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    1930/1931 Lube Chart

    It's now in my file.

    '30 stop light spring

    Wasn't aware of the chain but that makes sense.

    '30 stop light spring

    Figured you'd come try through Reid.

    '30 stop light spring

    Anyone have the approximate dimensions of the stop light spring?

    Door alignment on 53 pontiac

    Doesn't look bad at all. I have a '52 that's been on the road for many years and I still haven't gotten my right front as good as yours.

    '30 door pin removal

    Just found this in the Fisher body manual. There was a special tool available at one time. Also realized there could be a way to make the Ford tool work (after I sent mine back). If a person placed a spacer, something like a 3/4" nut, over the head of the door pin to start the pin moving I think the tool would work. Might have to make something different for the center hinge on the front doors because of clearance issues.

    '30 door pin removal

    My Pontiac pins have a 5/8" head. I've sent the tool back but it must have been 1/2" at the most. I considered drilling it out but thought the tool might lose too much strength. Maybe I should have tried it?

    '30 door pin removal

    Did a little more research. Eastwood sells the same item and says it is only designed for Fords.

    '30 door pin removal

    That's the item I got that wouldn't work. Pontiac pin heads are bigger.
  10. SDLARS

    '30 door pin removal

    Bob's is a great site but I looked there before I ordered the Mac's tool and couldn't find one. Checked the Filling Station site too.
  11. SDLARS

    '30 door pin removal

    I bought a door pin removal tool from Mac's designed for Fords with the incorrect assumption that it would work on my Pontiac. Pin heads on my car are much bigger than the Ford's. What have any of you used for this project? I don't think I can do a decent job on the doors and pillars without removing the doors. Maybe I'm wrong? Thanks in advance.
  12. SDLARS

    '30's new rims

    Thought I'd share this photo of the '30 with her "new" rims. I like them.
  13. SDLARS

    '30 windshield regulator hardware

    I am a member. I'll have to check it out.
  14. Not needed just yet but thought I'd start looking. Anyone have the gears, etc that raise and lower the windshield on a 6-30B? Took mine apart and one gear was in several pieces. A couple of the others have stripped teeth.
  15. SDLARS

    Marvel AA needle and seat

    Finally broke down and installed a fuel pressure regulator. Had to turn it down a fair amount but now the motor runs fine. Still don't understand why it was necessary when it ran fine without a regulator earlier. Just thought I'd post an update.