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    30 Pontiac distributor cap clips

    Talked to Brillman today. Their tech guy said I need one short and one long clip which I totally disagree with. You're right about how common the distributor was. I think $12.75 and $10 shipping is a bit much for one clip.

    30 Pontiac distributor cap clips

    Hadn't thought of that. Makes sense.
  3. Anyone have a couple distributor cap clips for the '30? As I remember they weren't in the best condition and now I seem to have misplaced them. I see Brillman lists them but I haven't called them to verify. They also say only one required. I could swear mine had two but then that's relying on my memory.

    30 Pontiac brake light switch

    Might be. I bit on them and one has the back cut out of it. Should be able to tell for sure........that and a multimeter.

    30 Pontiac brake light switch

    I don't know why I didn't look there. There are three on right now. It also looks like a Model A switch could be made to work. Never ceases to amaze me what can be found on eBay. Oh yeah, two of the eBay switches have three terminals. Do you suppose that lets them function in both directions?
  6. One of the terminals on my brake light switch is unusable. It worked before I disassembled it but now one of the terminals spins in its mount and I can't tighten it. Anyone have one they would part with or have an idea on how to repair or replace it? One suggestion I've gotten is to mount a microswitch on the brake pedal. Should be a photo of the terminal portion attached. Thanks in advance!

    29/30/31 specifications

    Going into my file.

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Here's the bracket I made. A bit of overkill but we'll see how it all works. I'll be fitting one on mine also but I don't understand what the function of that small spring is.

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Thanks Rob. That small spring below the brake rod is something my car didn't have. I will be installing one. I didn't like the "wire to the crossmember "arrangement so I made a bracket for the long spring. I'll post a photo. I now have new brakes and am ready to start some rewiring. Slowly making progress.
  10. I may have been too brief. I meant that the two door models were likely similar and the four door models were similar.
  11. I would imagine the two doors would be similar. Will likely have to modify the chrome/stainless mountings.
  12. It's been about 14 yrs since I did my 52 and at that time I wound up using some Chevy parts. My right front door came from a Chevy.
  13. SDLARS

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Going to be very helpful. Many thanks.
  14. SDLARS

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    I think you've helped a bunch. I have the service manual and it seems like it usually tells me most everything but what I really want to know. I'm going to put that little spring in place that is on yours and figure out a way to mount the return spring. After that adjusting the brakes is the next task. Any tips?
  15. SDLARS

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Mine does not have the drum. All 4 wheels are on the emergency brake. Are there any parts diagrams available for this car? That spring on your car makes sense but it would be nice to see what the engineers had in mind.