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    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Going to be very helpful. Many thanks.

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    I think you've helped a bunch. I have the service manual and it seems like it usually tells me most everything but what I really want to know. I'm going to put that little spring in place that is on yours and figure out a way to mount the return spring. After that adjusting the brakes is the next task. Any tips?

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Mine does not have the drum. All 4 wheels are on the emergency brake. Are there any parts diagrams available for this car? That spring on your car makes sense but it would be nice to see what the engineers had in mind.

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    That is different from mine. I didn't have that little spring shown in the third photo. Helpful Reade. I'll have to study this a bit.
  5. I'm putting my brakes back together and am not sure if the springs that were in place were correct. One was wired to one of the body cross members and the other looks like a screen door spring with keychain fasteners on each end. I've attached a few photos that I hope show where I am referring to. I had a spring that is close to the one that was attached to the cross member but I think it's probably a bit heavy for the task. Anyone know where and how they are to be fastened?

    12v battery on 6v system

    Been running my 52 on 6 volt for 18000 miles. Good connections are imperative. I have several 6 volt systems and have gone to using #2 welding cable. Much easier to work with and any end you need can be fitted either by yourself or many parts shops. My local NAPA does it for me here.

    30 Pontiac hood latch bumpers

    Great info Reid. Hadn't been at that website yet although you guys had told me about it. Lots of other good stuff too.
  8. I hope I can explain this properly. The rubber bumpers on my hood latches are worn down to the metal. They're the ones attached to the catch with a tubular rivet. I didn't find anything similar searching Chevy parts. If I don't replace them I'm sure they'll scratch the paint. Has anyone come up with a way to renew these items? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for all the input. Now I have some decisions to make.
  10. Tinindian, do you remember what plain shackles you used? I had thought of machining new ones but that material is doggone hard.
  11. SDLARS

    Removing 30 Pontiac aprons

    All great information. Gotta meet you guys someday!
  12. Three questions: Anyone have a functioning, original fuel gauge? I had hopes of making mine work but find I have none of the tank unit. Anyone found a nice 6 volt replacement? Heat riser: I'd like to get mine loose but am afraid of breaking it. Engine runs fine right now set to winter. Suggestions? Spring shackles: Know of anyone making the cone shaped bushings in the springs and frame?
  13. SDLARS

    Removing 30 Pontiac aprons

    Didn't take any in progress photos but I guess I could post photos of how I did it and the end result. Ok, here's how I did it. The car is on a lift and I have an old 30's floor/bumper jack. I don't think I raised the body more than a half inch. There was one bilt that needed to be removed. No slot in that location.
  14. SDLARS

    Removing 30 Pontiac aprons

    Didn't take any in progress photos but I guess I could post photos of how I did it and the end result. I had the advantage of a lift and a 1930 floor jack. I'll see what I can do.
  15. SDLARS

    Removing 30 Pontiac aprons

    Got 'er done.