that they would sell cheap for internal parts ? Would be great to find someone in Central Indiana where I could pick it up to save shipping, but will consider all... Part numbers: 1966 7293915 1967 7298455 1968 7303205 Thanks much for looking ! John
  4. 66Bonneville

    *SOLD* Delco Radio service manuals, misc. docs...

    Sold 11-6-2017
  5. Hello All, Here is a large group of factory Delco Radio service manuals, bulletins, tech sheets, and other misc. literature from a friend of mine who is a retired Delco engineer now in his mid-'80's... The folders contain a variety of service bulletins---both original and copies as well as tech tips and other misc. interesting info with some dating back into the late 1930's. Would like $50 for the entire lot and would prefer pick-up if possible---I live on the North side of Indianapolis convenient to both U.S. 31 and Keystone Ave. Will consider shipping at additional, actual cost if not sold locally within a couple weeks... Pics below and questions welcome... Thanks for looking ! John
  6. 66Bonneville

    Wanted---one knob-set for '64 Cadillac radio...

    Knobs purchased---sorry so late in posting response... John
  7. Hello All, Need one knob-set (inner & outer) for 1964 Cadillac Wonderbar radio. Recently bought three sets, but two were so pitted and "blistered" that they wouldn't clean up decently---please see the one good set (after cleaning) in pic below for an example... Thanks much for looking ! John
  8. Hello All, Am searching for a 1959 Booster Package module. GM accessory part number: 989256 Since there are no markings on the module, am attaching a couple pictures of one for reference in case someone might have a used part for sale. Thanks very much for looking ! John