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  1. 1930 Pontiac bumper medallion

    Thanks for the info. That one is different from my rear bumper medallions. I must have the lighter weight ones?
  2. This may not be the best forum for this but am wondering what platers you folks have had good luck with. I had a couple fellows recommend a shop in Idaho but now I can't find the contact information and my searches haven't been very fruitful either. Thanks for your help!
  3. Could the paint scheme in this photo be original. It's the only photo I've seen where black starts below the belt line and is also part of the hood line.
  4. A local machinist built this rear wheel hub puller for me. Nice job and it works well. I know there aren't a lot of these cars out there but if anyone would like to have one of these tools, he is willing to make more. Somewhere between $125 and $150.
  5. What are the chances that someone out there has one of these they would like to part with?
  6. Fs 1928 Pontiac sedan

    How about a distributor?
  7. 30 Pontiac dash color

    I always thought the dash on my 30 would correctly be black but today as I removing the mounting screws I found blue in the screw slots. Blue is the original body color. Does that mean the dash should be the same color as main body?
  8. Is the front fender still available?
  9. 30 Pontiac u-joint

    Thanks once again Reid. I've had a couple of months where not much has gotten done on my car. Just getting going again.
  10. 30 Pontiac u-joint

    Before I take this apart thought I'd ask if there are any seals that can be replaced or should I leave it alone. It's obvious that it was throwing grease around.
  11. Running board mouldings

    Thanks once again. I'll drop him a line.
  12. I'm jumping ahead a ways with this but am wondering what others have done for running board mouldings. I'm talking about the aluminium pieces that fit around the front, back and outside edges.
  13. 30 steering box seal?

    That's ok, what do you show for a pinion seal? I'll be needing one of those I'm sure.
  14. 27/28 Pontiac parts

    I would be interested. My case has a crack that worries me.
  15. 27/28 Pontiac parts

    Do you have a distributor? Tinindian, would the 27/28 be the same as the 30?