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  1. Thanks for the info. Always good to know. I think we have a local solution. I'll post photos if it works out.
  2. That's as good a guess as any. Not sure it worked.
  3. The photo shows a couple of cuts and bends made to the front cross member of my '30 (front motor mounts attached). Not a problem just wondering if anyone can think of a reason for it.
  4. Did a compression check on my '30 yesterday. Engine has been sitting for at least a month and wasn't warmed up (couldn't). Came up with readings from low 60's to 70. Seemed pretty good to me? Couldn't find anything in the service manual to guide me. Engine runs very well.
  5. Sounds great but what can you tell me about the spring that is around the conduit? It appears that the spring and conduit are both broken off inside the end that attaches to the backing plate. Was the spring just to give more stability to the unit? On my good unit (just working on the front end of the car at this point) it appears that there is tension on the spring. There's a good chance I haven't explained this very well. I can get more photos if needed. I'll take you up on the PM.
  6. I'm in need of either a way to repair my existing cable housing (my nomenclature) or a source for a replacement. Any and all help is definitely appreciated. It doesn't appear that the design was shared with any other GM products.